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Mike Lindell and his group of researchers show massive spikes up and down in vote counts coming from many different races in the 2022 midterm elections. The spikes always favor the Democrat candidate. This evidence cannot be ignored.

Reporting live, using data from the Edison Report, the first spike we see is in the race between Warnock and Walker in Georgia. It has the familiar “F” shape that we saw in the 2020 Election:

In the Fetterman-Oz race, Fetterman had a backwards “F” from vote dumping, when he lost 100k+ votes from one moment to the next, which Mike says is impossible and he thinks it probably had to do them correcting the steal algorithm, because it was too blatant.

In the governor race between Mastriano and Shapiro in Pennsylvania, the same thing happened there, too. The algorithm was set too high and they auto-corrected it too abruptly so as to subtract 90,000 votes.

Here’s the spectacular vote stuffing and dumping in the Illinois Senate race between Tammy Duckworth (D) and Kathy Salvi (R), where the race was called for Duckworth two minutes after the polls closed:

The Gateway Pundit reported large batch injections into the Michigan Governors race last night (as seen in 2020), which gave the race to Gretchen Whitmer:


There are many, many more instances of questionable spikes presented that need to be shared widely and investigated!

In addition, the voting machines suffered massive problems across the country. In Mercer County, New Jersey, all the machines went down. There were mishaps in Harris County, TX, in Bell County, TX, in Chesterfield County, VA and and in Suffolk County, NY.

At least 20% of all the machines were not working throughout Maricopa County, Arizona. In Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, officials say that roughly 44 polling locations ran out of paper to print ballots.

It’s not a coincidence that the machines went down in the red precincts of Maricopa County to disrupt voters for Kari Lake and Blake Masters or that they went down in Suffolk County, the Red county where Lee Zeldin has represented New York’s 1st Congressional District since 2015 – and who just lost his bid for Governor to the hideous vaxx goblin, Kathy Hochul.

To add insult to injury, in late-breaking news last night, LA County dropped their case against Konnech CEO, Eugene Yu!

Fresh off her own election loss for Secretary of State of Ohio, Tore Maras said the way we’re going to win this battle is not by claiming that the elections were stolen but by challenging the machines on the basis that they violate our 4th and 1st Amendment rights.

She asks, who owns the optically-scanned data on your ballot, which is linked to your ID and which records your vote? Someone is collecting your voting data and no one knows who they’re selling it to.

She says the machines need to go, not just because they mine your data but because the data collected can be used to force you to submit to a third party’s wishes.

Potential employers may not hire you if you voted for a MAGA candidate, for example. Currently, in my State of North Carolina, your voting record is publicly available. I don’t think many states do this. I didn’t have a choice in having my voting record made public when I moved here.

She suggests that we all send FOIA requests to our Secretaries of State and ask them, who owns that optical scanning data? They are mining our private identifying information and how we vote without our consent and who, exactly collects and profits off the optical scanner data?

Why would Konnech be shipping such data to China?

The answer is to be able to penalize you when they bring in the digital currency and social credit score.

The military paid Konnech millions of dollars to do just that. Tore believes the data is being given or sold to General Jim Jones’ and John Brennan’s company, ClearForce, a tool which is sold to Human Resources departments across the country and which is being used to build-out the social credit system in the US.

In the film, ShadowGate, Tore explains how General Jones took the Shadownet software that had been developed to be used against the enemy during the War in Iraq and he turned it into the ClearForce technology that has now been turned against the US population.

She says General Jones resold and reinvented Shadownet, to create the “MagicWheel” program used in the DC courts, to make sure that they put together the most compromised juries in order for them to be able to throw cases.

Micromanaging this technology on a global scale would require integrating it with Artificial Intelligence. Imagine Artificial Intelligence autonomously operating the Shadownet and ClearForce!

All of this is part of the international push for autonomous law enforcement and to remove the human factor. Currently, several features of the Interpol program indicate that they are already using an iteration of Shadownet and ClearForce technology.

As Millie Weaver narrated in ShadowGate:

“This March 2017 United States Patent issued to Jim Jones III and ClearForce spells it out:

“Systems and methods for electronically monitoring humans to determine potential risk.” Several diagrams in this patent look identical to the dashboard layout of the Shadownet the patent mentions integration with US and international databases, local law enforcement and individual state databases, all fed into international justice and public safety networks. Full integration of all data including the Internet of Things is the objective.

