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Lawyer and former Kiwi television news presenter, Liz Gunn, whose emotional and powerful rebuke of the most despicable tyrant in New Zealand history, Jacinda Ardern went viral went on to found NZ Loyal Party. Sadly, her party failed to overturn the incumbent regime, because they failed to register their candidates on time.

I had previously misunderstood and I wrote that she had won her seat. Gunn had intended to use her seat in Parliament to prosecute the disgusting Globalist attack on her country, starting with a criminal investigation of the thousands of COVID jab-related deaths. She now implores her victor, Winston Peters that he carry out what she had intended to do: a full-blown criminal investigation, rather than a whitewash “inquiry” that he had advocated during his campaign.




I’m Liz Gunn and welcome to this New Zealand Loyal post-election update, the first of two election updates.

In my previous video, just before the election went ahead, I stated that I would, straight after the election release information that would shock you – the Mother of all Revelations. More.

There were many demanding the information be released before the election but that was not able to be facilitated. The whistleblower’s words to us were that it would be published “after the election”.

I also had deep concerns around the trauma the information would cause on the eve of the election and to me, it felt unethical to exploit such traumatic information for our own gain.

Well, we have now come to an undisclosed location with a New Zealand clinician/mathematician, who is very experienced in statistical analysis. That person has with us reviewed the data and confirms our position that it is damning.

The figures show that there are tens of thousands of deaths linked to the [COVID] jabs and this is just one of the sites recording this type of information in New Zealand.

We don’t know how many further databases like this are in the country. So it follows that as the deaths are usually less than the numbers of side effects, then the extrapolation of the numbers of injured and dead Kiwis starts to become, frankly, eyewatering.

We saw in the data that there are many clusters of deaths. People who attended the same jab site were jabbed one after the other at consecutive times on the same day. We saw their jab date. We saw their date of death.

Let me give you just one of many examples: On one day, 30 people were jabbed on the same day at the same location. All are now deceased and their deaths are in close temporal time proximity to each other.

That’s 30. That’s all players in a rugby match on the field suddenly dead.

You see, statistically, the numbers of deaths we saw cannot be attributed to natural causes, given same site and same date of vaccination. It would be, what they say statistically highly unlikely.

We are calling for an inquiry. Not just any inquiry, a full-blown criminal investigation, leaving no stone unturned.

New Zealand is a crime scene.

Computers of anyone associated with this COVID response rollout, in any capacity; mobile phones, communications, bank accounts, archives and a whole host of other targeted information must be seized. We have OIA evidence, Official Information Act evidence that the Government knew every side effect before one single jab was given in New Zealand.

So this evidence lays waste to the “safe and effective” narrative. It also underlines the gravity and enormity of what I have just stated in this statement.

The OIA evidence we have is attached underneath this post on the site [HERE & HERE].

But there’s one thing for sure: there should be no more jabs administered in this country. So many lives have been lost. We saw 13 children on the list [of deaths] that we have examined, alone.

Since this whistleblower approached me, saying they wanted me to release this once i was in Parliament, I have wanted to have this data released immediately.

Why? Because clearly, once it fully goes out to you, the public, it would prevent any more loss of life. In fact, so committed am I to stopping any further murder by needle in this country, that I was willing to put my face and my name on the line on the eve of the election.

I have seen the information, firsthand. I have struggled sleeping at night since then, knowing that this level of detail is now available but as we find today, [is] being withheld.

You see, whistleblowers always face great risk, as we all do, who seek to bring the truth to the people of this country under urgency.

I cannot comprehend why, when there is ongoing harm, that this data is not released immediately to bring and end to that harm and to launch a full-blown criminal investigation.

So, I’m appealing to you, the People of New Zealand. You must all demand an end to the jabs.

If not addressed urgently, the World Health Organization will be able to declare the next pandemic and force mass jab compliance under the Pandemic Preparedness Act, which will soon be a reality. Research that.

It’s also critical that you understand the difference between an inquiry per se, which is what Winston Peters has called for and what we call for, a criminal investigation.

Inquiries often lead to narrow terms of reference and they can risk just being a whitewash, where they’re seen to be doing something but there’s little or no change, as a result.

By contrast, criminal investigations involve seizure and an in-depth examination and exposure of all facts.

What I will do, New Zealand, should this whistleblower finally find the drive to find the drive that we are showing at NZ Loyal the determination that we have and approach me again and say they will divulge it all, what I will do is take that information to Winston Peters [leader of the NZ First Party].

