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Former Kiwi television news presenter, Liz Gunn delivers an emotional and powerful rebuke of the most despicable tyrant in New Zealand history, speaking directly to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who stepped down just over one month ago.

Hearing this spoken personally by a New Zealander, addressing her assailant in the first person, I was shocked to find myself reduced to tears. I’ve been so angry for so long, I haven’t been able to feel this very real grief and sadness that I have for all of us who are going through this. It really caught me off guard but I think it was necessary to stop being angry for a moment and to experience the emotional aspect of what has happened – and is still happening.

This disgusting Globalist attack has been awful in varying degrees for absolutely everybody, regardless of whether we are “woke”or “awake”.

Hopefully, we can all see our common ground as victims of our governments gone wild and we can come together to put these tyrants out of business.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • These people worldwide need to be brought to the severest justice known to mankind starting with the Davos inner circle and work downwards . All the bought and coerced politician , all the corporate heads of involved Pharma, and all the,CEOs and boards of hospital groups need to be brought to Justice. All of them actually made money on Covid. They profited vastly from a deliberate crime against humanity knowing all along its intentions.
    It’s starting to crumble now and they are now afraid. Remember well though that the beginning of the end is when they are at their desperate most dangerous. So beware but let this spread EVERYWHERE these evil vermin have infested. Let Schwab, Gates, Soros , Schroeder, Merkel , Trudeau, Macron , Brandon and all the lesser minions of the WEF pay the price for their crimes against humanity and go the way of Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini.

  • The Australian prime minister at the time Scott Morrison will be held accountable with the state premiers as well. Nuremberg 2.0 needs to commence 😡😡😡

  • Seems a shame Alexandra Bruce chose to provide a live link leading to Liz Gunn’s Wikipedia page where she’s called an anti~vaccination activist!! She’s so much more than that (who wrote her details there!?!) Best video I’ve watched this year so far.

  • Thank you 💜
    From one unvaxenated legend to another , from Ireland .
    Liz Gunn for leader of New Zealand xxxx

  • My son lives in NZ as did I with my late husband for many years and it was a privilege. I have listened in horror when my son tells me of all that has been happening over the past 3yrs. Liz Gunn this letter of yours is not only so full of sadness but it’s overflowing with love for your country. It is articulate, honest brave and your words are so powerful it is the best thing ever that you could do for the people of NZ and the world. I salute you, and send you all my love.

  • Sounds just like Canada’s story with our PM…
    It is criminal what our polititions are doing to us…🌷🐈🌲🫶

    • Your communist is one of the very worst of this rogues gallery ! Come to think of it that entire Parti Québécois stinks of Marxism.

  • Excellent film, Liz Gunn!!!
    BTW, Elon and other ‚State’ approved personalities with hidden masters should be under our constant scrutiny.

  • I got only one of those jabs one to many! But refused the rest! I regret getting the first one but was forced, I would’ve lost my job! I had to support my children😭

  • Liz, brilliant and factual, I thank you.

    Karma has no deadline… it is coming, and it will be paid back hundredfold.

    Cindy, you have a face we all recognise, and you will be confronted by Kiwi’s everywhere you try and hide.
    We will NEVER forget what you have done, was it worth it Cindy, really?
    Karma will tell you otherwise.

  • This needs to happen to Dan Andrews and all of the politicians that supported the jabb and lock downs.and the corrupt police.Justice is coming to you.

  • Australia has Vic. Premier Dan Andrews in the same monster club as Ardern and Trudeau. Andrews imposed the world’s longest lockdown on Victorians. My countrymen have largely fallen for the endless govt & media propaganda.

