The FKTV website was down for nearly 12 hours, after a hard drive failure at the hosting service. I was told that this did not appear to be due to any malicious attack, it was simply a failure of hardware.

The security warning you may have seen had to do with the SSL being temporarily disconnected from the domain.

The site data is transferring from backups and no data is expected to be lost and the site should be all the way back up by 9AM Pacific.

Meanwhile, I’m so blown away by the crystalline explications of our current political morass by former CIA officer, Kevin Shipp to filmmaker, Jason Goodman, that I’m posting this stellar interview recorded prior to the live presentation he made in Texas that I ran yesterday.

I’m starting at the point here after they discuss the “trumped-up” hysterics over the separation of children from adults arrested attempting to cross the US border with Mexico and how this was a nothing burger thrown up to deflect attention away from the scurrilous proceedings at Inspector General report of FBI corruption. In Shipp’s informed opinion (and you’ll hear exactly why), Mueller, Comey and others in the FBI and DOJ should be prosecuted for multiple felonies, if not treason, which carries the Death Penalty in the US.

The two discuss how Robert Mueller participated in the cover-up of 9/11 and in the cover-up of the Uranium One deal. Shipp says people have been sentenced to 10 and 20 years for doing one tenth of what Hillary has done and that if laws were enforced, Comey would be prosecuted for felonious obstruction of justice for protecting her use the private server while she was Secretary of State.

Goodman astutely notes, “The FBI and the CIA have now become the private protection agencies, essentially for the Clinton Foundation, which seems to be this master money-laundering scheme initially hatched by HW Bush [who] anointed Bill Clinton… and now, as he’s about to die, HW [is] passing the baton to Bill and Hillary and it seems to me that all the Rod Rosensteins, all the Bob Muellers, all of the and James Comeys, these are the guys that are scrambling to protect their pile, because if Trump wins, these guys are all going away.”

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  • ALL this crap does is exposed WHY ALL the so-called “Alphabet agencies” MUST be SHUT Down Forever…because they NEVER worked for Humanity’s best interest…They actually work for VATICAN interest which is LUCIFERIAN/SATANIC.
    ALL of this on going BS about who shot John and Etc associated with is nothing more than “Stalling for time” tactics.
    Trump is PART of the SWAMP and will change NOTHING for Humanity…Nothing but TALK…NOTHING done about ANYTHING.

  • Alexandria,
    Thank you for this well constructed explanation of world powers.
    One question; You didn’t mention the Pope or the Jesuits. Do they fit in somewhere?

    • Yes, they do. I admit, they’re a blind spot for me sinceI have had zero exposure to the Catholic Church. I have one subscriber who thinks they’re the be-all and end-all of world power but he comes from a Catholic background, so to him perhaps they do. It is the largest single religious entity on the planet, soon to be eclipsed by Sunni Islam, so it still controls a lot of hearts and minds (over a billion, I think) and it is often described as the wealthiest entity on the planet, between its real estate and art holdings. Look up John Coleman and the Committee of 300. He explains where they fit in.

  • Let’s see here, if the “Deep State” is out to get Trump and this “Bush/Clinton Crime Cabal” is closely tied in to the “Deep State” and Trump is fighting back against all this, then why did Trump just nominate Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court?

    This Judge Kavanaugh worked in Bush’s II White House and for the Bush family for years. He even was on the legal team that helped steal the Presidential election of 2000 from Al Gore. He must be part of this “Bush/Clinton Crime Cabal” or connected to it in some fashion.

    It does’t add up that Trump would nominate such a man with that history to the highest court in the land, if what is reported in this video is true.

    So now, it’s the “Bush/Clinton Crime Cabal” that runs the country and the world. Over the last few months this site, the FKTV, has presented videos that purport to show that the “Cult of 300” runs the world; then it was the British Royal Family that pulls all the strings behind the world scene. After that, the ever popular and shopworn “The Bildenbergers” are dragged out as the real masters-of-the-world and once again get their time in the spotlight.

    It’s becoming quite taxing to keep up with who’s really the “big show” out there.

    • Michael, I love you but you are very stubborn. Either you get it or you don’t.

