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Reiner Fuellmich of the International Crimes Investigative Committee was detained last Friday by German authorities in Mexico where he was traveling with his wife and he was escorted to Germany, where he was arrested. There is no extradition treaty between the two countries.

Fuellmich had lost his passport and had scheduled an appointment at the German consulate in Tijuana, Mexico. When he arrived, German authorities were waiting to detain him and to slap him with a 30-page lawsuit. The charges arise from the allegations of Viviane Fischer, a former team member of Fuellmich’s.

Global Research reports that Fuellmich’s supporters are planning protests against the actions of the German government. Former Asia Institute President, Emanuel Pastreich writes:

“What I do want to stress is that we must unite to support not only him, but thousands of people like him who are standing up against the efforts to turn governments into the puppets of corporations, international banks, and the billionaire class, the parasite class, that lurks behind them. We know that if we do not stop this effort to destroy the rule of law, at every level, to create a separate realm that belongs only to the very wealthy and powerful, that we are guaranteed a global fascistic system which will, if it can, exterminate us in precisely the way that was attempted in Europe in the 1940s.

“I want to also stress that this effort to suppress someone working so hard to enforce the rule of law and to bring the truth to everybody, at precisely the moment that a drive is on to start a world war between Israel and Iran, including the United States, and conceivably many other countries, is no coincidence, but in fact they are parallel.”

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  • I appreciate the go between below, and no nothing of any of these players.
    Just wondering out loud, Riener = good person or bad person ?

  • In France our most famous lawyer of the Résistance, Virginie de Araujo Recchia (who was also arrested then freed some months ago), is fighting hard for Reiner Fuellmich at the moment. She contributed to his investigation comittee and has no doubt on his integrity. Neither have we.

    • Thank you, Doc+Hollywood, for sharing the link. For those who’ve not seen it, I encourage you to do so for clarity with Viviane Fischer. For about 6 minutes beginning at 1:05:45, Dr. Fuellmich explains why she became the “former” member of his committee.

      Further, he shares the email ~ ~ of someone who knew of Viviane Fischer from college and shares a bit of what was known then.

      So sorry for how this has impacted Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s efforts. Truth has a way of surfacing about people and it certainly has for her now. Truth will continue to prevail for Dr. Fuellmich and his fight for justice.

  • Alexandra? What is your opinion on this matter? Specifically, have you looked into the question extensively, or done any due diligence, as the term is used? So you put any stock in this woman’s allegations? Have you researched her history? There are accounts of her history and psychosocial attributes, which can be in turn researched.

    • If you look beneath the video, there is an article, where I report that Fuellmich’s supporters are planning protests against the German government for arresting him and there’s also an extensive quote from Emmanuel Pastreich, saying that this is an attack on the rule of law and that we must all fight the return of the same fascists that we beat in the 1940s…

  • Emanuel Pastreich’s empty platitudes do not address any of Viviane’s specific allegations. In short, his comments are irrelevant.

    I always thought that what Fuellmich was doing was basically inconsequential and going nowhere. Now I see it was in fact going somewhere, his pockets.

  • Naturally they are going to take Reiner down. Viviane Fischer is a cabal plant from the beginning. Just like they are doing to Russell Brand, they go and get anyone who has a following or as like in Reiner, someone compiling a TON of evidence on the cabal’s evil ways

    • Shortly after the Corona Committee started with Viviane Fischer and Dr. Füllmich, I came across a website of the Gates Foundation on the Internet. Under Awarded Grants you could enter names there and results were given. In the “Spiegel” it was mentioned directly and the amount granted was displayed.
      When I entered Angela Merkel, I received over 150 results. However, other institutions such as the University of California etc. were listed. This happened with most federal and state governments.
      Unfortunately, this page has disappeared and can no longer be found in a wayback machine. Long story short, typing in the name Viviane Fischer also yielded results. This immediately made me doubt the whole Corona Committee.

  • Mexico / CCP served Reiner up like a stuffed chalupa to go .
    Justice will not be served in germiny he’ll be ruined professionally , bankrupted , soon to be died suddenly dead or Assangeinated for reporting war crimes against the re-public .

  • We are never going to get to the bottom of all this until Fauci is brought to justice and a short window of amnesty is offered to all others who participated in this monstrous enterprise. Then clean house!

    But it won’t happen because the war mongers have their hands on the war machinery levers which includes most all of the visual media apparatus, and we will be off the the Russia races again!

    It’s coming soon, to a theater near you, so keep watching for announcements and stock up with plenty of pop corn and sodas.

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