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Britney Spears and several other big names were groomed to star in the Mickey Mouse Club during a time the company was rife with pedophiles. Dozens of Disney employees have been arrested for child sex crimes, including top executives and directors – and in some cases, re-hired by Disney to work with children after doing extremely short jail time for raping a child actor.

Former Disney Chairman and Democrat senator, George Mitchell was identified as a pedophile who visited Epstein Island and before that, Ghislaine Maxwell was doing photo-ops for Disney’s Save the Children. Several former child stars have claimed that the industry is crawling with pedophiles. We have already heard many of their stories.

If we can look at the evidence and overcome our emotions, we can see what this is. Trauma-based mind control programs, such as MK Ultra and Project Monarch were revealed to the public via classified documents in the ’70s and again, in the ’90s, with several victims giving testimony before Congress.

The basis of these programs is the routine infliction of severe trauma upon a child into a dissociative state, allowing them to be controlled without awareness. Up until the age of 7, children live mostly in a hypnotic state of mind, when their sense of reality is being written, specially, those that come from abusive households.

Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien  have each described in their books how they were regularly brought to Disneyland and Disney World, where they were tortured and raped while being programmed with Disney stories, as well as Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. This has been verified in CIA documents. O’Brien says she was tortured in a room beneath Disney World, which we know was designed by agents of the CIA, who were running this program at that time.

Victims of these programs were sold into them by their abusive parents, a model we see today with parents pimping their children out to the entertainment industry. Britney’s parents had her audition for Disney when she was 8 years old. She was sent to New York City for training and brought on the show 3 years later at age eleven, where she was dressed and directed to perform like an adult.

The art of mind control was known as far back as Plato’s allegory of the cave, where people’s belief systems were being created by illusions force-fed into their minds.

Story. Our imagination has always been influenced by story. And if you can control the stories told the the public, you can control their imagination. Since the dawn of television, visual storytelling has been the most fundamental form of ind control in the modern world.

Television, movies, videos. And since the beginning, we’ve been subjected to a longterm agenda of sexual subversion. As each generation is born, the stimuli becomes slightly more perverse. As the Mickey Mouse Club grew old, their young, impressionable audience grew to perceive them as highly-successful while flaunting sexual promiscuity and sexual assault.

You can destroy a society by destroying its sexual morality. This is fundamental to any society, based on the family. When our children are naturally in this Theta brainwave state of hypnotic learning, they should be protected within the family and learn from them, organically.

But the emerging global state now being forced on us by multi-national corporations and big banks wants to destroy this society. They want to mold our children; exploit them and even castrate them. It is now being promoted in highly-produced, inspirational show tunes. And they draft laws to help facilitate all of this. A Republican senator who has produced such films as ‘Breeding Farm’ about women being kidnapped and forcibly-bred for babies to be sold on the black market before they are fed to cannibals is pushing a bill to fund film and television. This is the New Normal. This is the inverted reality being programmed into our minds.

Decades of traumatic abuse has demonstrably hurt Britney Spears. The human mind can only handle so much for so long. Britney is a tragic symptom of society’s indifference. Because, if enough of us really wanted to, we could change all of this right now.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Illegal guarding with RFID chip until today, Mindcontrol, corruption at authorities (federal government), CH
    Hello beloved victims
    I experience your things since my birth, however, these experiences were erased after my kindergarten. Again and again. The kindergarten where this happened is in Wetzikon/ZH. The kindergarten teacher worked with a governmental Stasi agency. The underground facility is under this kindergarten and goes in the direction of the fire department, probably on to the Catholic church. There are such facilities all over the country. Conspicuous children with green or blue eyes are used for tests. It is about our ancestors who are aliens. The state wants to create a god-like person in order to abuse them for its own interests. Unfortunately, these persons are manipulated and observed in their later life in order to carry out their own crossbreeding as they see fit. Criminal organizations are brought in to fund these abuses. The state gives these organizations a free hand. All actions of the victims are influenced to their liking. Child abuse is the order of the day. It is always Zionists/Freemasons. They are represented in all state institutions and have all medium and large companies already in their hands. Worldwide. Share my story. It’s about your ass !
    Telegram :

    Another underground complex for these experiments on humans (Cern) is located under Chion Castle. An entrance is located in a school building in Territet. Please act accordingly. My life is in the highest danger and I am tormented here in Oberdürnten by the whole quarter. The entire Huebweg in besieged Oberdürnten is being used by intelligence agents to destroy my parents (slaves) and me. My parents have been fitted with RFID chips. They don’t know anything. My brother is involved in this. They all belong to this secret society (Freemasons) I have written to them several times and hope they take this seriously.
    Kind regards
    Jerome F. Jenny

    God be with you!

