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    I had been annoyed with Patrick Byrne because he has kept promising that there would be a breakthrough in the 2020 Election fraud but nothing happened and I got black-pilled.

    Well, during the latest Reawaken America Tour held last weekend in Branson MO, Patrick let ‘er rip and we finally get to hear some things we’ve been waiting to hear about for a long time. Patrick says he committed 10,000 years of felonies by publicly revealing what he did onstage at the event in this video.

    Patrick told the hosts of Flyover Country, “I’d pay $10 million to be tried for Sedition in a military court next week. If I’m convicted, hang me. If I’m lying about this stuff, hang me. With six witnesses, with 10 minutes each, I can prove what happened and they’re going to be hanging Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin, his own people, because these guys have betrayed their Constitutional Oath – as well as, of course, injecting them, violating the Nuremberg Convention by injecting non-FDA-approved vaxxines. These guys are out of their minds. This is the last chance America gets to save itself.”

    Patrick begins his talk by getting into what really happened on the night of December 18, 2020, when he snuck into the White House for a 4+ hour long conversation with President Trump. What did they discuss?

    He throws up a bullet point of the topics:

    • The DHS’ October 6, 2020 “Threat to the Nation” report, that says on page 9 that talks all about the threat to the American election coming up.

    • The DHS-CISA October 22, 2020, says the Iranians were trying to attack our systems.

    • October 30/November 3rd FBI/DHS, they put out a statement that the Iranians had, in fact hacked the election systems in one state. There are other nation-states joining in the cyber attack and there are other states under attack.

    • December 8th, they put out a report about a huge cyber escalation against the US.

    • December 16th, CISA announced SolarWinds’ largest hack in history, in which 425 out of 500 of the top US corporations were hacked, all of the US Government was hacked, all of the military, the CIA, the NSA, DHS, CISA.

    Patrick says anyone who had a key to the SolarWinds hack had a key to every election machine in America that were running the Serv-U product, which means they had unlimited administrative access to the databases. And most of these databases use SQL, a tool that lets you change entries to the database.

    Patrick says anyone who had these keys could break into any computer network in America and change what they needed to change – and that’s not him saying this, these are statements from the Government.

    Patrick then brings up the January 6, 2017 report Intelligence Community’s report, ‘Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions’ in recent US elections and the FBI’s follow-up report by Obama’s Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division, Bill Priestap and how this got turned into an Executive Order on September 14, 2018 signed by Trump, which states that if an election gets hacked, the president has several powers, anything from ordering a quick investigation to re-running the election – as set out by Barack Obama with Bill Priestap.

    Patrick says he was suggesting to Trump that he take the least intrusive of all the powers granted to him and to invoke the clause about legal actions taken when there’s enough evidence that the elections have been penetrated. Once ascertained, the President is granted extraordinary powers. And of course there was a LOT of evidence that the elections were hacked.

    Patrick has been a government informant and sometimes impromptu agent for decades. He tells an emotional story about how he was offered $1 billion to keep quiet about the election and how when he told his mother about this, she got “spittingly angry” a him. He almost sobs recounting it and that’s understandable. Imagine having such a psychopath for a mother!

    At the same time, Patrick was ecstatic to have been presented with this bribe, because he’d been looking for the Abyssal Plane of the Deep State for 16 years and had spent tens of millions of dollars to find it – and now he’d got them!

    He found the Deep State when he was sent out to bribe Hillary Clinton with $18 million so that James Comey and John Brennan and Barack Obama could blackmail her over her 8 years.

    Then he gets into how, while he was working recently in the Middle East, he was told that Hunter Biden had been reaching out to the Iranian government through a loose-lipped intermediary, the son of the Defense Minister of Pakistan with the following offer: ‘You Iranians have $8 billion frozen in a South Korean bank. My father will release it for $800 million, shipped to a numbered account for us and if you do this, it will lubricate other discussions which have started between us.’

    Those other discussions were the nuclear discussions in Geneva. 

    He gets into the powerful DNC law firm, Perkins Coie and how they were trying to inject Ukrainian kiddie porn into Trump’s cell phone.

    “The Praetorian Guard of the Deep State is a group of corrupt people out of Seal Team Six. Now, half of Seal Team Six is fine, good people and about half or less than half are corrupt. And after 9/11, they got sprinkled through the rest of the Government. They have formed a Praetorian ring around the Deep State…

    “This group of Seal Team Six bad guys, that got sprinkled throughout the Government are using the National Security State to protect the Biden-Clinton ring. And all the tools that are available to people who work across the NSA, CIA, NRO, FBI…we have a huge counterintelligence problem.”

    He then announces that he was recently diagnosed with cancerous tumors in his spine, which has given him the courage to dare the military courts to try him in one day for Sedition and to hang him by sunset if he’s lying. He’ll call his 6 witnesses for 10 minutes each. His one condition is that they televise the trial.

    “You give me one hour to make my defense…I don’t care if you hang me, but Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin, you fat f*! You woke pussy! Your own people are going to hang you! You’re gonna be hung! I can’t wait! Let’s get it on! Televise it!”


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    • Bravo to Patrick Bryne Speaking out the 💥💥TRUTH💥Justice needs to be served and these high profile Traitors need to go before Military Tribunals ⚖️💀🔨☠️

    • Not going to watch this. He has been toying w giving/ getting info out from way back. I feel bad that he is sick. Being involved in this corruption or even just exposing it takes it’s toll on people. No heroes in the end- times except the true Savior. Jesus Christ – vs free-mason satanists.

      • He’s been through hell, so you can sit comfortably on your ass and judge him. Stand; if only on the promises of God.

    • He doesn’t seem trustworthy to me! Talks the talk!
      Besides he use to work for the Government that there tells you all you need to know!

      • Don’t you get it? It’s not about gop or dem, but about our Constitutional Republic. We have been played by a divide and conquer theorum that has worked for a millennium.
        He’s telling US about the corruption that runs rampant throughout all things; through politicians, bureaucrats, and CEOs. (Fascism)
        Sure Dems are commies, but Neocons are war criminals. There’s a lot of God-fearing and Creation loving people identifying as Rep, but watch out for the GOP like the DNC; left-hand, right-hand.

      • Tells us “all we need to know”? Our government hasn’t always been corrupt, Elizabeth. So, are you saying that everyone who’s ever worked for the government is corrupt?

    • It would help if you included links to the original video.
      Maybe you need the video to stream through your site to support you???
      Playback is often slow compared to watching directly on Rumble.

        • Thanks for all the hard work you put in to bring us what I know is the truth Alexandra, worry not about those who want to tear you down. Again, thanks for being a patriot and standing for country. Peace and health to you.

    • Anonymous Conservative, in his blog, said listening to this was like listening to a raving lunatic. Way back I read article that said Byrne turned on Trump. I think Byrne is a weak, moral-less so-and-so trying to jump on whichever wagon he thinks is in front.

      • Of course he must be a raving lunatic rather than someone with a death sentence trying to reveal the depth of corruption on both sides of the divide. Sheer genius of yourself and a prime example of critical thinking. 😜

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