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Catherine Austin Fitts joins Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt to discuss how COVID-19 is a massive operation that is a part of what she calls the Going Direct Reset, which is, “A re-engineering of the financial transaction system as part of a larger re-engineering of the global governance system. And when I say ‘re-engineering’, part of that is a consolidation of the financial coup.”

Catherine continues, “So there’s been a financial coup d’état, it’s been going on since the mid-’90s, it’s now reached sort of an apex and… you’ve got to collapse the old. Think of this as you have a system, we’ll call it ‘National Governments’, you lever them up with debt, you suck the money out, you put it in your new system, and then you reach a certain point where the game is long in the tooth and you turn to everybody and you say, ‘Oh, the system’s bankrupt…’ And you want to change it in a way that they don’t notice that you’ve stolen all the money and it’s still over here. And you want to do the change so you get to keep the money and you get to stay in control. So it’s pretty simple, what’s going on. We have to do a reset.”

She describes the central banking warfare model thus: “Central banks print money out of thin air and the military makes sure people use it. Simple.

“I just did a book review on a book by Michael Pye called ‘The Edge of the World’ and one of the things it describes is – I think it was 1340 – after the Bubonic Plague, they passed plague laws that allowed leadership to control labor and travel and that gave them the ability to basically steal all the intellectual and financial capital and use it to build the great cities of Northern Europe. 

“And if you look at the pattern, it looks to me – I would love to get some history doctoral students studying this for their thesislooks to me like every hundred years, you have a plague and then you use plague laws to basically centralize control of labor, travel and capital and at the same time, right after that, you move the reserve currency.

“It’s like a pattern through history and here we are again: plague laws and move the reserve currency…

“For me, the big run-up was Swine Flu. They…couldn’t get that one to go. One of the reasons they couldn’t get it to go was that the healthcare people just fought like crazy…you had a lot of doctors and a lot of healthcare lawsuits that really fought them on the vaccine mandates…

“I believe 9/11 – one of the goals of 9/11 – was to move some of the Black Budget on budget, because it was too dysfunctional to try to do everything covertly. It was just too wasteful and unproductive to the people who were trying to manage the Black Budget…There’s trillions of dollars disappearing down that hole. Where’s it going and what’s it doing? I mean, we were financing a parallel society.

“I don’t think most people understand the extraordinary extent of the money that’s been disappeared and what it means. I sat down with another brilliant researcher and we tried to figure out how many underground bases there were in America and if you look at how many we thought there were – we went through every report of every underground base and compared it to every all the military and infrastructure around there and all sorts of anecdotal information and just tried to make our own bank-of-the-envelope wild-ass guess about how much money was spent on building these and then operating them in a way that keeps them secret. You’re talking about extraordinary resources, Daniel. Just extraordinary…”

Daniel says, “You’ve talked about things like food shortages coming up and you’ve asked people to pay attention to farming and food.”

“Is it food shortages or is it synthetic food marketing plans?” She replies. “‘There’s no food but we have this wonderful thing for you.'”

“The Impossible Burger, Baby!’ Daniel then brings up the latest UFO propaganda push and she says, “Give us $750 billion per year. We don’t control the airspace and we don’t know who does but give us $750 billion. But if you want to know where the $21 trillion disappeared to in our accounts…trust us, you don’t want to know what’s really going on. Trust us!…

“I have no idea where they’re going with this…but I’ll give you a guess. We have a section on money markets once a week…we go through all the things they’re doing to try to destroy the US brand. Because, if you look at the reserve currency, the dollar system, whether it’s the military, taxation or the operational ability of the Federal Government-Civil Service, they’re trying to pull all of them away from the US. They’re even trying to pull the Nuclear Football away from the Presidency.

“So we are watching a structural engineering of all the critical components of the reserve currency system into a – I’m assuming it’s a new Global entity. And that is the group that got FASB 56…the reason I got so loud and clear about FASB 56 for so long is it gave them the ability to basically take the entire US financial system and move it into a Global entity – whether you call it Global or Deep State or Henry Kissinger’s bathroom. Whatever it is, it allows you to decouple the entire financial mechanism under the control of the central banks and to move it Global. And part of it is getting all the cloud contracts into place for the US Government, which is why the Pentagon’s announcement that they were going to re-bid the JEDI contract was good news. It means the minionites are fighting.”

Daniel asks her if she thinks what they’re doing with the UFO issue is the same things as what they’re doing with the COVID issue.

“The Deep State doesn’t make up things as they go. They’re planners…If I had to guess, given the move on taxation, the move on operations and civil service, given the move on the military, I think what they’re building up to is, ‘We have a global threat and we need a unified, global response.’ And the magic virus doesn’t do it but ET could do it or whether it’s ET or Antarctica Nazis or the civilization in the inner worlds in the center of the Earth. I don’t know how they’re going to spin this…

“They’ve stolen enough money to capitalize a global government. Now, the issue is how they keep the tax flow coming and that’s where they have the CBDCs [central bank digital currencies] come in, because they can just come into your account and take it. That’s where they’re going. That is the whole ‘ending currencies.