  • He Wakaputanga – the Declaration of Independence, and Te Wakaminenga Maori government. Do the research. I (Pakeha) have been involved since May last year. Te Wakaminenga have the superior jurisdiction to the corporate government in Wellington, and this has been through the High Court in Auckland since April ’22 where the affidavits proving that He Wakaputanga and Te Wakaminenga is the de jure government of this country have been presented, unrebutted, FIVE times (three times stands as a judgement in law) but the judge refuses to sign it off. He knows what it will mean if he does. Enrolling with Te Wakaminenga is like emigrating but without leaving the country. When you enrol with Te Wakaminenga, you become PART of the government. It is not a top-down structure. Just imagine what it means if you become PART of the government when you enrol ……. It means the government IS the people! Enrolling is easy; go to

  • 14 minutes in, LOL
    93 comments on this B/S….
    You people walk to your own death, no Nazi’s, just you!
    84 years later & we still have to put up with this nonsense of your fairytales, while your Royal Airforce, along with United States Airforce ravaged through our skies with terror over our cities.
    God has brought judgement upon the descendant’s!

  • One of the things I’ve learned over the last three years is that we don’t, and never have elected our officials and our politicians. They are all selected. They are all puppets to those in much higher places. This was an amazing video.

  • My daughter lives in New Zealand and I have been following new Zealand similarities with Canada. I very much trust your very own Billy Te Kahika.

  • Thank You Liz.
    Thank You for standing up for truth, justice, freedom of choice, freedom of rights, freedom of body Autonomy.

    These WEF Puppets will be held to account.

    The MSM have stated the NZ death rate is up 10%. Others have quoted 17%.
    The Truth eventually comes out.
    You NZSIS personnel monitoring Loz Gun and this site should realize the criminals are Jacinda, Ashley Bloomfield and Hipkins.
    Not Us NZers wanting Freedom, prochoice and the truth.
    Not Us Nurses, Midwives and Doctors who said no to these injurious vaccines. Who left work or were coerced from Our jobs.
    While weak Doctors, Midwives and Nurses broke all these rights and Freedoms.

    NZ Health is in crisis because Jacinda and Hipkins Labour are still enforcing the Mandates.

    Doctors around the world such as Dr Robert Malone have continually warned Us of the damage that would occur from the Gene immunotherapy injections. Then highlighting the blocked data, research and science from USA, Israel, Hong Kong and Britain.
    It’s shameful the Cowards in the NZ media and 120 Cowards in NZ Parliament

    Kia Kaha
    Kia Mana

  • Matt King, DemocracyNZ, has a proven and excellent political track record. He refused to be bullied into silence and spent time with and heard the pain of the Wellington protestors. He is a man of ability, high principles, integrity, humility and empathy. He is not running for office again for any other reason than to do his part in making a difference for present and future generations. He can and will do it. For me, it does not get any better than that. “We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity” (Martin Luther King). He will be the voice of reason in and the conscience of government.

  • So pleased to hear someone from NZ finally speak out and tell the truth. We are not far away from Nesara/Gesara taking place hang in there KIWIS.

  • Thanks Liz – this is a masterpiece. I have sent it far and wide, especially to folk who still buy into the vile international MSM narrative that Jacinda was some for of saint! I see no political solution – this is global and even if a good party should slip into power in a lying and cheating system the WEF, US, UN etc can bring enough grief to cripple it. We need to strip the entire global system to a bare nothing and rebuild it – but the architects of this horror show must first be removed. They’ll arrest a good doctor but Schwab, Gates, Fauci, Azar and all the rest get to walk free!!!! How?

  • “Betrayal never comes from your enemies, it comes from those you have faith in. Think of that when you next vote or visit the doctors.”

  • What a fantastic video and how accurate was Liz’s account of the vile Jacinda Ardern and the damage she’s done to New Zealand and its people with her “apartheid legislation” sneaked through with just a select few Maori. As one of Klaus Schwab’s puppets, I’m guessing she was told to step down before the next election rather than be seen as having been defeated. There are many many other Klaus Schwab puppets in major positions throughout the World unfortunately and more heartache to be felt by the people. Jacinda Ardern is just another reason I hate religion. Her and her family are nothing but bigots doing exactly what they want in the name of jehovah or whoever it is they follow just screwing everyone over with no thought or care to the people all in the name of their particular “so-called GOD”. Religion disgusts me when we see everyday instances of murders, child brides, honour killing, child sexual abuses all done in the name of their particular GOD. Give me atheism anyday of the week, at least I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not.

