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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg made no mention of the Ohio train derailment while speaking at a conference this morning but did find the time to say that there are too many white people who work construction.

F* this POS.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Too many white people are Transportation Secretaries. Give it up, punk. Make way for others. You know something: I think even smarter black people look down on someone like this, who’d quietly slip one into the ribs of his own. Why would ANYONE, of any race, ever have respect for this kind of person?

  • This Presidential pervert had the audacity to try humor to excuse his incompetence. He is about as funny a a dose of the Clap. I’m sure that he will be pleased to note that a large percentage of the imminent victims of the “Casey Jones at Norfolk” vinyl chloride, (et al) train wreck/Coincidence at East Palestine will be White people. If I was a resident, I would acquire a military ABA (Auxiliary Breathing Apparatus) and cartridges and begin instigating a Class Action Litigation against this Railway and importing an outside Attorney since the first thing the Railway will do is compensate/compromise the local attorneys. It may seem to you, Gentle Reader, that I have taken part in these sort of proceedings before, but I assure you, like East Palestine and this “accidental catastrophe”, that is only a Coincidence.
    (What does that sign on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” say, again?)

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