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Al Bielek, best known for his role in the Montauk Project series of books was an interesting character, who I interviewed at length in my first book, ‘The Philadelphia Experiment Murder’.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Why was the video cut off at this particular time, just after mentioning the cause: the disruption of the time locks by the emf fields?

    It seems we may be missing the most important part of the message.

  • I have to say, that Al is correct only to the point of Natures Process for human birth, which varies in different species.

    The Soul is no more than, the functioning of the Brain, with internal and external influences.

    During animation people function and the human brain can think and alter its feelings, to influence actions.

    As other species work only from instinct, the human can alter its perceptions, and waiver from a set patterns.

  • the future isn’t what it used to be . the time travelling timecops have fixed the new timeline so we can get off the monkey-go-round and re-evolve again.

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