“In other words, you go to an all-digital system and then, you have complete control and you can go into anybody’s bank account and…take whatever you want and…you slowly move it to the Universal Basic Income system, where you bascially own and control all the assets and everybody else is essentially a slave.”

Daniel asks, “So how does that relate to the housing market takeover by the investment firms?”

She responds, “So I’m going to grossly oversimplify. Grossly. This is a gross oversimplification, OK? We have central bankers and we have citizens. Let’s say we have 100 citizens but we have two citizens called ‘Private Equity’ We can make up names and one’s called ‘BlackRock’ and ‘Carlyle’, OK?

“And so the central bankers print money out of thin air, $3 trillion and they say to their friends, ‘Here’s $3 trillion. Go buy all the assets.’ And their friends say, ‘Well, that could be very inflating. How could we knock the prices down and make sure that doesn’t set off hyperinflation?’

“And the central bankers say, ‘Well, how about if we just shut down the whole Main Street economy, because then you could pick up everything cheap, they can’t compete against you. So you could pick up everything for a much lower price and then that will be so deflating, it’ll offset the hyperinflation created by printing this money.’ And then they say, ‘Oh, cool, that works. So how do we do that?’ And then that’s when they come up with Anthony Fauci.

“Anthony Fauci’s a guy you call up and say, ‘Alright, Anthony, create some more deflation today.’ So he shuts down more economies, destroys more families, kills more people. Right? He’s a desk killer. And that’s how the game is played. And so now, they’ve got $3 trillion and they’re going to buy everything. So they buy houses, they buy real estate. Because you want to institute the Smart Grid, right? So you’ve got to re-engineer all the systems but more importantly, once the Smart Grid’s in place and you bring in all this new technology, including lowering the energy prices, the way you make money on that new technology is by the real estate going up in value.”

She notes that the most significant BLM riots last summer occurred in 34 of the 37 cities that are the sites of Federal Reserve field offices and often in Opportunity Zones. 34% of US small businesses have closed, never to re-open and 60% of black small businesses have been lost, due to the COVID lockdowns. She believes Blacks were specifically targeted.

“When you run your society so that you spend radically more money on a function than is needed, whether it’s government spending or how you run your corporate stuff and you have extraordinary levels of highly-expensive secrecy and organized crime, you end up with a very dysfunctional society and that’s what we have in the United States.

“I would say the Number 1 problem facing Americans is not housing prices. I’d say that the Number 1 problem facing Americans is that the average American has literally lost their mind…The average American is operating on a telephone system and a TV system and a internet system and an information system that is rife with propaganda, rife with disinformation and rife with intentional lies and rife with entrainment technology and subliminal programming…you could say they’re driven crazy or they’re allowing themselves to be driven crazy…if you thought the transgender thing was bad wait till you see what’s next.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Great video. A couple of things stand out for me. The “Globalists” are planners Catherine says and I think of the communists with their “5 -year plan,” and so on, that are comparable to agenda 2020/2021 and 2030. They are going to create these “smart cities” but their thinking is flawed because they (the globalists) never take into account adaptability or for that matter the reaction of the people they as yet don’t control. It’s like their artificial, invasive “Crispr” technology when they fail to notice that the body recognizes and rejects the molecule, resulting in cancer. This is why it works as an adjuvant. They barrel ahead with their agendas. I suppose that they’re going to shove this thing down people’s throats or kill off anyone who disagrees. I imagine these smart cities rusting in the sun like I see the solar panels broken up in the desert. No parts replacements with no silver. They have their projectile aimed but never correct the direction so it is always off course. What fools and liars, the globalists are.

  • I would love to hear Catherine Fitts speak together with Dr. David E. Martin. I thought of him when she questioned what possible insurance scams were involved @38:45 of this video.

    Thank you, Alexandra, for another great video! I loved her connecting of the dots with the location of these riots within close proximity to 34 of the 37 FedRes branches…and then to see it for what it really is, calling it gentrification. God help us get out of this evil matrix someway, somehow sooner than later.

  • Back in the day of the Swine Flu, Most MDs were independent and hospitals bid for their in house practice. Then the medical industrial system started whittling down their independence. DRGs took away their diagnostic powers. The medical schools were also dumbed down. Now they are just mid level employees in the hospital system and will lose their jobs and medical license if they speak out about the Covid fraud.

  • So the ‘plutocracy’ {which, through its control of the media and the political process eg J. Corbyn in the UK?, remains unchallenged?} deliberately {or at the request of W.H.G.?} makes thousands of young people unemployed and possibly disrupt food supplies?
    Insurrection anyone?

  • Ms. Fitts,
    PLEASE buy and use a Microphone. The interview is ruined by the cheap ear bud mic you are using.

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