Whitney Webb of UnlimitedHangout.com is one of the world’s greatest investigative journalists and she joins James Corbett to discuss her latest article, “A ‘Leap’ toward Humanity’s Destruction,” about the ex-DARPA, ex-Silicon Valley Globalist goons who are racing to install the Wellcome Trust‘s transhumanist agenda before it’s too late.

Whitney says, “Wellcome Leap is a way to supercharge and rapidly advance this type of technology that the ruling class that is behind this technology feels it needs to develop sooner rather than later, in order to succeed in accomplishing what they want to accomplish before 2030, which is a year that comes up again and again, including in Wellcome Leap but in various other related agendas and policy documents focusing on that year…

“These are some very powerful individuals. To me, it really looks like these individuals have come together because…If they wait too long, people will wake up to the agenda. They can only use pandemics and lockdowns and all of these strategies we’ve seen implemented over the past year for so long before people are like, ‘Well, how does this relate to all this transhumanist tech?…’ The longer it takes to implement, the riskier it is for them.”

Whitney goes on to summarize the four projects under Wellcome Leap, where it appears that the people who were involved in advancing the narratives around COVID-19 have now moved over to plan the post-pandemic phase, including the $45 million “First 1000 Days (1KD)” program, which is so beyond evil and revolting, as to beggar belief.

According to Whitney, the vaunted “Singularity” that was supposed to be wrought by runaway processing power and Artificial Intelligence has not happened on schedule, so the plan with 1KD is to surveil 3-month-old babies with wearables and eye-tracking technology to monitor infant behavior and to develop an “in silico” model of human brain development during their first three years of life, with a special focus on Executive Function (EF), in order to help machines to develop neural networks the way humans do. The goal, of course is for the machines to finally rival and surpass human intelligence.

After developing this artificial brain model, they also want, within 10 years, to apply the findings of this study to 80% of ALL children on this planet, to see if they fit this model – or not – and if not, to intervene to make them fit this model of the “correct brain”, in order to make them more like the AIs they will be also be creating out of this study.

Whitney says, “Honestly, talking about this, even as I was writing it, it was hard to find words to describe what this is, but really, if allowed to advance specifically to that third stage, could easily eliminate human creativity, the capacity for imagination at a critical time in a human being’s development and when we get to the last program, it becomes pretty clear that Wellcome Leap has an agenda like that for adults, as well. 

But the fact that they are targeting children specifically and plan to target them in a massive way within ten years is just stunning and I think shows that these people really think that they cannot be stopped and I think it’s really up to concerned parents and concerned citizens to protect the most vulnerable from this type of invasive technology.”

Each one of the Wellcome Leap’s projects is more ghastly than the last or as James calls it, “Supervillain-level insanity.”

The way to resist all of this is to become aware of it. James ends by saying, “The power is in our hands. We have to stop giving it away to these corporations and trusts and other entities, so that they can rule and lord over us. The power is ours. Let’s keep that in sight and in our minds.”

Whitney agrees. “Our consent matters and really, the power is in our hands and as I think I mentioned earlier, Wellcome Leap is an illustration of that but also, their efforts to censor people like you and me, to try to take away our income from us doing this work shows that those of us in independent media that have chosen to speak up about these issues and COVID-19, among other things are having a big impact and it’s become bigger with time, not less, despite the extreme censorship efforts, so, I would also encourage people watching to perhaps nudge some bigger voices that there isn’t a lot of time left to wait for these issues to become ‘safe’. Some issues never become ‘safe’, like 9/11, for example.

“But really, time is of the essence, as we’ve spoken of several times, this is set to end by 2030, that is 9 years away. That’s not a lot of time. We can’t wait 20 years, with the case of 9/11 for example, to finally start talking about what’s been going on. So, if you have content creators that you support, that have declined to cover these issues until this point, perhaps your could politely nudge them, because time is really of the essence. The more awareness we raise about these issues, the better off we will be.”

James replies, “Excellent points. They wouldn’t be cutting out our tongues if we didn’t have something important to say, so let’s keep saying it.”

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  • OMFG! shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP! fuuuuUUUCK! Could you imagine that mouth as torture at GITMO?

  • Fortunately Folks…The AVATARS have a “Expiration Date”, and it was LAST year (2020).
    They will NEVER make it much past THIS Year…It was “Written-in-Stone” in a VERY ancient city in South East Asia, MILLIONS of years ago….EVEN IN EVERY DETAIL!
    Attempting cull 6.7 Billion Human Beings was NEVER going to be ALLOWED to Ever happen…OUR ancient ancestors will see to that.

  • The power is not in our hands. In a money economy power is in the hands of those who create and ration money. The whole catastrophe could be averted if money was vested ab initio in the citizenry, but in order for this change to occur we would have to have a society with mutual love as its cement. Christ told us this was the way to go, but we have ignored his counsel, and now must suffer the consequences.

  • These Eugenic programs that are to diagnose mental states and efforts in people having negative productivity overcome are all breaching the Relationships between the individual and their Physician Medical Care.

    I see medical associations and Groups of Medical Specialists will also come out against these kinds of Technological based Agendas that will be directing People away from Standard Physician/Specialist – Patient Medical Care? Also, how can these Various Unproven Technologies Will coordinate with your Family Doctor/Specialists and will the Standard Medical Care just take the position that If you participate in this Unproven Technological Human Agendas, will you face backlash by your Physician that may become you will lose your Doctor if you participate with these Futurism Eugenic Agenda Entry into the Realm of Standard Medicine/Medical Car?

    People need to stay away from Unproven and allowing anyone but your Doctor’s/Specialist’s to treat your Health Issues!

  • Apparently we now know where all those pedophiles from Boystown and the Franklin case got off to.


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