    • In the latest census, alarm bells at the amount of sexual questions they are asking. Establishing where and who is what, no matter age. Beware,
      Our Government behaving like predators, will we soon be a model of Ukraine?

  • Absolutely brilliant piece of work! Thank you so much! It has to be seen by everyone. This is essential education.

  • Hi Liz from the US. Sorry for the suffering of New Zealand and her people. I can only hope that the worlds people haven awaken to the deception, a deception that’s been around for thousands of years. There are no saviors in the system or in our physical world until we reach a spiritual enlightenment. This will come with truth, but truth will not find us, we must find the motivation to see it.
    The 2 most important days of life are the day one was born and the day you find out why. Thank you for exposing the truth

  • The WEF have not only infiltrated the cabinets of Western governments. Schwab has assembled relay teams. These teams will simply keep passing the batons to the next, fresh, runner who will continue the destructive policies and practices of those who went before. Be vigilant and be ready to put a boot on the throats of treacherous bureaucrats and politicians.
    I propose that we fight mis-information and dis-information by calling it out as “MAL INFORMATION.”
    Information that not only generates and perpetuates lies, but information that causes physical and mental damage!
    Ardern’s ‘tethered elephant’ swaying, as she announced her “retirement” says a lot more than the lies she was sprouting.

  • Unbelievably powerful video thank you Liz.
    All of these monsters must be held accountable, they cannot walk free.
    I will certainly spread it in the UK as mush as i can.

  • “BY PHARMACEUTICALS was every nation DECEIVED.” Bible, Revelation 18:23 original Greek. ALL SATANIC. Get saved NOW…John 3:16 is your ONLY hope.

  • He, she or “it” should be locked up in a prison cell for the rest of “it’s” life. A death sentence is a to easy way out.

  • Thank you Liz Gunn.
    Magnificent letter put together with the calmness of truth under very devastating circumstances. I hope its signed by all New Zealanders.
    Time for the whole world to hear this and wake up to the tyranny thats gone on the world over.

    Thank you again Liz Gunn.

  • Love the photo of Ardern, definitely a man and not a woman, in a Muslim hijab. The sheer perversity of these WEF puppet people knows no bounds.

  • Every word was correct, thank you for this massive effort.
    The spooky music puts this important message together with the kind of music that you would get in a spa, totally inappropriate.

  • Next Prime Minister: Peter Williams, I like Winston Peters but he put she who’s name I dare not mention in the top job. I trust Peter Williams, he is a man of principal, an insightful public speaker an already built public profile and if he was to head up a New Zealand party with Michael Bassett and others of his ilk and some strong powerful Maori candidates + Mike King, Sue Grey and yourself Liz, boy we would have a formidable opposition. Surely we have some top legal people. I went to school with the most incredibly bright boy called Alan Turner. He topped Auckland law school , I don’t know where he is now but I remember telling him he should be Prime Minister of NZ one day. Where is he? ( possibly practicing law in the USA, I think he married a Japanese lady).

  • I said No to the jab. No to wearing those infernal masks. Thank you Liz. I vote for Peter Williams to lead us. If I do vote it will be a first!

  • Maybe if new zealanders did a better job of picking and superviing/communicating with their politicians then they would not have so many problems. Globalists and centralizing digital power freaks are also to blame here, not just jacinda.

    • If New Zealand is anything like the U.S. it doesn’t matter what the People do, the deep state criminals will do whatever they want. They just run roughshod over the people. How come you don’t seem to understand this, as we have the same problem here in the U.S.? And why are you attacking the people – who have not been kept in the loop, and who have been swindled, cheated and massively lied to? Not saying the people are entirely innocent, as too many have willfully ignored all the signs, but we have been massively swindled, lied to and stolen from. I think the blame lies more on the corrupt, extremely evil politicians.