      I would never tell you what to think. This is what I think: The Bush-Clinton Cabal does NOT run the world. Nobody does, entirely because nobody can control our innermost spirits but the entity that comes closest to doing so in the empirical realm I’ll call the Committee. They are associated with the Bank for International Settlements. The Bilderbergers, CFR and related groups function as executives and agents of the Committee. The British Crown is the management structure of the Committee. The US military and the petrodollar are some of the most powerful tools at the disposal of the Committee, along with the Mainstream Media.

      That’s the basic idea that I’m able to work out.

      The Bush-Clinton Cabal (BCC), which has coalesced into this colossal crime syndicate in recent decades, most recently under the Clinton Foundation includes agents like Robert Mueller, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc. It is a massive drug-dealing, organ- and child-trafficking, bribing, blackmailing entity that has gained control of the US Government, in earnest starting in the Reagan Era, although it probably goes back to Nazi infiltration of the USG after WWII. They killed JFK. The BCC are basically a covert Fourth Reich.

      When they have not been at cross-purposes with the Committee, the Committee has used the BCC for their own agenda of controlling the world but I have a sense that the BCC are so dirty and have mucked things up so disgustingly that the Committee might be done with them.

      I’ve also heard that the BCC tried to move in on the Committee’s action of controlling currencies and making a vig on every financial transaction – and this is the ultimate no-no for them – and for this, the BCC will be punished. This could be the reason why Trump was allowed to win.

      So Trump may actually be a tool of the ultimate controllers who are the Committee but really, anything is better than the BCC.

      We can work on regaining the right to issue our own medium of exchange after we get rid of this BCC pox. One battle at a time.

      As for Trump’s SCOTUS nomination, I agree that Kavanaugh could not be more of a swamp creature if he tried. Note that Kavanaugh has covered for both the Bushes and the Clintons – who are essentially one and the same.

      Trump fanatics, AIM4Truth have their theories about what Kavanuagh’s nomination is about:

      • I’ve been familiar with most of the theories and flow charts of who the powerful organizations that are alledged ti be behind the world scene and how they connect. So many out there. Some include the Rothschilds, Israelis, Vatican. Koch Brothers, Freemasons, Jesuits, and so on, but yours doesn’t. Who’s right? Who knows at this point? I’ll keep and open mind, but not come down absolutely on any one model.

        As for the Bush/Clinton Crime Cabal, I have my doubts, but will remain neutral until hard evidence comes down and there are indictments. Number one, we haven’t heard their side of the story. Number two, any video that starts with distorted, unflattering photos of the people they’re going to investigate is obviously a propaganda hit piece., full of facts taken out of context, lies, distortions and wild speculation.

        The problem with having some a vast, far reaching conspiracy model is that it can be used to counter anything that comes up that repudiates it. If the Mueller investigation comes out with documented evidence of wrong doing against Trump and members of his family, people using the conspiracy model will just say that it was all manufactured and that Mueller and his team were corrupt and bought off to frame Trump and his family.

        The problem with this site is that it isn’t even handed. I know you’re not a Trump fanatic, but you give him and “Trumpism” a pass with no criticism. One example, what about the damage Scott Pruitt did to the EPA regulations, under orders from Trump, that controlled pollution to our water and air. They’re practically gone and polluters are free to spoil our environment, thus causing numerous health problems down the road. Nary a word about that here.

        In the spirit of even-handedness,” how about doing a video soon titled “The Right goes super-bonkers!”

        P.S. I had t endure a record breaking heatwave here in Los Angeles this last weekend no AC! Luckily I bought a second fan that helped. Hope you have some fans there where you live and work!

        • Forgot about Kavanaugh: The Trumpers at that YouTube site have it wrong. The left has it correct. Kavanaugh has written legal essays where he said that a sitting President shouldn’t be distracted by investigations or lawsuits, civil or criminal and that should wait until after he’s out of office. Also, he has written, in his opinion, a sitting President has the right to declare any law unconstitutional and not follow it. Trump loves all that, being the would be dictator that he is,

          Also, Trump is not only part of the “swamp,” but is making his own “swamp.”

