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    The same government that declared monkeypox a National Emergency is virtually silent about America’s Chernobyl. Our government has been hijacked by criminal psychopaths.

    Watch how Rochelle Walensky weaponizes bluster to inflict blunt force trauma. When asked by Rep Cathy McMoriss Rodgers (R-WA) if the CDC will revise its guidance to mandate masks in schools in light of the Cochrane review, that shows masks do not curb COVID and they are detrimental to child development, CDC Director Walensky replied that the CDC’s advice on child masking will never change, saying, “Our masking guidance doesn’t really change with time, it changes with disease.”

    The reason why the masking policy will never change is the same reason why their guidance on the Death Shot will never change – and the same reason why the Death Shot was added to the Routine Childhood Vaccination Schedule last week. These psychopathic bureaucrats are on a genocidal campaign against you and your children and the only way this will stop is when we stop them.

    Rochelle Walensky is an administrator in this war, of which the Department of Defense is at the helm – the same Department of Defense that just purposefully poisoned the people of the country that they’re supposed to be defending, including their own troops; the same Department of Defense that oversaw the theft of the 2020 Election and that has tacitly allowed all of our voter data to be sent to China.

    It’s the same Department of Defense that just allowed a Chinese spy balloon to do communications sweeps and to rehearse launching an EMP device over our country – and then, superciliously claimed that the additional spy balloons might be UFOs.

    None of these garbage clowns have any legitimacy. They are killing us and they are deliberately collapsing our country. They are at war with us.

    It’s time for citizen’s arrests.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I read that 1 out of every 99 toddlers that gets the covid vaccine ends up in the hospital. Wallensky should be behind bars for torturing these little ones, but maybe she should also be forced to watch videos of these small people in the hospital, scared, sick, and tormented for no reason as they don’t get the disease. I loathe her so much. She said she couldn’t end the vaccine because she wanted the extra time and money to get those poor families to get their kids vaccinated. Ahh. If you don’t get your kids vaccinated with a vaccine that has a 1 in 99 chance of putting them in the hospital, then you won’t get your welfare check. She is worse than Fauci with his beagle/bug experiment. She is into toddler torturer.

    • These lies!!!!! I’m so sick of these murderous people dictating our lives. They all need to be behind bars for their part in this pandemic that was created and then they death jab which they also created to depopulate the world. God sees your crimes and you will all be held accountable

    • Just by looking at this stupid face, I can tell she really is (just as Biden is).
      Obviously, she’s a dumb soulless NPC set up by evil that’s hiding behind her disgusting butt.

    • I hope I live to see that evil woman taken down 👇 to the prison and locked up and fined big time and lose her federal pension.

      • You should live to see all the evils behind this witch taken down together.

        She’s just an actor, and her job is to piss people around according to scripts given by her master(s).

    • Alexandra –

      You may wish to edit your paragraph, and the word “never”:

      “CDC Director Walensky replied that the CDC’s advice on child masking will never change, saying, “Our masking guidance doesn’t really change with time.”

      To be accurate, Walensky replied:

      “Our masking guidance doesn’t really change with time, it changes with disease.”

      As I disagree with Walensky’s assumption that masks are effective, and I also strongly question the assumption that “disease” can be measured with a faulty PCR test that can’t tell Covid from Seasonal Flu, she didn not say “never”.


    • Time to wake up, the real crime is personage – trafficking living people into the international jurisdiction of commerce without full disclosure, their knowledge or consent. You see, what you are mistaking for our lawful government is a franchised network of foreign, privately owned, international, commercially registered, incorporated, legal entity, for-profit, governmental services business organization that is bankrupt and insolvent (literally), this corporation is not government, but rather, just another commercial for-profit corporation with no authority absent a contract. Show me the full-disclosure commercial “Contract”! No commercial contract no jurisdiction. Incorporated legal entities have no power over living men and women absent a contract. This is Law 101…c’mon Alexandra – the conversation needs to shift to the obvious – governmental services corporations masquerading as lawful government.
      United States Code (Public Policy – as in “Company Policy”) has nothing to do with any of us if we don’t work for the Federal Government. The word Federal is a synonym for Contract – 1824 M&W…Federal Government = Contract Government! Great, then who are the contractors and may I read the contract? Sure you can…it’s called a constitution and there are 3 of them; one for each Federal Sub-Contractor. Federal Republic (American), Territorial (British) & Municipal (HRE). All of us were “registered” as Territorial Government babies so the British subcontractor could shirk their constitutional obligation and claim that we are all U.S. Citizens; that is, British Territorial Corporation employees – can you say Personage? This human trafficking has been outlawed for centuries but there it is right in your face so let’s change the discussion!

    • My husband has 55 yrs research as a virologist/immunologist, here’s what he has to say:

      1) MERS is NOT a virus. This is the CDC director saying this and she doesn’t know that MERS is not a virus? Why then is she the CDC director?
      2) Why is Rochelle Walensky not being questioned by a virologist – so that she can’t pull the wool over the questioner’s eyes?

      • E.+Grogan –

        Perhaps your husband could address this…
        CDC website “cartoon box” simplification as follows:

        “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is viral respiratory illness that is new to humans. It was first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and has since spread to several other countries, including the United States. Most people infected with MERS-CoV developed severe respiratory illness, including fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Many of them have died.”

        Taken(today), from the top of the CDC website here:

        According to the CDC website, Walensky didn’t “mis -speak”, she is “relaying official policy” in the video clip at the top of this FKTV article.

        Would like to hear your husband’s refutation.


        • E.+Grogan –

          There seem to be few agencies that don’t manipulate their language to conceal events and intents…woukd your husband find the following (revised)expression more accurate?:

          “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is *contagious* respiratory illness that is new to humans.”


      • NO VIRUS has ever been isolated, and when virologists claim of isolation, you’ll be surprised how fraudulent the process is.
        This has been going on since beginning of virology, but since the crime has been going for decades, painfully difficult to get people wake up on this.

    • Rochelle oh Rochelle, what you gonna do when they come for you?? Such a pretty girl you are! With such brains no less.

      I heard Trump hint that he may bring back the firing squad, and the hanging noose, He’s thinking about you Rochelle.

    • If I was involved in an intense open abdominal surgical procedure as a surgeon or a nurse, sure, masks will stop droplets from entering open wound. So an especially sick patient who is coughing and sneezing, may want to wear one. But me, a healthy person with no symptoms, what is the necessity for it? All a scam and another control measure instituted by the Biden regime.

    • Citizen’s Arrests when half the country is intimidated by a small Penal Facility in DC which any normal Government would have condemned and closed for health concerns alone?
      In context, however, it is a valid idea and perhaps a legitimate one under a normal Administration. Making a “Citizen’s Arrest” is the closest I’ll ever come to being a Law Enforcement officer.

      • Yes, and its getting easier and easier to spot them as they expose themselves in public. What’s with that ugly dress she has on too?

      • That is true if you are referring to a sociopath, but not if you are referring to a psychopath. And some of us do know the difference between the two. More and more are learning everyday.

    • Yes and the Republicans continue to play whiffle ball with these devils because both parties leaders are on board with the Great Reset! “Its too big to resist,” at least one of them whined!

      What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve!

      Proof of the pudding is in the eating! Who are they representing? Not me, nor anyone I know! Until we the people take back our elections apparatus, it will continue down the same dishonest path.

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