  • Brittany spears is being targeted by microwave weapons by the NSA. They started using v2k-voice to skull on her, putting voices in her head, she shaved her head looking for a microchip. She’s not mentally ill. She’s targeted by the NSA with microwave frequency weapons. They do it to my brother. They are monitoring all celebrities this way with frequency mind control. From satellites and cel towers.

  • It is disturbing tha t so many people are getting so much joy out of ridiculing the people that have been subject to this kind of torture. Torture is what it is because when it not there, it is not recognized as that as all and things become normal again. There has been so much written about the subject but yet, so many people in power dont want to discuss it, i think mainly because they are being handled by someone who is a psychopath and enjoys it to much. If they could make poodles do hand stands then why would they want to give up the thrill of that? And th money. What does it take to make people have empathy again? Maybe a cleaning out of the media moguls that turned a blind eye while this wa going on.

  • Mental manipulation is not something modern, it is called indoctrination, nor is the scientific method something new, which is part of common sense to build reality, such as a bridge, a house or a boat, once you know how to build it, you improve it your way because all the information is based on certain things that work.
    The laboratories that elaborate stories do not have a specific origin, therefore they are lost in time, perhaps because it was called magic.
    The technologies of each era were and continue to be effective to indoctrinate, such as cathedrals, temples in general, colossal statues of giants, and of course we reached the pyramids of Egypt to return to our little cell phone.

    A population that does not have sovereignty over its own mind will not have sovereignty over the full use of its physical faculties, and over the full use of its will power. That general vulnerability is what makes the mass like the body of a ruling head(State machine). Therefore, the government manages the ignorance of the people in a positive or negative way as appropriate, promotes ignorance to reinforce the statu quo.

    It is evident that mental programming aims to remove “the I” from conscious attention by using the personal image with the ego as the heart. The sentimental weight of the ego must always be heavier or lighter than the I, where the justifying account of the person (system) predominates over the Being.

    Our dream language is our natural language to recreate, and it is what they use from the writing of stories as if they were mental software. No matter how aberrant the stories are, the slave-master programming is so effective that the slave never raises the hand on master.

    So belief is not something negative in itself, it is only when it is imposed by force as a rational belief or religious belief and that it is positioned above “the I” beyond reference, but rather as a law. For example, a person adopts a moral behavior, only in a formal and corrective way, in obedience and without wisdom from the experience of the error that he must have understood at an early age and not in adulthood to continue spreading the “virus” of control. Therefore, the banality of good and evil are part of the programming where people act without being, and it is logical that since the person is a product establishment with the system, they obey its material and spiritual laws. Thus they play with the materialism and spiritualism duality in consonance with the Ego, and this is the way of the saint or the beast, far from the human.

    Ethics is the result of a value in the integration of personal experience in the I(soul, hearth, self), while morality is always a convention that can be modified on paper. An ethical being is faithful to natural law, that is, of a being that is symbiotic with nature, like light and an eye. That´s the job, facts before words or simulations.

    • It is not just “indoctrination”. When you use the MK ULTRA tactics to traumatize someone, it sort of seals off that part of their personality, similar to how you feel no pain while in shock. This is not simple indoctrination, but a physical response. So there is a difference between, “Believe this, because its good!” and forcing absolute horror on a child to compartmentalize their psyche while encoding designated responses into their subconscious.

  • I believe this is the real story of Jon Benet Ramsey.

    Colorado (esp Boulder County) is ripe with pedophiles from the Jesuits to the Gender confused crowd.

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