I’m not looking for anything from this other than what I always look for, which is to serve my country.

I will willingly offer it to Winston Peters should they find the courage to fully open up with what we have seen today. And I will hope that Winston gets along with the hard work of exposing it. I would hope that he gets all the glory, as well.

What I want more than anything is for these truths to be brought to you, the people of New Zealand.

And my final word today would be this: I pray that at last, the backbiting can stop, the nastiness, the undermining of one another can stop and that this issue, this important crucial standing together finally unites us all, New Zealand and that we stand up to this new government and asy we demand a full exposure of the truth.

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  • The official election result is now out. special votes are counted. NZ Loyal increased its vote count to 34,456, being 1.2 % of the total vote cast.

    BUT no seats were won by them.

    This is entirely in keeping with what I expected, being consistent with the workings of NZ system which I attempted to explain here over the last week or so.

    insufficient votes were cast to make failure to register candidates an issue that was relevant

  • Thank you for this Liz….
    Unfortunately I don’t trust Winston Peters.
    Many Locals in Tauranga NZ have spoken of his nefarious activities in the past decades.
    Thank you for your determination

  • I wrote a long post as to why Liz Gun did not lose because of a failure to register candidates

    and it is gone.

    the candidates to actually sit in the house are only considered when the party his 5 %, which NZL did not. and then ,but ONLY then, it would be awkward if some were not registered

    the Press article you cite actually said this

    and as I voted for her when there was NO NZ Loyal candidate in my local electorate vote i voted on the PARTY vote, which was available to all voters in ALL districts. that is how the system works

    Moreover i do not think they can get 100,000 special votes from half a million specials to come to each the5 % threshold

    i still think that MMP is not clearly understood.

    Liz Gunn lost fair and square. insufficient numbers voted for her on THE PARTY VOTE which ALL voters were presented with regardless of the range of candidates in the local district

    i wish it were not so but i cannot in any honesty hold such a view

  • Nothing useful will ever happen out of politics.
    I can only be sure that I will not comply to any of these bullshits including with death shots and other stupid protocols out of fraudulent germs’ theory.

  • Go get ’em, Tiger, and the best of luck to you. I’ve grown tired and weary of hearing Stew Peters talk about the “Nuremberg 2.0′ and the “Piano-Wire Executions” afterward. The entire Big Pharma medical mafia deserves to be treated to something that is obviously not “Safe and Effective”. It needs to be pointed out in no uncertain terms that they will be unable to spend their ill-earned Billions in Hell.

  • The honest, dear kind of politicians can never get anywhere against the evil that is controlling political regimes. It’s where we’re at in time, and it’s all about to come to a merciful end.

  • Great to see this type of movement in New Zealand, as the Swiss are doing likewise, but the fact is, so few are doing such, as we in the USA are very slow to react!
    This is an issue for the entire world and should be the force to bring us together in an effort to seek justice, instead, they are attempting to start WWIII, I suppose as a means of expediting the depopulation agenda.
    Still, we know NOTHING of the detrimental effects of the mRNA jab as yet, being that it destroys the natural immune system, the real toll will not be until the next cold/flu season, when many more will die, and of course, they will claim the deaths are due to a “New and Improved” variant and push the jab even harder!

  • The disposition of political parties in my country, NZ is that there are the major parties, the minor parties and the micro or, as one wit of a commentator said, the minnow parties.

    The major are Labour and National. They are roughly equivalent to the Democrat and Republican Parties in the USA

    The minor parties are ACT ( far right, more right than National)
    the Greens ( far left, more left than Labour )
    NZ First (centrist though its leader Winston Peters is very controversial and i for one regard him as a cynical adventurer as do many others.

    and the Maori Party – Maori being our indigenous people

    in our system no major party can get a result such that they can rule alone, ( the2020 election was a rare exception to this rule when Labour could have ruled alone) coalitions are almost always necessary.

    the Leftist Coalition just thrown out was Labour, Greens and the Maori Party. they were thouroughly “woke” and paid the price for this

    the micro parties are the rest.

