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    This is my interview on Sarah Westall’s Business Game Changers last week in the 110ºF heat, where I am sweating buckets the whole time. (I have no AC)…

    Despite allergy attacks from the lilac bushes blooming behind me, I think it came out alright!

    We get into UFOs, 9/11, psychic phenomena, Seth Rich, John Mark Dougan, DCLeaks, the Las Vegas Shooting, the Orlando Massacre, the Mueller Investigation, algorithmic censorship, corporate fascism, Globalism, Socialism, Project Mockingbird, confirmations bias, #WalkAway and everything else that I’m all about.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Hi again Alexandra, I entered my first comment before finishing your video. Now I comprehend the hurt that I see on your face so often. I too am in the struggle to save this nation. I was a Counter Intelligence Agent in the US Army. That MOS got me into the habit of questioning the News, also. I feel your frustration and I think I have a message that will be helpful to you and ultimately to all of us in the race to save this nation.

      Please contact me.

    • Hey Alexandra, I have to add to your observation that racism is no longer a major cause for discrimination. The tendency to discriminate is yet in place, only it is founded more upon sexual behaviors than race today. The central shift to sex based discrimination stems from the reality that homosexuals control this nation. Such corp. as Equifax Services and their ability to black list is greater feared by moral citizens than lifetime criminals fear the CIA . When blacklisted there is no place to turn for any assistance. Yes, the usual assertion is that people participating in homosexuality do so by choice. And yet I have never seen a narrative in any media that gives Equifax and its blacklisting practice credit for its contribution to the increase in the homosexual community. Blacklists are not only illegal but they are more hateful than racism. I have been a candidate on Equifax “FOR EYES ONLY” reports since 1974, but no where to turn for assistance in eliminating this attack. I know, it is too dangerous to expose this practice, right? Well, I have my confidence in the story told in the constellations. American is due for the hour of revenge. Let it be.

    • Hey Alexandra, I must have been one of your early subs because I’ve been getting your newsletter since early 2010 when you were posting curious science vids. I’ve really enjoyed it over the years and I’ve never said ‘thank you’ for what you do. So please accept my gratitude now. I wish I could lob you some money but I’m broke too.
      I’m English but haven’t lived in the UK for 16 years, I am witnessing the same lib/left vicious madness there that you talk about in the US. I have recently lost long term UK friends who have bought into the open borders PC bullshit, we differ in our views but they cannot accept that, instead they insult and ridicule me…I was shocked and saddened. The level of programming is frightening.
      I think the stubborn sleeping masses will need a shock to wake up. 9/11 was just such a shock for many but too many are still sleeping. I pray (to source, I deleted the religious programme a long time ago) that our collective awakening will be gentle and graceful.
      Much love and strength to you

    • 9/11 wasn’t planes it was missiles that were camouflaged with blue beam tech to look like planes

      If a Plane hit the towers ALL THE WINDOWS TO EACH AND EVERY LEVEL would ripple out from the point of impact and EXPLODE because being that high up it would have been a pressurised building, I’m not stupid I knew that they would do this back in 1989 I saw it it matched this youtube video where you here a woman screaming O.M.G. but was in yellow and black

    • ….so the globalists are actually socialist and not capitalist? All the communist disasters across the world, have they been experiments, trial runs maybe?

      • Debbie,

        Now that you’ve poked your head into the rabbit hole, you must ask how much you really want to know.

        HINT #1: the same international bankers that financed the USA during WW2, also financed Nazi Germany, Russia, later, the S=oviet Union, Red China and so many more.

        Prior to that, their big claim to fame was financing both sides of the parties in WW1 and the US Uncivil War.

        Hang the bankers…

        • The penny’s dropped, I finally gettit . They’re trying to create a global socialism. The huge sums of money involved are sort of incidental, they’re trying to get all of the world’s resources into the hands of one massive administrative body.

