NSA Leaker, Ed Snowden with a few months to go before his one-year asylum in Russia expires, has recently stated that all of the documents, which he downloaded from the NSA are no longer in his possession and now belong to the journalists to whom he gave these.

He has also stated that he considers his job “done”, in that his actions have sparked a worldwide debate about the legal and privacy improprieties widely practiced by the NSA and likely, by other elements of the planetary intelligence community – as his worst fear, expressed in his first interview, shot in Hong Kong by filmmaker, Laura Poitras was that “nothing would change.”

Most of these documents were downloaded while he was working as an Infrastructure Analyst for NSA contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton, at the Kunia Regional SIGINT NSA Operations Center in Hawaii, where he was tasked with looking for new ways to break into Internet and telephone traffic around the world and from where he was fired on June 10, 2013, several weeks after his leaks became public.

In May, 2013, Snowden told the Washington Post, “I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions, and that the return of this information to the public marks my end.”

In June 2013, he told the Los Angeles Times, “All I can say right now is the US government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me. Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped.”

Sadly, there are now rising doubts as to whether this will indeed be the case, as only 1% of the information given by Snowden has so far been released, at an absurdly glacial pace, because the journalists to whom Snowden released this information are now seriously cashing-in on his data dump and have made a $250 million deal with Pierre Omidyar, one of the Founder-Owners of PayPal – a company known for its ties to the NSA – a company which actually blockaded donations to WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange, when he was on the lamb from bogus, trumped-up rape charges, arising from the last time he lectured in Sweden (and which were likely instigated at the request of the US Gov’t).

As said by the creator of this head-spinning report, the brilliant James Corbett, “Only time will tell if Greenwald will courageously work to expose the NSA-PayPal linkages, via his new, Omidyar-sponsored position.

“Unfortunately for us, most of the people watching this video will be dead by the time before such a day ever comes.” [due to the suspiciously slow release of Snowden’s leaked documents].

“Of the many intriguing aspects of the Snowden story, by far one of the most frustrating is that, other than a few interviews and press conferences, almost everything we know about Snowden, his motivations, and the documents themselves come from intermediaries who have found themselves in the position of spokespeople on the case.

“Even such basic questions as how many documents Snowden leaked is still unclear, with various sources listing anything from 10,000 to 1.7 million documents. If details as basic as these vary so widely between sources, how much more opaque are the more difficult questions of Snowden’s motivations and intentions, let alone the specifics of any deals he may have made with journalists about how this data was to be disseminated?

“Find out more about the questions surrounding the reporting of the Snowden story in this week’s Eyeopener report.

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