    • From what I can understand and have actually checked for my self Jacinda Ardern is of the Wef, by the WEF and for the WEF one of the FEW, bought and paid for.

  • I hope that all those tyrants and their servants will once face Nuremberg like trials for their crimes against humanity.

  • Ok so NOW (after 100+ yeas), can we look at how MAORI looked after the country BEFORE PAKEHA came 🤔

  • see if you can get laws passed to shorten the president’s term to 2 years. That would be a great first step. Anyone in office that votes against this law is to be voted out of office

  • Yes, we should pity her and her handlers, for they sold their birthright to eternal life for earthly wealth, for a bol of soup.
    Enjoy your plate of lentils ….🧭

  • I cant wait for the day when justice is served on these utter traitor’s, they sold out their fellow humans for money and power….well as the old saying goes, there are no pockets in a shroud

    • Ask the latest census, you choose these days. Alarm bells at the amount of sexual questions they are asking. Establishing where and who is what, no matter age. Be aware.
      Our Government behaving like predators

  • christchurch was a fake this woman is talking shit. i am sick of half truths! All leaders are groomed and chosen this whole world is a giant movie and the public are being played. Ardern is a man who has no empathy and should be hung for genocide

  • Freedom requires recognition of the real enemy of humanity and freedom. Ten years from now if their lodges and hives still exist where they plot their New World Order, what if any progress has been made towards freeing this planet from their evil

  • Ac / Liz Gunn I keep watching your speech it is so powerful and I hope million and millions of people watch it and like I said it’s that time in history is about to change for the Good and Hopefully this tyranny and genorcide of the people never ever happens again Everyone remember we are one But we are Many

  • Ardern was mentored by Tony Blair, if he had had the power, the UK would have been the same. God Bless NZ and the whole world.

    • Did God bless those injured? Those that died? What god do you want to keep doing what he’s doing? Or was this god on vacation, and now is back to ‘bless’ people. Time to wake up to these phrases, you’ve been calling on a dark god to ‘bless’. It’s time to wake up to who you are and the ability WE HAVE to take the power away from the evil Jacinda’s of the world.

      • J.Danelle, taking offence at your fellow man or woman for saying “God bless NZ” and replyingtothatwith … “Time to wake up to these phrases, you’ve been calling on a dark god to ‘bless’” you are using the same method off oppression as J. A. and other bully’s. Its not up to you to tell your neighbour what to think or what to believe. The only person you can tell this is yourself. Bitterness clouds the heart and makes it freeze ❄️

  • I find liz gunns depiction of jacinda with its horrifying caricatures
    has frightening parallels with the way goebbels used his propaganda
    about the jews in nazi germany.

    I know jacinda lied & avoided confrontational issues but
    liz gunns rant is beyond belief.
    The covid lockdown was a difficult time for all of us.
    But i am in my 70s with 3 jabs & the better for it.
    I was also a week off work with covid with mild effects.

    With people like gunn around its no wonder jacinda has had
    a record number of violent threats against her, more than any prime minister.
    She did the sensible thing to quit given the hate that was being stirred up.

    Lets have less of the nazi “brown shirt” behavior & focus on positive
    progress for nz.

    • You have had 3 jabs and are quite happy, good for you, It is said some are born stupid, IN YOUR CASE IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE TAKEN 70 YEARS TO CULTIVATE YOUR STUPIDITY!!

    • Lol. 3 jabs and still got Covid. Do you think that maybe you’re the Nazi brown shirt forcing something into people that you have just admitted didn’t work?

    • John, I am also 70 years, a nice woman caring about my health and world.
      I decided to wait & see when the vax was launched. Very quickly the facts re it’s harm surfaced. When the coercion and mandating began, highly prized/published (frontline ICU) medical and scientific experts and their protocols (using cheap and well used treatments) were censored & banned; it was obvious, stay well away from any MRNA shots.
      Fortunately my family all declined it. We’ve had a lightweight version of Covid (mine was 1 day) and now have antibodies.

