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    Former Pfizer VP, Dr Michael Yeadon explains the boneheadedness of the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty and the new amendments to the International Health Regulations, because such extreme centralization will stifle good science and innovation.

    “I have a few problems with this,” he told Jessica Rose on CHDTV. “If you centralize in a novel situation, you won’t get an optimum outcome. Worse, you won’t even know what optimum is.”

    If the WHO gets its way, “that’s the end of democracy in relation to health,” Dr Yeadon attested. “So, if they decide you’ve to be locked down or you’ve to be injected — remember, in the slave system of digital ID and cash for CBDC, if the WHO decides it, it will just happen.”

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    • Margaret Chan, a member of Chinese Communist party, was WHO director for 11 years. During the time, China sorted out the whole organization and then put Tedros there (she literally held his hand and led him to the stage). In fact, it is a format of China. Of all 17 agencies in UN, at least two third of the general director and the deputy are directly from Beijing or like Tedros ie being installed.

      • It doesn’t matter. The UN is an illegitimate agency.
        Which means we don’t take orders from them!

    • Once one thinks more deeply about this, we should have seen this medical tyranny train coming.

      What group of Americans is more bone headedly conditioned to the one-size-fits-all way of health? It’s been the AMA, the CDC, and physicians who’ve been opposed to alternative remedies all along. They and the pharmaceutical corporations have controlled treatment with an iron fist, whenever they take a mind to. What?

      Oh yes, I happen to be old enough to remember the medical mafia smashing any physician who dared step out of line, with all the legal force of government! Am also old enough to remember big Pharma attempting to legislate through the US Congress a ban on the manufacture and retail of supplements such as vitamins and minerals which they wanted to be made only by them, by prescription only. What else does one call this besides a mafia? Thankfully common sense then ruled in the US Congress – back then!

      One size does not fit all, only in imaginary Utopia. People have different physicality’s, both natural and acquired. The only safe and effective remedy is healthy life style, healthy hygiene and healthy nutrition which is not being rightly considered by these top-downers who defer to political correctness by force which today looks more and more like the CCP protocol.

      If it cannot be prescribed, there is no money in it for the medical mafia! Money used to corrupt education, legislation and media!

      • That’s right, should keep that kind of mindset all the time.
        While the larger crowds or sheep will try to discourage us from standing up on our own, I have been able to standing up on my own against ridiculous restrictions most of the time since last few years.

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