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Tore Says the way we’re going to win this battle is not by claiming that the elections were stolen but by challenging the machines on the basis that they violate our 4th and 1st Amendment rights.

She asks, who owns the optically-scanned data on your ballot, which is linked to your ID and which records your vote? Someone is collecting your voting data and no one knows who they’re selling it to.

She says the machines need to go, not just because they mine your data but because the data collected can be used to force you to submit to a third party’s wishes. Potential employers may not hire you if you voted for a MAGA candidate, for example. Currently, in my State of North Carolina, your voting record is publicly available. I don’t think all states do this and I didn’t have a choice in having my voting record made public when I moved here.

She suggests that we all send FOIA requests to our Secretaries of State and ask them, who owns that optical scanning data? They are mining our private identifying information and how we vote without our consent and who, exactly collects the optical scanner data?

Why would Konnech be shipping such data to China?

The answer is to be able to penalize you when they bring in the digital currency and social credit score. The military paid Konnech millions of dollars to do just that. Tore believes the data is being given or sold to General Jim Jones’ and John Brennan’s company, ClearForce, which is sold to Human Resources departments across the country and which is being used to create the social credit system in the US.

In the film, ShadowGate, she explains how General Jones took the Shadownet software that had been developed to be used against the enemy during the War in Iraq and he turned it into the ClearForce technology that has now been turned against the US population. She says General Jones resold and reinvented Shadownet, to create the “MagicWheel” program used in the DC courts, to make sure that they put together the most compromised juries in order for them to be able to throw cases.

Micromanaging this technology on a global scale would require integrating it with Artificial Intelligence. Imagine Artificial Intelligence autonomously operating the Shadownet and ClearForce!

All of this is part of the international push for autonomous law enforcement and to remove the human factor. Currently, several features of the Interpol program indicate that they are already using an iteration of Shadownet and ClearForce technology.

As Millie Weaver narrated in ShadowGate:

“This March 2017 United States Patent issued to Jim Jones III and ClearForce spells it out:

“Systems and methods for electronically monitoring humans to determine potential risk.” Several diagrams in this patent look identical to the dashboard layout of the Shadownet the patent mentions integration with US and international databases, local law enforcement and individual state databases, all fed into international justice and public safety networks. Full integration of all data including the Internet of Things is the objective.

“A March 2020 Atlantic Council policy primer, ‘AI, Society and Governance’ references the 2019 Interpol publication, stating, ‘The United Nations Inter-Regional Crime and Justice Research Institute and the International Criminal Police Organization are leading the conversation on autonomous patrol robots, tracking and tracing systems, forecasting tools predictive policing and more.’

“The next iteration of the Shadownet and ClearForce is ready to go. Integration with AI robots and the replacement of traditional law enforcement is just around the corner. Given that Leftist organizations managed by Momentum, which is behind the ‘Defund the Police’ movement and given that Momentum has been connected to IIA operations, the case can be made that Jones & Co are running the ‘Defund the Police’ influence operation, simply because they are in a position to benefit, by offering an alternative solution that is already in line with the Green New Deal agenda.

“We’ve already seen some of this rolled out, with the technocratic response to COVID19, with autonomous drones, contact tracing apps, nanotech vaccines and predictive modeling for social distancing and economic shutdowns.

“Furthermore, this technology is behind the push for police abolition, defunding law enforcement and replacing it with ‘Smart Justice’, given we have seen IIA Shadownet technology, implemented by the Socialist Democrats and the Sunrise Movement, who are using it to push for police abolition, this political movement is deeply connected to the UN who has partnered with Interpol to corral us into the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Law Enforcement direction.”

Tore says that to stop this New World Order, you have to stop feeding them information and that the privacy argument against the voting machines will blindside them.

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  • Never give out your data, your opinions, or anything else. Back in my day, people were PAID to participate in marketing. Now they give it away for free. Don’t give feedback of any kind unless you need to in order to claim a benefit. That includes rating airbnbs, rating things on Tripadvisor, filling out surveys for any purpose, unless there’s some benefit to you.

    All businesses attempt to trade on the info of others. Make them pay for it.

  • I was at the library in the capital city of my state returning books and DVD’s. I noticed that the NEW ‘software’ for checking all that in and out is of Chinese origin. It is a recent install…
    I believe the librarian I spoke with is mistaken as she said that all check-in check-out data is scrubbed upon return of the borrowed items. I asked if there was an internet connection to the database and she said ‘no’. I then asked how they use the inter-library lending tool, and she said by the internet…aaahhh, innocent belief.
    So, I quietly left while wondering if _anyone_ in the state/ county/city IT departments even bothered to check that there is a firewall between the supposed ‘security’ of being anonymous in library use and the database for check-in/out. After all, wouldn’t it be jolly to have access to what all those officials and employees are groovin’ on?

    I’ve been buying bridges from the innocent tech industry money grubbing undiscriminating data merchants for 3 decades now. They get irrationally wealthy and WETHEPEOPLE stumble on innocently believing there is no harm in their ‘just selling data’ ruse?

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