          • Yes, the Rothschild clan now owns all world national banks except five;

            Cuba, Iran, N Korea, Hungary and Iceland.

            There is some hope (not hope porn) on this front. Both Hungary and Iceland are recent refugees from Rothschildren land. Perhaps that will have some influence on countries like Greece and Italy. We shall see.

        • Just as in the stock market, the crapatalists make money when the stock market goes up and again when it goes down, the banksters make their money selling bullets and bandages to both sides in a war.

    • As I sort of say above, I don’t know that such a system can work in a country that has such vast disparities and no borders. If you’re going to create a budget to provide for your population, you have to know what that population actually is.

    • This is a great interview with Alexandra! I loved the UFO story and how that incident made Alexandra question everything. Alexandra you are a national treasure–so smart, so fair, so productive, so humane. Love you and your work. Thank you for all that you do! Sorry to hear about the demonetization. Hope the money starts to roll in again somehow. Trust that it will with a new business model. You’re on the right side of history.

    • Its getting VERY Old that we keep hearing about a so-called “Left/Liberal” and “Conservative right” BS…Just how Stupid do they thing everyone is???
      There is No Such thing a “Good Government” LEFT or RIGHT…They are ALL controlled by a “luciferian/Satanist” entities (ET’s)
      Trump/Putin are NOT our “Saviors”, because BOTH of them are controlled by the “Karzarian Mafia” BOTH working from a SECRET Space platform working underground…likely controlled from Antartica.
      The NWO is just another “Fraud ridden/Controlled” entity maskerading as something NEW…and has been LYING to us PARTICULARLY since 9/11/2001
      Their ENTIRE system is based on CANON (Vatican) LAW…thus does NOT even recognize its “Citizens” as having ANY “Rights” at ALL.
      They SOON be SHUT DOWN by arriving “Magnetic Energy” and will NOT be ALLOWED to continue with all this madness on going now.
      “The Myth of Authority”
      If the link fails search: “Statism” on You Tube!!
      Try and find a copy of DVD: “Out of Darkness” (

    • Once upon a time in this government there were checks and balances, now that they have been all but eliminated, the “corporation” can tell us any “B””S” they want for the good of the “corporation” and “control” of the “subjects ” of said corporation. We no longer have a government, we have corporate law. ? Why is it that we pay and pay, and get screwed over and over, and get what for it? More wars. More secret projects that we pay for, that we who pay for them will never see. Like the “UFO’s” that have been recovered, back engineered, and we get to see little things from them, not the important things like the power source’s that would help this world, no, we get to see the weapons configured from them. One other little thing I have got to say, the second world war was won by the NAZI party, not Germany, I mean the top planers of the second world war. Including the “bankers” who are still in control of our so called “governing” body. Well, I have most likely over stated a few things, but, I don’t believe so. Red pilled. Thank You Alexandra Bruce, for everything you do to set us back on the path.

    • I loved this show. Both of you gals are just right on. The reason the world is not waking up is cognitive dissonance. I totally believe that people are basically good – so it is almost virtually impossible for the average Joe to disconnect and see the true evil that is behind globalization/the DeepState/ShadowGovernment, etc.

      But I agree with both of you – at some time in the future, it all will “click” Let’s just hope it is sooner rather than later. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

      • Exactly! The average person is incapable of wrapping their mind around the level of evil that is in control of this planet. The “powers that shouldn’t be” have gone to great lengths to make their existence a “conspiracy theory”, thus automatically labeling those who attempt to expose them “conspiracy theorists”. Turning us against ourselves. Meanwhile they dine on the energies of aborted human babies and feed off the abducted and sacrificed ones.

    • Socialism is not about giving all your money to government. It is not about taking from the rich to give to the poor. With any “ism” the most important factor is keeping corruption and greed in check. We need more laws for our lawmakers to ensure they are watched closely. Capitalism doesn’t work when 50% of the people in the richest country in the world struggle to make ends meet.

