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Last Monday, Taylor Lorenz, a Washington Post columnist doxxed the woman behind the hilarious LibsOfTikTok Twitter account, posting her name and work address and sending her into hiding, after leftist goons issued death threats.

LibsOfTikTok posts insanely awful public domain videos uploaded to Tok Tok by obese, green-haired trans kindergarten teachers, who talk about how they evangelize their toddler students into the cult of transgenderism.

Lorenz’ doxxing of LibsOfTikTok happened just two weeks after she did a TV interview in which she cried about online harassment and doxxing. Yet, this is precisely Lorenz’ own business model in her own “work”. Lorenz actually hunted down and knocked on the doors of several relatives of LibsOfTikTok, one of whom photographed her through a grate on the front door.

Due to the backlash from this story, Lorenz is incredibly, yet again calling herself the victim!

On Tuesday, journalist, Lee Smith explained that Taylor Lorenz and influencers like her are the public face of the intelligence apparatus, a statement that really sheds a whole new light on cancel culture.

Lee might not have known quite how true his words were. On Wednesday, the bigger story was revealed in an investigative report on Revolver.News.

This incident is a case study in how the ruling regime uses cutout ‘NGOs’ and ‘hackers’ to target dissidents for annihilation.

The original doxer was an Antifa Twitter user named @karmaonesixone. Another Twitter user (and former Twitter employee), Travis Brown promoted and confirmed @karmaonesixone’s work and then dug up and revealed even more information about LibsOfTikTok.

The Revolver.News investigation revealed that Brown is the creator of the so-called “Hate Speech Tracker,” a program created to aid Antifa extremists in tracking and archiving statements by its enemies, to aid in doxxing.

Brown’s doxxing operation is financed by the Prototype Fund, a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, which calls itself an “independent not-for-profit organization” and is partially financed by such Deep State narrative controllers as Pierre Omidyar and The Wellcome Trust, as well as directly from the the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research – which means that it is hardly “independent”, as claimed.

In short, the German government directly financed Taylor Lorenz’ and The Washington Post‘s campaign to dox and to destroy the life of LibsOfTikTok.

Besides targeting political dissidents in the West, this German government-backed organization is is also funding a plethora of transgender causes and the mass migration of Third World “asylum seekers” into Europe.

Revolver.News compares Prototype to Bellingcat, a British “NGO” that promoted the Syria gas attack hoax, amplified the Russia collusion hoax and is obsessed with “QAnon”.

We saw a similar operation in February, when Aubrey Cottle aka Kirtaner was hired by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) to hack GiveSendGo and to leak the data of those who had donated to the Canadian truckers’ cause. The treasonous Trudeau regime then proceeded to freeze the bank accounts of single moms who had donated $20.

Cottle constantly brags about working for the FBI, RCMP, Interpol and the “alphabet agencies” and about how he hacked Parler, Gab and Infowars’ hosting service, Epik.

So it’s important to understand that when you see coordinated dogpiling on social media and hacking into fundraising sites, etc they are not operating independently. They are cut-outs for the Globalist Regime.

As Revolver.News says:

Rather than have government employees directly target dissidents (which does happen on occasion), it is much easier to quietly enable cutout “civil society organizations,” NGOs, and more — all funded by government yet insulated from any kind of accountability — to do the dirty work.

The Lorenz dox job exposes how this ecology operates. This is not simply the story of a deranged attention whore who went too far. This is a story of how the new Stasi operates: Energy flows from governments, to non-profits, to hackers, and finally to journalists publishing hit pieces on dissidents in Jeff Bezos’s paper of record.

By understanding this system, it becomes possible to stop it. The most obvious fix is the most blunt: Break off the billions in government funding that enable these shadow operations of left-wing radicalism.

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  • I’ve said this a 1000 times……and I’ll KEEP saying til people GET IT THROUGH THEIR THICK SKULLS………..

    We did NOT ‘beat them’ in WW II!! What you’ve been told (History) WAS A LIE!
    The NAZIS just went ‘underground’; ‘laying low’ and INFILTRATING the US and the World for these past decades!


    • Remember Charlie Brown & gang teacher, you sound like that! gwok, gwok, gwok…
      You know not a thing and only Parrot what you hear!

  • “By understanding this system, it becomes possible to stop it. The most obvious fix is the most blunt: Break off the billions in government funding that enable these shadow operations of left-wing radicalism.”
    This very method could be effectively used to damage the continuous Financial Drain on American taxpayers who continue to be forced to finance and subsidize Biden’s continuing “War In the Ukraine”.
    As with any effective defense, one must first create and cultivate the ability to simply “Just Say NO!” to the continual pleas and demands.
    After all, this is not just “Putin’s War”, it is Joe Biden’s, not America’s.

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