“A March 2020 Atlantic Council policy primer, ‘AI, Society and Governance’ references the 2019 Interpol publication, stating, ‘The United Nations Inter-Regional Crime and Justice Research Institute and the International Criminal Police Organization are leading the conversation on autonomous patrol robots, tracking and tracing systems, forecasting tools predictive policing and more.’

“The next iteration of the Shadownet and ClearForce is ready to go. Integration with AI robots and the replacement of traditional law enforcement is just around the corner. Given that Leftist organizations managed by Momentum, which is behind the ‘Defund the Police’ movement and given that Momentum has been connected to IIA operations, the case can be made that Jones & Co are running the ‘Defund the Police’ influence operation, simply because they are in a position to benefit, by offering an alternative solution that is already in line with the Green New Deal agenda.

“We’ve already seen some of this rolled out, with the technocratic response to COVID19, with autonomous drones, contact tracing apps, nanotech vaccines and predictive modeling for social distancing and economic shutdowns.

“Furthermore, this technology is behind the push for police abolition, defunding law enforcement and replacing it with ‘Smart Justice’, given we have seen IIA Shadownet technology, implemented by the Socialist Democrats and the Sunrise Movement, who are using it to push for police abolition, this political movement is deeply connected to the UN who has partnered with Interpol to corral us into the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Law Enforcement direction.”

Tore says that to stop this New World Order, you have to stop feeding them information and that the privacy argument against the voting machines will blindside them.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Stealing the vote is part of our banana republic.
    We try hard to “not know” that our system is build on LOBBY MONEY, RICH PEOPLE FINANCE THE ELECTIONS. Why do you think our government gave a vaccine contract to MODERNA, which never made any vaccines before?

  • That Democrats have yet again attempted to cheat is entirely to be expected.

    That is why i call them DINOs Democrats IN NAME ONLY.

    The question is have they committed a criminal offense here?

    the answer is self evident.

    Will you the people of the USA find the will to prosecute the law that already exists?

    If not your law and your constitution is worthless toilet papaer

  • As long as mankind uses there STRAWMAN and fights this through the corrupt LEGAL SYSTEM; nothing will happen; corrupt JUDGES will deny the facts and evidence; we knew this in 2016.18.20. and 22; and nothing it seems has been done about it; we have heard the quotes from stalin and twain; so why do we even vote? so it was the “machine ” that committed this crime; who owns the machine? well mike, you went through this crap in 2020; maybe it’s time for you to learn law common to i and go after that man and not the “MACHINE “

  • Tore is right!

    Why has the American Bar Association been silent? Why have our so-called “representatives” been silent? Oh you hear an occasional squeak now and then, but no lions roar at the outage because BOTH national political parties are guilty! Both benefit from fraud!


    If you speak out as I have, you will have your outgoing email shut down as I have, and if your default browser is Start Page, they will suspend your account as they have mine!

    Because loyal Americans like me are now the enemies of the global dominion state! Traitors are now loyal citizens of the global dominion state! DOMINION! They have told us openly, but Americans with ears have no hearing!

    Why would any thinking American think to have confidence in any protection racket?

    Nearly every election is like the previous one. Close, tight elections even though the messages are very different. Why? It aint rocket science, so any fool can see the light, if they want.

    No local yokel election “officials” have the right to farm out their fiduciary duties to anyone else, including private corporations promising to “protect” our votes! Its a racket! No Secretaries of States have a right to approve votes counted by private corporations! They all stand guilty!

    When lawsuits attempt to discover what is going on, the courts rule against them, because how votes are handled is no longer allowed to the voters falsely asserting that is now private information protected by patents. The courts are guilty.

    Is there anything left that compliant Americans will not tolerate?

    Is there no transgression too great for lawlessness?

    And where are the shepherds of the people?

    “As I live, saith the Lord GOD, surely because my flock became a prey, and my flock became meat to every beast (devil) of the field, because there was no shepherd, neither did my shepherds search for my flock, but the shepherds fed themselves, and fed not my flock; Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them.” Ezekiel 34:8, 10

    There is nothing new under the sun, what has been before will be again.

  • These are ballot dumps. Plain and simple. They are cheating with fake ballot dumps and it shows that on the graph crime spikes.

  • The Illinois crime spike really exposes the fraud most clearly.
    This is the one we need to investigate, as Illinois DEMs got sloppy.

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