      If you could simply look outside mainstream media John, you will discover our world is not the same – you have no idea what mainstream media has kept from you and I wish you could open your eyes and ears to find out. It’s not all about Covid. You would discover Liz’s rant is ‘on the money’.

    • You are clearly not facing reality! There was no deadly virus. The jabs are nothing but toxic poison.

  • An excellent piece of journalism and well put together video, but more importantly, a historical record of events. I’m from the UK and have a strong interest in global, well, western politics. Whilst I’ve come to viscerally despise our own politicians, none of them come close to the hatred I have for Ardern, Trudeau and Andrews and many more but these 3 especially Trudeau who is still continuing with his despotism epitomise evil in the true sense of the word. I pray that if they don’t serve justice in this world, they will in the next one.

    • I am from UK but have lived in Victoria now fir 50 years. I agree completely with the sentiments expressed about Trudeau, Ardern and a special mention fir Andrews. However my feeling about the vast majority if UK politicians is mostly one of contempt. There are always honourable exceptions – Andrew Brigden, Sir Christopher Chope, Daniel Kruger for a start. In South we have sone great Senators speaking up. Roberts, Rennick and especially Alex Antic in South Australia – all legends,

  • If I thought it would make a difference I would move back to NZ in a heartbeat. I was born in Kawerau and raised in Pakuranga until the age of 17 when we emigrated to Australia for reasons that are still unclear to me. I have seen, via alternate media the devastation that has occurred in NZ for the last 45 years, not just through the Ardern era but way before she took control. It breaks my heart that a country like NZ, passionately loyal to its own hero’s and culture, has been taken over by foreign interests that do not have the best interest of my fellow Kiwi’s at heart. I am now 64 and still a passionate AB’s supporter and anything NZ, it is in my blood and can never be removed. I just hope there are more Kiwis residing in NZ who think the same way.

    • I also grew up in Pakuranga up until 1987. Am now living in western Australia and hate what has been done to NZ

  • Soo well put together. Very articulately spoken , heart breaking to watch. We are with you New Zealand.
    Much love from your Australian brothers and sister.

  • Dear Readers.
    A really great video exposee on the River of Filth in the New Zealand Wellington Bee-hive Parliament,
    This video clearly shows the corrupt Ministers of Health and his weak complicit agents i. e Doctors of medicine and nurses and Corrupt Police Ministers swaying their weak and gutless bully boy New Zealand Police, to act like Hitler’s Schutz Stafel = Hitler’s personal protection Police, in brutally bashing brave New Zealand citizens for exercising their God-Given right to Peaceful Protest against Jacinda Aderns Nazi-like acting New Zealand Police force.
    These are all headed by that I allege to be seemingly Nazi-istic Communist Lickspittle Jacinda Ardern, who has seemingly sold her Soul to Satan !

    Richard L.

    • Richard, did you not read the memo that Hitler & Nazi are out dated.
      Read up on Alfred Jodl (Sir Name). Birth name : Alfred Josef Ferdinard Baumgartler, found innocent February 28th, 1953 after being hung 1945.
      & Heads up, The Third Reich were fighting the Communist & The United States & Britian were allied with Communist Soviet Union.

  • Are we victims, or are we wounded, deceived, divided, apathetic, and unaware that outer world follows inner world?

  • Great viedo absolutely disgusting behaviour by Ardern nothing but admiration for he freedom fighters. We are with you.
    As for where do you go for your government check out Common Law Earth and created the people’s government. Start a common law group, learn your rights and gain knowledge and stand your ground. In strength.. I have never looked back since joining a group here in Australia,
    May Peace, Love and Light be NZ.

