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    Aubrey Cottle, aka Kirtaner is seen here during a livestream, doxxing himself as the hacker who took down the Freedom Convoy’s GiveSendGo account.

    A self-described “famous cyber terrorist”, Cottle loves to brag about working for the FBI, RCMP, Interpol and the “alphabet agencies” and about how he hacked Parler, Gab and Infowars’ hosting service, Epik.

    Indeed, some claim that Cottle was hired by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) specifically to hack GiveSendGo and to leak this data.

    Cottle also claims (some say falsely) to have been one of the original members of the Anonymous hacktivist group that infamously hacked AT&T and who are reportedly still selling the data of 70 million customers a decade later.

    Cottle’s equally hate-soaked and vituperative pal, Dean Blundell published the GiveSendGo donor list, which the Canadian government is now using to dox all those who donated $25 or more and to freeze their bank accounts and crypto wallets, with some people reportedly being fired from their jobs over their support for the Freedom Convoy.

    An unintended consequence of the leaked donor list and the media’s doxxing those who supported Canada’s Freedom Convoy is that it’s revealed how much broad support the protest movement has among ordinary, hardworking Canadian citizens and even among members of the Canadian government.

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    • When YOUR High turns to ” Bad Paranoia” just think of ALL the millions of Truckers, Dock Workers, etc. who YOU have SCREWED OVER….Their families, friends and connections run deep all over North America!!! How many times we see Trucker’s pulled over on dark dangerous roads giving assistance to citizens (not for pay…) Always assisting one another, No race or color barriers. Looks like someone already tried to get your shit straight with something you may want to have a Doctor look at…. Your photo has been copied and tagged by now, a $$ amount decided and its probably more than YOU would ever believe….wait until all those fans & weirdo types “STOP Coming AROUND or CALLING “, makes one shutter and put your back to the wall everyplace one visits.

    • Wow, what an arrogant narcissistic liberal. I’m convinced he is completely numb and doesn’t have a soul. I just wish we had more white hats on our side to do some damage to the corrupt. If the white hat was truly awake we would have vigilantes every where. That’s what we need.

    • I would love to personally educate this hacker that he Is on the wrong side of truth, justice, love, humanity… show him how he has been brainwashed & manipulated into falsely thinking he is doing ” the right thing”… he has been duped… I’d love to un-indoctrinate him

      • he knows very well what he is doing and he enjoys it . he is demonic and hopeless . he crawled out of a whore dog and ate the bitch alive .

    • He needs 30 years in a maximum security prison to think about what he has done, and for other prisoners to know what he did!

    • I wonder if he/she/it is triple vaxxed? This being is beyond redemption. Must be a relative of Klaus Schwab……………………

    • The guy reminded me of Syndrom from the Incredibles. Same hairdo, same bitter little heart. Same Antifa spirit writhing through his body. He needs to meet the savior on this side of eternity instead of meeting Him for the first time on the other side after all of this disolves into the Judgement day.

      Remember the gif they showed on the drudgereport of the FBI’s Peter Strok, how he was writhing around making this absurd face and the hearing he was at? They must have the same spirit.

    • My first thought when watching this video was how he couldn’t seem to sit still. Isn’t that indicative of these shots? No telling what they deliberately put into his boosters, but he’s clearly someone’s experiment. Totally dispensable and on his way down. Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

      • Meth or cocaine does that. Meth also makes people act psychotic as this insane excuse for a human being was acting. I’ve seen enough people on it and that is the common denominator when they are manic, or on the drug. He/it is scary alright, whatever possess that thing, human(?) is not good.

    • He’s too abnormal and acting, probably because he’s forced by the wolves to take this role
      I have no proof about this, but my sense tells that it just doesn’t look right.

    • If you’re following the news you know that ‘Give-Send-Go’ fundraising platform was hacked. The donors list is now being shared with the Canadian government (if they weren’t the hackers in the first place), as well as the Washington Post and others who are shaming and attacking the donors.

      The government of Canada is telling banks to shut down the accounts of anyone who contributed to the Canadian truckers freedom convoy. Not only are they shutting down accounts but they’re going one step further….they’re seizing the assets in the accounts! Due Process is not applicable.

      We also know that others like Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame, an avid Trump supporter and fair election truther has been de-banked for his political views. Smith and Wesson arms manufacturer was de-banked for political reasons a couple years ago and the list just goes on and on.

