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by Before Our Time📜

Portals are open through sound frequencies… When 2 chords resonate in octaves.. they create a Phantom beat or a resonant energy that can open portals…

This is how the pyramids would function, they dispersed a frequency into the ionic sphere [using MonoatomicGold as a superconductor as a smart dust to transfer the information at the speed of light]..

The Great Pyramid of Giza emitts the frequency of 432hz…
… Other pyramids have different frequencies. And they set on lay lines. If they started to resonate, it would also activate our chakras…our crystalline body would be activated…

Because the pyramids are aligned to to the constellations, we would sing in Harmony, with the Uni-verse…

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • are you actually implying the idea that you believe this video is real and can not discern the obvious fact that this is CGI and i think even a slight undertone of humor when he said ”you dont know where this is , but I do, its Sedona and there is a well known vortex there …… possibly taking a little jab at the new agers that so very often speak claims about vortexes and metaphysical phenomenon as if it is Absolute FACT , when they are sometimes no better than flat earthers when it comes to repeating things that they have heard being said by other flat earthers that have no basis in actual truth, yet they disseminate these claims as unquestionable facts of which are often the foundation of whatever point or ridiculous claim that they are labeling is Proof that their false and misunderstood reality is real and accepted. all the while if further studies were done they would come to find all the answers are there and its not the way they have delusionally believed. And that doesn’t mean that all metaphysical topics are false, as i do find a fair amount of it to be quite credible here on this spherical earth !!

  • I did not know 432 was the frequency! People talked a lot about 432Hz, but all you do is tune down 1/2 step,or one fret on guitar and piano just play 1/2 step down, according to Joseph Ferrel! Guitars sound way better and natural tuned this way, 440 you do not get whole sound, but with electronic guitars and keyboards it does not matter because they can adjust to anything! and when ZZI play IN play many frequencies not one so what up whid dhat?

  • Ok aftereffects you need advertising on tick tock. If one observes the light from the rest of the room it does not light up. A phenomenon like that would illuminate the bed and the wall even if it was quasi capable of sucking all the light through it or a hologram. Please have some more discernment when we watch this fakery. CIA backed Hollywood messed with our reality and now we believe anything put in front of us. It’s too bad as we all get sucked into this because it’s so pervasively subversive.

  • Nice hologram. Can he change the picture at will?

    Oh, it’s not a hologram? Then what happens if he throws an apple through the “portal”?

    And btw, is his county still having power after this?

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