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With all of the Chyna balloons and UFOs going around, unless you live in East Palestine, Ohio or if you consume a lot of independent news, you probably don’t know that the US is currently experiencing what may be the largest ecological disaster in its history.

And I’m not talking about the fake Climate Change catastrophism promoted by the World Economic Forum, I’m talking about the ~100,000 gallons or 1,000,000 pounds of vinyl chloride leaked, spilled and burned, due to a train derailment in this rural town of 5,000 people, where acid rain and phosgene is expected to decimate a wide swathe of the region’s ecology. The devastation will likely force migrations of people, many of whom will get cancer later on. This is an American Chernobyl.

Dioxins result whenever chlorinated organics like vinyl chloride are burned. Dioxins are degraded slowly in the environment, with a half-life of 25-100 years in the soil. They cause cancers, reproductive harm, damage the immune system and they disrupt hormones.

The toxic plume of airborne hydrochloric acid and dioxin from the East Palestine “controlled burn” has a radius of over 200 miles encompassing Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto. For the past week, it’s been raining down over some of the most fertile farmland in the United States, killing farm animals and aquatic life.

The entire Ohio River Basin is affected, where over 30 million people or 10% of the US population lives, including the metropolitan areas of Louisville KY, Cincinnati OH, Indianapolis, IN and Nashville, TN. The Ohio River, alone provides drinking water to over 5 million people. And it drains into the Mississippi, affecting all those downstream.

It’s not known what caused the derailment but security camera footage taken 20 miles away from the scene of the accident in Salem, OH shows sparks and flames shooting beneath one of the cars. Hot box detectors should have triggered the emergency brake but that doesn’t appear to have happened. The NTSB is investigating the trains data and audio recordings and the hot box detectors along the route.

The national news is not covering this event and there is a major cover-up in progress. Last week, Evan Lambert, an independent news reporter was arrested for simply and unobtrusively reporting on the derailment.

Considering the fact that there have been two other massive railroad accidents this week, involving derailed trains carrying toxic chemicals in Splendora, TX and Enoree, SC, on top of the 96 food facilities burnt to the ground since Joe Biden took office, are we ready for the public conversation that United States citizens are under attack?

Not the EPA. They’re saying that it’s safe for the people of East Palestine to go home, despite the fact that people who own chickens there are all reporting that ALL of their chickens have died suddenly. Not Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who made an appearance on Monday and blamed the country’s infrastructure problems on COVID and didn’t say a word about the derailments. He preferred to complain that there were too many white men in the construction business.

The Biden Regime’s $65 billion “Bipartisan” Infrastructure Deal is focused on “Environmental Justice” and on building charging stations for environmentally ruinous electric cars and other woke pork. They’ve said nothing about this catastrophe.

My friends over at American Intelligence Media say something stinks about the derailment. They think this event may be a harbinger of the dread internet shutdown we’ve been warned about for years, noting that internet fiber trunk lines, wherever possible, are embedded under railroad rights of way and that, “Rail derailments are a sneaky way to selectively shut down digital communications,” in this case, AT&T service throughout the State of Ohio. They also ask whether the derailment is a simulation for bankers who are working to shut down businesses by fabricating disasters to install ESG.

Speaking of simulations and smoking guns, the Netflix movie, ‘White Noise’ appears to have been one of those Event 201-type tabletop exercises, training for the events in East Palestine. It’s quite stunning, how the images of the derailment and the plume that we’re seeing from this event are almost exactly the same as the images foreshadowed in the film. And guess where they shot the film in 2022? In East Palestine! Many of the chemically-bombed residents appeared as extras in the film.

Here are the CDC’s Medical Management Guidelines for Vinyl Chloride.

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  • I wonder if Alexandra Bruce and other commenters are aware of all the threats blocked by my internet security software (Bitdefender) as soon as I subscribed and started clicking on links.

    • My mass email service has a counter which logs opens and clicks and Bitdefender thinks the counter is a security threat. I think it’s a new form of censorship, to denigrate my newsletter and cause users to believe my email service is a security threat. It is not.

  • Speaking of largest environmental disaster, what about nuke explosions from past?
    They say people were affected by radiation and the areas are inhabitable though literally, animals and people stay in these areas, or am I missing something?
    Have you folks read stories about the victims from Hiroshima nuke surviving up to age of 90+ with perfect health?

    Going back to this disaster, likely the explosion is real though are they also hyping it up just so they can steal the land or for another evil plan?

  • Possible cause. “ On February, 3rd a train heading from Illinois towards
    Conway station ran over a sensor that detects heat
    on the train wheels and axles that told them their
    wheels were on fire. Instead of STOPPING and
    inspecting and repairing the damage the crew on the
    train was ORDERED by dispatch to keep going
    towards Conway

    Related to: Joe Biden forced the rail unions to
    stop striking by threatening them all
    with life in prison. The rail unions were
    striking in November/December over
    795 KB WEBM
    something called PSR.
    PR is Precision Scheduled Railroading it means
    fewer crews, less maintanance, fewer days off,
    longer trains, and just general unsafe business
    practices all in the name of keeping trains moving at
    all times to maximize profits.

  • I read that the cause was a broken axle in one of the cars that caused an automatic emergency brake deployment. This would point to inmcreasingly lax safety standards at the very least. The strangest aspect of it is that it is the very same town in which a train derailment and airborne toxic event movie scene was filmed last year, based on the novel White Noise. THAT is quite a “coincidence.”

  • Wasn’t there something in the media about vinyl chloride a few days before this accident happened, or am I imagining it?

    I’m no expert, but it seems to me if they were able to drain it into ditches, they could have used some kind of neutralizing agent to render the stuff safer, and then disposed of it in a proper way. Burning toxins that release into the air is the most effective way to distribute the junk throughout a person’s bloodstream by breathing into the lungs! You’d think they were wanting to finish off the people that didn’t get the shot, and those the shot didn’t work on.

    • Maybe this – What are the odds that after 17 years, the CDC just so happens
      to update the Toxilogical Profile for Vinyl Chloride just weeks before
      the Ohio derailment?!

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