      De-Banking is the new political weapon being used to go after politically incorrect ‘riff-raff’.

      If you support freedom, the constitution, the God-given rights of humanity, you’re in danger of being debanked and it might only be a matter of time. Where would that leave you? You’d better be thinking about it. Even if you’re not directly targeted, there are

      Major Banks are Going Down in Canada

      So as news of this gets out, people start losing faith in the banks and what do they do? They start withdrawing their funds to protect themselves and this starts a run on the bank. So what does the bank do in response? They close up to stop the run because they don’t have the cash to meet the demand.

      Do you see what’s happening here? You should be aware because it is highly likely to start happening elsewhere.

      I’ve been telling folks for the last couple years to get ready for this, and sadly, here we are.

      Do you have an alternative financial infrastructure set up to avoid this? If you’re not yet getting our emails on ‘Alt Banking’ solutions you need to be. Opt-In to this free educational email series here:

      This is what MMG Capital is all about and why it was created in the first place. Just for the record.


      “Civil asset forfeiture was originally intended as a way to cripple organized crime. So what is your plan when the government becomes the criminal enterprise? When the rights of the innocent can be so easily violated, no one’s rights are safe…. ”

      ― Mark Emery – 2022

    • And they accuse us of being “hateful”? Wow! If only this confused young man understood who the real “enemy” actually is, we could work together instead of being pitted against one another.

    • Liar Liar thong on fire ,he just popped up to put out a BS cover story ,shout the leftist rage against right wingers, and generate unmoral support for the state sponsored terrorists sanctioning this take down of one of the few alternatives to the beast system funding apps. This rainbow unicorn diversity spook action figure shows recruitment at the farm has hit the basement level.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, the ” useful idiot ” in…’ action ‘…Insane ( more or less ), for sure, but he is the kind which will put a bullet in your/our head(s), when told to do so ( for the ‘ common great/good ‘ ). Please watch on bitchute the documentary ‘ The Chekist: Crimes of the Bolsheviks ‘, to understand what happened to us ( Eastern-Europe and Russia ). WARNING: it’s a very brutal movie, naked people executed by the CHEKA/NKDV/KGB…and there is a huge risk that is coming ( sooner than later ) to a place near you/us. Part of the Great Reset ( ‘ you will own nothing and be happy ‘ ).

    • Clearly, his behavior and actions reinforce the fact that yes, leftism is a cult of lunatics. And yet it is We The People who are treated as if we are the insane ones because they project their crimes and tyrannical behavior on to others. It is part of the Marxist playbook to control the narrative and set the psyop loop against Freedom loving good people everywhere. He is so insane that he just signed his own death warrant as now both his masters and enemies alike will likely take him out -as in permanently and with extreme prejiduce. Good riddance, scum bag.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. EVERYONE of them are dispensable, tossed and dumped when they’re no longer needed.

      • caught hacking . was made offer he couldn’t refuse . was commissioned to cover for state crimes against citizens .

    • I’ve seen cowards act like this before, until they are caught…. Sad little (and I won’t say man) living in mommy & Dad’s basement playing video games all day, pathetic…waste of human skin…

    • I seriously doubt his claims, the only absolute here is that he is clearly mentally ill!
      This should serve as a warning to all who think it is cute to give their male child a girl’s name, as it creates a conflict that will forever eat away at their psyche, cause them to go to great extremes to feel as if they fit in somewhere, anywhere.
      If the FBI were to investigate, which they most assuredly should, but likely will not do, then prove that he was NOT the hacker, just a mentally unbalanced fool seeking attention, his ego will be crushed, the humiliation unbearable, he will need to do something to redeem himself.
      This is how we create those such as school shooters, those feeble of mind, weak of will, who feel their very identity has been taken from them by society, as such, society must pay! He may not have been a real threat prior to this video, but he soon will be!

    • Certifiable mental case for which we can all thank the mentals at CNN and that mental at the top of the nut jobs in the Canadian government!

    • More concerning than this lunatic’s boastful touting of the hack were the comments of the people who saw it. I read not one criticism of his vicious actions.

      People have gone insane. May God protect GiveSendGo, and may His angels surround the truckers and their families and keep them safe.✝️🙏🏻

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