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Reporter Evan Lambert is seen here being arrested by Ohio police while live broadcasting during a press conference about the train derailment in East Palestine.

This should have NEVER happened to this reporter. All he was doing was trying to report on things that matters to the people.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • According to this link, Reporter Evan Lambert was attempting to record a live update while Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was speaking in the same room.

    Why Lambert couldn’t agree to leave civily and record his clip in the lobby (where he ended up getting handcuffed)…and why the staff couldn’t civilly “move” him to the lobby isn’t being addressed in context.

    Lambert didn’t have the “right” to disrupt the Governor’s address on a public emergency.

    Excerpt from above link, towards the bottom of the news article:

    “During NewsNation’s “Rush Hour,” D.C.-based correspondent Evan Lambert was providing a live report when law enforcement officials at the press conference reportedly warned him to keep quiet because DeWine was speaking, as previously reported by The Ohio Star.

    Lambert was released from the Columbiana County Jail on Wednesday of last week and is now facing allegations of disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing.

    Following the incident, Governor DeWine said that he did not personally order the arrest of Lambert.

    Lambert’s case has since been handed over to the Office of the Ohio Attorney General (OAG), Dave Yost, and their Special Prosecutions Division.”

  • Defining Irony, the signs on the Gymnasium wall: “Be Responsible”, “Be Safe”, “Be Kind”!
    Indeed? By the time I had finished suing you and promising my attorneys a portion of the Settlement to insure maximum performance, you wouldn’t be able to afford a can of paint to paint over those signs that you have ignored.
    Financial compensation is preferable, although for me, Revenge takes priority.

  • Defund the police; well i say screw the blue; why because they’re nothing but policy enforcers; we need peace officers, ones that uphold law and not CODES, ACTS, AND STATUTES; it’s time you men acting as cops put on your man-suits

    • If Americans will resolve to be Patriots soon enough, I think that we will find out if the local Constabulary is Friend or Foe; until that time, I will attempt to give them the benefit of the doubt. It was quite a stretch for me when I joined with the MAGA Movement to “Support the Police”, but as long as both parties are acting professionally, I have been able to do so. I would just as soon continue that trend, but as is said, “Time Will Tell”.

  • Sorry for the cynicism…WHO is the cameraman? Why do the staff allow their strong-arming to be recorded?

    Ripple echoes of George Floyd/ Derek Chauvin footage…if they’re willing to be THAT brutal, why woukd they do it on camera?

    A joke I read last week…

    Q: Who is the hungriest crew member on a “Live Survival” TV reality show?”
    ( =Think Bear Grylls)

    A: The camera man.

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