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The latest by the great video pamphleteer, Max Evans, aka Ultra Maga Party!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Yeah, perp walked and at the end held down by jab victims and given all the jabs his company churned out. Isn’t this the same guy that wanted military bases in South America in return for his heinous poison?

  • They didn’t cut corners on the “stuff” they put in the serums of the BIOWEAPON SHOTS to KILL YOU!

    He will never take the shot(s) cuz he knows what in it! Liars, hypocrites and deceivers = DEATH

    Walk Worthy

  • The Saga of this Jab, and its consequences…..go back Decades, before its Roll Out.

    To Ignor, the history of this phenomenon, to say the least; is Short Sighted and Narrow Minded.

    Picking One Target, of convenience, adds suspicion to the rational (reason).

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