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Dr Jane Ruby was the first to break the story about the white mystery clots that began being discovered in the majority of all corpses after the rollout of the mandated C-19 “clot shots” late in 2021. Todd Callender now joins Dr Jane to discuss the shocking discovery that the formation of these white clots is deliberate.

He says the purpose of the injections is to give the instructions to build the the graphene oxide infrastructure within our bodies, in furtherance of transhumanism. The clots are self-assembled into antennas that connect to the 5G wireless system.

Todd explains that the clots are composed of inorganic materials, including silicon and some metals and he says:

“The purpose of it is an antenna. They’re measuring frequencies coming out from this. So, it appears to us as though the purpose of the self-assembly is to turn people into just what Bill Gates has patented: cloud-computing nodes that have interactive interoperability with the 5G system – and that’s exactly what it is…the materials that you found, those clots are really antennas and, as we’re coming to understand, that they were self-assembled as antennas to be a part, to interact with the interoperability with the 5G system…

“We don’t have to guess what Microsoft’s goals are, because they already patented it and that was to turn humans into cloud-computing nodes, to harness us as batteries and computers. So, that’s a stated goal and Microsoft owns that patent. They wouldn’t have invested all the money if they didn’t intend to reap the rewards.

“We also have testimony from learned experts that these kinds of signals were designed to be harvested and measured and used as debits and credits and the goal of Central Bank Digital Currencies and carbon credits; that we would be earning and paying away carbon credits, based on our biorhythms, based on whether we were doing things that the World Economic Forum and others appreciated or didn’t, including eating bugs or working or whatever the case. 

“The FTX trading platform was actually designed to be the first biorhythm carbon credit trading platform. Bill Clinton and that cast of characters actually came to the Bahamas and that’s what they were implementing. So: means, motive and opportunity are all satisfied, Doctor. We have their papers…we have their standards.

“In 2012, you have the IEEE, that’s relating to us all standards, as it relates to the short range wireless communications coming from humans. That’s what it says, I’m not making this up! They wrote the standards.

“So, this technology’s been around for a long time and you see, in US Patent #7220852B1, issued May 22, 2007, where these people, the inventors created the coronavirus…and we come to find it was created for this purpose…They will use you for computational duties. In fact, Bill Gates’ patent talks about using human cloud-computing nodes for the purpose of mining Bitcoin! That’s the stated purpose!”

Todd turns our attention to the scientific paper published on March 3, 2021 by Scientific & Academic Publishing, “Effect of Coronavirus Worldwide through Misusing of Wireless Sensor Networks”, which is written by a group of people who had designed some of this and who became angry when others hacked into their program.

Todd says this paper is about how people were over-tracked by this technology. As a result, they began to develop the same 1,200+ maladies that appear in the Pfizer 6-month post-marketing study. Plus, it’s also now understood that EMF radiation can be tuned to cause any disease known to humanity.

He also notes that some military patients of his associate, Dr Theresa Long have been presenting with ring-shaped microwave burns on the crowns of their heads – and he reminds us that the “corona” in coronavirus means “crown”! 

What the patents and FOIA documents reveal to Todd is that the CDC’s patented coronavirus was designed to be the backbone, the infrastructure of the Wireless Body Area Network [WBAN]. The coronavirus is actually a patented device and this is why people are showing up with 16-digit MAC addresses. The shots install this hardware of the virus, which creates this track-and-trace mechanism.

This technology is to be used in concert with autonomous “kamikaze drones” or as Todd says, “Designer weapons for designer DNA!”

Todd refers to the lectures of Georgetown University’s James Giordano about the weaponization and misuse of brain sciences in tandem with the sentient digital simulation of our world that are the Internet of Things and the emerging Human Brain/Cloud Interface.

Giordano is on video describing weapons systems of remote-controlled swarms of invisible, bio-penetrable smart dust that can integrate themselves through the mucus membranes of the mouth, nose, ears, eyes and which can be done such that their presence is almost impossible to detect and which are “Able to read and write into the brain function, in real-time, remotely.” The use of D-Wave quantum computers and Artificial Intelligence are required for the data transfer between living human brains and the cloud.

