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by Frank the Greek at NewsOthersMiss

Who is the Wizard behind the Pandemic Treaty?

It is Georgetown University’s Larry Gostin.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO).

A subsidiary of the United Nations (UN).

Nine years ago, Gostin concocted the Pandemic Treaty into an instrument of global governance.

Unelected bureaucrats run it.

They are committed to a one-world government, the UN.

It will be adopted in May.

Sources are:

Health Policy Watch

Georgetown University

Courthouse News

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I knew this was a treaty or PACT all along! My children Middle and elementary school had same schedule as California schools , we are in S Korea. In 2020 at the beginning of the year little Kiosk Ice cream snack shops opened, I just saw in my neighborhood and with time saw they were in every neighborhood on every block, depending on density of area, so some lucky guy figured that this would be a thing a month before Corona appeared, really, insanity! Every person I talk to admits that they knew something was going on, no coincidence. Logistics and planning is the main argument , and it can not be denied and the information is everywhere1

    • Like joey and nancy pushing the juiced up frozen treat and targeting mama and the kids .
      Check your fingernails for black streaks yet ?

  • These insane lying assholes never stop working to find ways around the law of the land to enact their sick death wish agenda against mankind . This so called health care treaty using the Kill Bill Gates nazi wet dream model of mandatory death shots followed up by euthanasia doctor visits for the survivors to enact the carbon cure . With his no flush toilets crap idea we will have to have a backup plan for the dead peep liquid carbon disposal problem . I vote low-carb space laser running man games . saves on medical waste , a more sporting way to die and green as fuk .

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