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    This short clip by Headlines with a Voice explores evidence that Lisa Page and Peter Strzok never had an extramarital affair and that this alleged romance is a fabrication of the FBI and/or the DOJ to block the release of the more than 50,000 text messages, which were sent between then-FBI employees, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok on their government-issued cellphones.

    When the sheer quantity of their texts was originally revealed, many joked that the two could scarcely have found any time for trysting, given the man-hours necessary to generate this improbable profusion of texts.

    Because 50,000+ texts sent over a period of 15 months seems almost physically impossible, there have been calls to release all or at least most of them.

    Strzok was the FBI’s Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division. In 2015, he led their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server. In 2016, Strzok led the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections. In July 2017, he became the top FBI agent working for Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russian government during the Presidential Campaign but he only “served” in the latter capacity for just one month before he was mysteriously reassigned to a post in the FBI’s Human Resources department. Many feel that Mueller removed Strzok from the Special Counsel investigation due to his manifest bias, which only became publicly known with the April 2018 release of the Inspector General’s Report, which included 345 of the Strzok-Page texts.

    Headlines with a Voice suggests that the remaining ~50,000 texts may reveal much more, including plans for the ultimate treason: to assassinate the President.

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    • Viewing the Strzok ‘interrogation’ (if you will) was very, very hard to stomach. The unbelievable contempt that was shown is also very telling. These ‘people’ ( are they even human) act and look extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Whatever alphabet organization they are in or are contributing to can only be described as extremely DARK!!!
      WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY AND ‘WHAT THE HELL’…..are they even able to get into these positions of trust and who hired them?
      It’s going to be a very scary next couple of years….
      Good report…..WRobson

      • The questioning avoided the real question, which is NOT “How did such a biased guy get put in charge of these investigations?” but “What is the true nature of these investigations?” These were always operations to protect Hillary’s crimes and to impeach Trump. Period.

    • I spent a lot of time around gay men when I lived in Houston, so the clip she selected for the video is very telling. Try as they will, even if still in the closet, they can’t hide it.

    • Seriously, what is UP with THAT many texts? That’s over 111 per day, every day for 450 days!
      What the Hell is that?

      • Sounds to me like he owes the FBI back pay for the year and a half that he spent all day talking to his girl friend. The private sector have rules against this kind of thing. Why do we have these limits but the FEDs are overpaid and don’t even do their jobs.

        Reminds me of the porno problems in the pentagon a decade or so ago.

        No one is held accountable….

    • That was the fastest 60 minutes ever!

      As concerning Stzrok’s character, it jumps out at you even if you knew nothing about him in the news. I spent most of my adult life in management and can say with certainty Stzrok casts a very dark shadow on FBI’s hiring and management practices. He should have been screened out long ago by psychological testing if not by observation. He is immature and untrustworthy. It should have only taken a few minutes of watching AG Rod Rosenstein also to come to a similar conclusion, he is psychologically unfit for the level of responsibility he’s been given.

      It’s quite disturbing the learn that our government has failed to protect us from immature and psychologically unstable people getting their hands on the levers of power over us. We need a complete overhaul ASAP!

      This isn’t about political bias, we all have biases its about mental and psychological pathology.

    • Treason, and protected by the deep state, what else is new? The S.E.S. needs to by dismantled, among many other “branches” of the tree of government, Or the Patriot Act of Bush Jr. witch is nothing more then a way to spy on citizens. It cost hundreds of billions, and has produced nothing, except enlarge the NSA, CIA. FBI. all of witch we could do without, because their purpose is to cause wars, not to help end them.

    • And if you think this was another pile of BS….wait till you read what’s been posted on the “Operation” website TODAY!!!
      There a pile as high as Mt. Everest there RIGHT NOW…..loaded with contradictions and out right LIES!!!
      The WHITE race has been trying to HIDE “OUR-Story” by trying to sell Humanity “HIS-Story” to Hu-Manity….Its all starting to “Catch-Up” with them, an dis WHY they are trying so HARD to start WW3

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