Todd continues, “Our biorhythms are already being measured, people are already putting out these MAC addresses, they’re unique – and IBM, we came to find is very much involved in this…

“The World Health Organization has given unto themselves – and our governments have agreed – the uttering of six magic words gives them the right to indefinitely detain us, to experiment on us and to kill us if they so choose – and all of that without due process of law. No trial. No judge. Nor jury. You are suspected to have a communicable disease and therefore, you should go over here and we’re going to treat you with this unknown substance, an experiment. Whether you live or die is inconsequential to them. That is what the New York Appellate Court just found, about two weeks ago…

“If they want to execute you, they have given themselves the power to do that. Our governments have given to themselves the power to do that without any due process.”

The architect of the UN’s Pandemic Treaty, according to investigative journalist, Harry the Greek is another Georgetown University professor, Larry Gostin.


Dr Jane Ruby is an American scientist, medical professional, and commentator. You can help with the Legal Defense Fund in the baseless $25 Million defamation case filed against her by “mRNA inventor”, Robert Malone.

Malone v. Ruby update: Motion Hearing set for December 11, 2023 at 2:00 PM ET via Zoom before Senior Judge Norman K. Moon. Dial 571-353-2301 Zoom Access Code: 664017958

Todd Callender Citations/References:

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“Pentagon to Deploy ‘AI Weapons’ That Autonomously Kill Human Targets” by Jason Walsh, Daily Fetched.

“Kamikaze drones: A new weapon brings power and peril to the U.S. military” by Ken Dilanian, NBC News.

“What are kamikaze drones and why is Russia using them in Ukraine?” by Betsy Reed, The Guardian.

“Ukraine war: Russia dive-bombs Kyiv with ‘kamikaze’ drones” by Paul Adams in Kyiv & Merlyn Thomas in London, BBC.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • It’s always made sense that the Covid lockdown and deaths were caused by our government to push for the vaccine that is designed to control people. Having everyone vaccinated and then hooked to the internet for tracking and reporting is the last stage in control over the planet. Humans have become more dangerous and wasteful and it needs reigned in. Covid lockdowns stopped all consumption and travel temporarily now they will do the reset.

  • But how do we know that the micro tube isn’t a result of detoxification – body collects junks that got in from outside (which may include particles from clot shot) and solidify as it cannot find a way to get rid of it?
    A comment from Lucy below partially mentions about it.

    And F Robert Malone (disguising big pharma shill, who spread fear mongering by V narrative), by the way.

    • These microtubes grown, blink and react to microwave frequencies. That is hardly the behaviour of a detoxification process.

  • I remember arguing with folks who denied this, and I immediately thought it was acting like a switch! I might have even dreamed about it! The Ties with G-5 and cities doing it being the initial Corona Hot spots! I am so anti-vax and always have been, after reading about the theory and Louis Pasture denying vaccine theory on his death bed!
    Jane Ruby more than one type of shot, and many famous people faking their Vaccine shots! Tucker Carlson says he never got a Covid-19 Vaccine! Maybe his children as well.

  • Hmmmm…Something is not right here: If I am to understand correctly, Malone was not, nor did he ever invent the mRNA. If Malone had indeed invented this, he, instead of two others, would have clearly received the Pulitzer prize, a few weeks past. And Malone would be madder than a wet hen at this demeaning of his (UMM) intelligence(?). Lol
    All of the game playing, crimes, senseless lying, and other horse shyte, including conspiracy theories, must come to a halt, thus, allowing the world’s population to come back to a semblance of reality –
    What people need to understand is; We are in charge of the future. Not a handful of socio/psychopathic/demons with more money than sense.

    Thank you for the interview.
    Blessings ~

    • Malone claimed multiple times that .is the inventor of mRNA. And yes, it is quite interesting that after all his quacking about his and only his authorship, 2 others received an award for it. Meanwhile Malone cried about how “they lied to me that the jab would stay just in the site of injection..”. I have a BS in Biology, in Europe, which would almost equal a pre-med here. But with just that rudimental knowledge it struck me as odd -Malone not realizing blood flows through body, and carries many things all over the body.
      Strange, if he really is a scientist, he would not realize it.