          • Wow, you are stubborn, Michael. I’ve made my position clear: The Globalist beast with these Clintonista sickfucks paying off the MSM, messing with your mind is of the most grievous concern right now and until they are gone, everything else is a trifle. If we weren’t in a moment where the evil of Globalism was being exposed with the possibility of being defeated, I might care about the bad EPA guy who is now gone, like so many other appointees or this SCOTUS dude who Trump doesn’t even like and it seems like it might be part of some deal. Kavanaugh has covered-up for both Bill Clinton and Dubya, which as we know is Bush-Clinton Cabal and not the folks Trump wants around. He might want Kavanaugh to get voted down, to give Dems the perception of a victory or so he can put in the pretty Catholic lady that he actually wants in there (everyone thought so and was surprised by the nomination). We’ve seen him do lip service to capitulating to Wehrmacht, during his anniversary mini Syria bombings only to have him turn on a dime and stop bombing, much to their dismay.

  • Nice, easy-going discussion/ interview. These guys are both Light Warriors.

    All you need to do is ask yourself, “Am I a Good person, or an asshole?” Doesn’t matter your race, beliefs, religion – all false divisions of sentient life.

    Many of us are good, but have some bad behaviors, so look to improve yourself. Then, once you are free of bad habits and incorrect thinking (based on the programming you got from childhood), the TRUTH becomes easy to see.

    Kevin Shipp speaks truth (although I’d like him to also focus on 9/11 traitors Dick Cheney, the Bush Crime Family, Larry Silverstein, and The Rothschild Zionists, such as David Icke is doing.

    Thank whomever for the internet, so we have been able to uncover the TRUTH from LIGHT WARRIORS like Shipp, Icke, and many others.

    FYI, I was AT Sandy Hook, and this incident was staged (I worked a mile from SHES, and was driving by the school at the time of the alleged incident. As a weapons maven, I know what an AR-15 sounds like in comparison to 9mm handguns and shotguns. There were NO GUNSHOTS from 9:35AM to 9:40AM on Dec 14, 2012). IF ANYONE died that day, it was not by Adam Lanza’s hand. Incidentally, Vegas was a covered-up orchestrated event, as was Parkland. You just can’t trust cops or any systemic power – not even the judiciary anymore.

    American People, WE ARE THE BOSS! We need to drive to DC with our legally owned guns, and force Congress to investigate these crimes, or remove them from office. While I never want nor wish violence, sometimes these real criminals, posing as ordinary public servants (while being under cabal control) – who’ve been getting away with murder since JFK’s assassination, btw – need an archangel of retribution.

    • I agree with you that I don’t like the way Shipp sidesteps 9/11. Side-stepping 9/11 must stop. 9/11 must be confronted.

      • I think Mr Shipp has had quite a bit on his plate over the years. This includes his family being physically attacked & himself coming face to face with his (likely) own assigned assassin. Not to mention all the legal battles he’s had to fight against the CIA.
        9-11 takes a great deal of time & effort to research. (I myself know that there’s something seriously wrong with the official story, but am no expert on all details of that subject.) There is absolutely no evidence that Mr Shipp has first hand knowledge of that operation. I have heard numerous interviews with Mr Shipp where a question was asked and he replied that he doesn’t know & has no personal knowledge on that subject. He does not endulge in wild speculation. So, given the gargantuan efforts he’s made in those areas where he does have first hand knowledge, and given his contributions to shining the light of truth on them – IMO criticism of Mr Shipp regarding 9-11 is rather silly. One can’t know everything. It seems that TPTB have unlimited plots & scams aimed at Humanity.

  • 13 bloodlines checkmate? I don’t think so.

    ghosts in the machine will not be put away

    retired, disgraced NSA satanist aquino is at large at Los Alamos

    shapeshifters need to play

  • Dr Judy Wood, phD knows where the twin towers went.

    C M O S I S A D A

    dancing israelis doing the rothschild boogie

    nothing happening today that isn’t linked to these events

    terror war by proxy; ponsi scheme wheeler dealer

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