          • It “works” for the people in low-corruption, low-population or homogeneous societies, like Norway, Canada or even China.

            Not in highly-corrupt societies with vast disparities of education, culture, wealth, etc.

            You don’t want to be taxed into Socialist oblivion by a highly corrupt government, like Brazil’s and dare I say the US’.

            Trust me on this.

            • Alexandra, I completely agree. Socialism, which is really Communism, does not work as a governmental template that benefits the people it governs. It stifles creativity and individualism. Why work any harder, physically or mentally when there is no compensatory reward?
              Especially, as you have pointed out, in a country where rampant corruption keeps cronies of the wealthy in power. Who then pass laws to not only perpetuate, but increase their wealth. Wasn’t it Thatcher who said Socialism only works until you run out of other peoples money?
              As to Capitalism – Again, it becomes easily corrupted by those who reach the top first. They “buy” the government representatives to pass laws and statutes that help them. And hurt the competition.
              However, we started out as a “free market” society. Put your goods out there, and if the public wanted them, a ‘market’ is created. The price was discovered by how much they were willing to spend for it. Then, someone else may have an improvement on that item or service, so they enter the ‘market’ as competition.
              There are already laws on the books to prevent ‘trusts’ from creating an noncompetitive market. The problem, of course, is our congress granting them a waiver that allows conglomerates to gobble up the smaller companies, promising that no legal or congressional action will be taken against them. Case in point; the mainstream media, right? It used to be about 200 different companies that owned a portion of the newspapers, or the TV studios, or the radio stations, magazines ….etc. Now there are 6. All of whom have been granted said waiver by the US Congress to, essentially, break the anti-trust laws with their permission. That is wrong on so many levels.
              I still believe a free market, unregulated and not manipulated by Government agencies, is the most viable way societies can flourish.

          • The first flaw in your assessment is that we are not a Democracy. The US is a Constitutional Republic with Democratically elected representatives.
            The second is that Socialism is not compatible with any other form of Government, since it a governmental structure unto itself.

        • Alexandra, you’re correct, if you mean the true definition of “socialism,” which is: the government owns and runs the major business’s and corporations. That’s been proven not to work for everyone and is a disaster.

          Most folks think that safety net programs and welfare are socialist, which is wrong. Nothing to do with the technical definition of socialism.

          So-called “free market, unregulated capitalism” doesn’t work either, except for the top elites. That eventually will turn into a neo-feudal, corporate fascist state.

          What does work best, though not perfect, is similar to what the Scandinavian democracies have, which is a regulated market place with strong safety net programs. I believe they call their system a “social democracy,”

          • You can’t have a kept society where everyone gets whatever they want handed to them. That’s the way it is in the Scandinavian countries. Look at Sweden. They are on the verge of collapse. They are being invaded by Muslims who don’t want to work and collect Swedish citizen benefits. You cannot have a large percentage of people sitting at home collecting a government check. That’s what we (US) is turning into. A nation of whiners. That’s not what made America great. Back in the day, if you did not work, you didn’t eat. Rugged individualism has been replaced by snowflakes. In a bind? Find the solution inside of yourself and quit running to the government. When you depend on the government, that’s called slavery.

            “Free Market and unregulated capitalism.” NO. Fair markets and a regulated financial market. We used to have the Glass-Steagall Act. Gone! The Banksters have free run of the economy. They have had it for 100 years now. What few regulations there are, they are not being enforced. We have corporatism in this country where the large corporations and the biggest banks run this country, for themselves and not the benefit of the country and it’s people.

            I’ll stop.

        • Alexandra,

          Did you read my replies to you on yesterday’s video? I ended hoping you have some fans where you live and work. We got that heatwave here in L.A. last weekend. That’s all I have. It was a scorcher here, breaking records over 100 degrees F.

          Hope you get your AC! Maybe try an Air Cooler, they’re cheaper.

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