  • TODD CALLENDER- NEEDS TO GIVE CREDIT to GEORGE WEBB Journalist that gave his $Million & His Life to Report what Toddy talks about in this segment. JOURNALIST GEORGE WEBB, reported YEARS Ago, on crooked Pfyzer,Tyson, Judges, shots, Fouchi owning the CURE/ & the COVID patents!!!GEORGE WEBB should have win the PULITZER for a ton of his Research!!!, heeey FK, Forbiden Knowledge- YOU NEED GEORGE WEBB ON YOUR SHOW!!

  • I contest Obama’s numbers. When I ended my tracking of covid deaths and injections administered from 7/26/21 to 12/8/22 in the Johns Hopkins online database, the numbers were as follows. Total official C19 deaths globally, 6,649,046, so around 7 million, which is very small for a global population of 8 billion. Total vaccine doses administered, 13,073, 697,490, or roughly 13 billion. I’ll be happy to send you my charts.

    • John Hopkins was in on this, worked on rehearsal for, Covid pandemic. So I am not sure their figures should be trusted.

  • So why do they want to do away with everyone-well, mostly?
    Because they owe everyone-and I mean everyone!-a lot of money.
    The people of the world have been stolen from since birth, via the Birth Certificate, and deprived of their lawful entitlements, namely their individual share of the wealth and resources of their respective countries. See the link below to Anna von Reitz’s Lien against the American BAR Association for the amount she alleges the Association and its lawyers have stolen from the American people:
    If so inclined, people might like to read Anna’s Estate Claim against the Pope, who she once said needs to pay everyone in the world a thousand bucks a week.
    You can all draw your own conclusions from here, but we have all been ripped off, massively.
    An example of where governments have not ripped their people off is Norway and their sovereign pension fund.
    Due to this fund (Norway taxes the petroleum producers some 76% for resources extracted) each Norwegian has some $320k in their bank accounts, with around $27k going in every year from the resource tax. The Norwegians are not ripped off, at all.
    The Norwegian Embassy confirmed the existence of this Fund, and sent me two links to that Fund, which I had already found.
    Wikipedia has a good entry on this Fund:
    And Norway has only around 5.5 million people!
    So this is the reason-or the main one at least: they owe you a lot of money, the main culprits being, defined by Anna, as: the Royal Family, the Vatican, the Banks, and the Bar Association.
    If you can deal with that then you are on your way-and I would suggest that Alexandra interviews Anna, as I have asked her to do before-Anna will tell you a lot.\I would also recommend that everyone watch all of Rom Stewart’s Justinian Deception videos, as Rom has nailed in completely, starting here:

  • I think people are missing the point when trying to detox from this material. There IS NO DETOX that will reverse this!!! It is only palliative care. This is a spiritual war. The only way to stop this in your own body is to ask for the protection of the Creator Yahweh through Christ and the Holy Spirit. Rebuke the evil using Christ’s name. We DO have that power given by Him.

    • You have a point about detoxification; however, the other part is subjective.
      I’d say believe in what you believe as a savior, and he or she may do good for ya though in case if you don’t, it’s still OK as there are other ways (which is why there are many religions and beliefs all around the world).
      I’m adding note here, because I’ve seen many people became blind by so called “good & evil fights” and mix things up with science often.

    • @Lucy:
      And that’s exactly why they need to keep people blindfolded, and shove their fake religion into their faces whereever they can: to keep them away from the real Creator, who is the Mother Goddess, also known as Mother Nature.
      HE, the male god, is nobody else than the Demiurg, aka Satan.
      All the Christians have been fooled, they pray and give their energy to the dark side of power.
      And all people, who like you, advise others to pray to the god of the old testament, in order to fight against Satan, have indeed come full circle. You are in fact promoting what you claim to be fighting.

      Btw is your name Lucy just a nickname derived from Lucifer ? Just asking.

      • Aluna,
        I rebuke you and your godless view in the name of Jesus by and through the Holy Spirt! You’re blinded in the faithless belief other than The One True God that created man in His image in which Satan wants to destroy. You’ve bought info satan’s own deception blinded by his attempt to steal, kill and destroy man because Satan already has you and has captured your mind, body and SOUL bound for eternal hell. Jesus wants your heart and loved you so much he died for you, Satan wants to lie and deceive you (mother goddess), take you out and will not die for you.

        I pray that you come to your worldly senses and come to know Jesus personally and that the Holy Spirit continues to knock on you heart before it’s too late for you.

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