    NZ Loyal is one of them.

    with about 26,000 cotes our of some 2 1/2 million eligible voters they got the most votes of the micro parties but nowhere near enough to get a seat in the house.

    look up MMP Mixed Member Proportional Representation to understand our system. The post here i am sorry to say does not understand our system

    We do not have separate presidential elections, our prime minister (the head of
    State is still the British monarch) is simply the leader of the party that wins the general election and under MMP negotiations are still continuing so it is not actually totally clear who the next govt will be. Even though it seems likely. Winston could surprise and offend many by going somewhere unexpected as regards who he will join with in coalition

    we only have the one house, no senate nor house of lords.

    and voting is not done by electronic machines, at least in the ordinary votes on election day.
    i voted with a pen marking a piece of paper thrust into a ballot box to be counted by hand

    but it takes ages for special votes ( from expatriate NZers overseas, or housebound sick people etc ) to be counted. so there could still be an upset.

    BUT there is still virtually no chance of a micro party reaching the 5 % threshold to get a seat on special votes alone when it was not reached under the preliminary count of the ordinary election day vote.

    out system is different from that of the USA and much confusion can be engendered if this is neither known nor understood

  • I am sorry but Liz Gunn, leader of the NZ Loyal  HAS NOT BEEN ELECTED TO NZ Parliament.
    i am bitterly disappointed at this, as I voted for  her and fully agree with her demand for a proper enquiry with authority to lay criminal  charges to follow  the covid 19 atrocity
     but you do not understand the NZ electoral system to claim that she was elected.
    She and her party got about 1.2 percent of the party vote .
    our system requires either that a candidate win the local election in one electorate  (you might call it a district) in terms of a simple first past the post – ie the most votes
    that a party get 5 % of the party vote – ie the nation wide vote, or the popular vote  which is the mechanism which tallies the percentage of seats  a party get in the House
    every voter under MMP, see below get TWO votes, one for the local electoral district ( we call it the electorate) and one for the PARTY 
    if a party wins a single electorate but  still gets less than 5 % they will get  a number of seats as a percentage of the popular vote. So if Liz had won an electorate she would have gotten 1 or perhaps   2 seats
    but she did not and 1.2 % is NOT enough in terms of the popular vote to get ANY seats at all if she did not win a seat.
    this is theMixed Member Proportional Representation system (MMP) , I invite you to look it up.
    it was designed to  EXCLUDE micro parties. and independent candidates with no party affiliation  have almost no chance at all
    Liz Gunn was NOT elected to NZ Parliament
    your post is based on ignorance of NZ political electoral system
    and it is simply not true.
    i will say it again, i voted for Liz Gunn’s party, but only about 26.000 out of 2  1/2 million eligible voters voted for her.
    you offer a false hope in saying she was elected.
     and false hopes serve no purpose.
    i seriously suggest that you check that what i say about MMP is true and then RETRACT your article;

    • I admit i was irritated when i read your post in its original form and i was too harsh in my expression.

      I am sorry for that .

      For what it is worth there has been no activity on NZ Loyal Website since the 21 Oct.

      I would not be surprised if the party simply dissolves.

      She had naively, IMO, hoped that the NZ anger at the crimes done in the name of the vaxx was such that her party would have won outright and that she could form a govt with any need for a coalition party, and she said as much , namely that she would NOT form a coalition with anyone.

      I thought this hope naive at the time, especially as she got comments on her video posts on youtube calling her a conspiracy nut etc

      it seems to me that most NZers think the covid issue is solved and that the govt did a good job on it.

      they were furious at the cost of living crisis, at a PM who could not tell anyone what a woman is, and the openly racist and divisive policies of co governance – which gave 16 % of the population (those identifying as Maori which i could do but refuse to) FULL VETO over EVERYTHING; and Three Waters giving this same minority all ownership of ALL waters.

      this govts insufferable “wokeness” and their contempt for real women – Posey Parker was criminally assaulted by trans gender fanatics here in NZ and the police DID NOTHING – showed their insanity and the people voted against it

      I dont really know how much of this was hostility against the criminal covid response and my opinion is not fixed. But i am skeptical

      And as NZ has a uniparty much like the US I expect that the new national govt, which is pro vaxx, as is ACT, it is only an accident of history that they were not in power when the vaxx was rolled out and so did not commit the crimes this entailed

    • The assumption you make here is that NZ Maori, the indigenous people of NZ, are a united bloc.

      this is simply not true.

      i will agree on the basis of this video that one faction of Maori have done this.

      but it has been and will be ignored by virtually everyone else.

      A New Zealander myself, and even one who could claim indigenous ethnicity based on my 1/16th to 1/64th of Maori ancestry, I have never heard of this court or this video until you mentioned it here..

  • Shhhh, listen to the sound of wagon wheels as everyone involved with the great reset circles their wagons in a siege against being discovered – personally!

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