  • Ac / Stay Strong New Zealanders well spoken liz Gunn we will all come together in the world the so called Australian goverment is exactly the same but the time is changing the people have had enough of this evil and it’s that time in history it will be for the people and we will track every dead shit down that hurt the people starting with rothchilds

  • Is it not revealing that this woman who most loudly protested her “kindness” and “compassion” is the cruellest and most violent PM this counry ever had?

    a truer exemplar of the dictum that the road to hell is paved with good intentions i have not seen.

    and that is what good intentions are for, a mask to use to hide from the truth, and of course the mask that they look at in themirror of thier own vanitry deceives the wearer into thinking that their intentions are really good.

    but the plain fact is they are not worth anything at all

    like the virtue signal those who see through them see the absolute contrary revealed

  • We must defund the UN WHO WEF NATO all these criminal entities must go must be dealt with.. never again because we will remember.

      • Just unite and say no… If we believe we, are helpless we will be… There are more of us this than them and key is to not fall for the divide and conquer tactic

  • This is the most moving true documentary and betrayal of a woman in power . Thank you from the bottom of my heart for exposing the truth in all its raw and agley form God Bless New Zealand as she heals from this horrific tragedy inflected on the peaceful people .
    My heart is weeping for my people of New Zealand . God Speed with your recover New Zealanders Much Love and Peace Yvonne ❤️

    • So true. She’s pure evil, may she rot in hell where she belongs and all the rest of them who had anything to do with her and her agenda’s.

    • So what are we doing about it? PLEASE, PRESS the PRESS. Be direct. Object to the mainscam in their faces. They all have contact emails on their bios and are identified as parliament , investigative etc. Send them your understandings, challenge them individually, ask them are they just cheap jockies of entertainment or was their recent journalist award just an industry buy off. In years gone by the printing press was disassembled and moved from town to town . Now you can all be a press with emails .
      The Press is this Government’s number one weapon, and they running out of words to say.
      When Verral was pushing the latest drug Bivalent last week, it was not even mentioned that it is a mRNA Vaccine. Start there. Point out why it’s a dirty list of letters now. Ask what are they hiding and why are they omitting it.
      OR Ask about the Therapeutics Bill . Verral is using it to push through EMERGENCY ACTS!
      “The first is that we have no pathway in the Medicines Act to emergency or provisional approvals, and that is created through this bill. There are times in public health emergencies where there are—even though all medicines and medical devices need to be comprehensively assessed, in some emergencies, we’ll need to act quickly and authorise products for immediate use. The harm of waiting for full data must be weighed against potential harm for expedited approval with appropriate safeguards in place, and I think this bill provides an avenue for doing that.” End quote. Hansard Dec 13th.
      In years gone by, the printing press was disassembled and moved from town to town . Now you can all be a press with emails.

  • Thank you sooo much. Will post around later. Everyone needs to hear this, including our corrupt government and fake Biden

  • Please stop with the overly-dramatic music. Such emotional manipulation undermines your work. We are not children. Just stop it.

  • Please stop with the overly-dramatic music. Such emotional manipulation undermines your work. We are not children. Just stop it.

    • no music on the earth could possibly be over dramatic considering what “they” all have done to us….

    • yep, pfizer are 100% corrupt, the masks were 100% useless, distancing was an ok idea, delta viral respiratory infection was a worry, its just a shame pfizer and the world health org are 100% corrupt, jackie thought she was doing the right thing, hindsight is a wonderful thing liz, you could just as easily have been wrong and jackie right, we’ll know better next time, you don’t really need to demonize everyone who just followed the science, we wouldn’t have the light bulb if no one followed the science, to some degree most of us were scammed, most of us usually are, no need to gloat your personal righteousness, and yep, the drama music is a bit unnesessary

      • From the start non main stream doctors and virologists gave the alarm that it was a scam but you didnt listen. Instead you believed those taking money and power who knew what they were pushing.

  • God bless Liz Gunn.
    May angels of heaven bless all who hear this. So very powerful and real. Only one third of angels left their first estate, that means two thirds remained on the side of truth, so we are on the winning side. May God send two angels for every devil that opposes truth. Ultimately, truth will win, and it will. By the precious saving blood of Jesus Christ.
    May God revive New Zealand.

  • I’ve heard that Jacinda/”Jack” is really a man. I’ve since had contact with a Kiwi who told me that many Kiwis also say that. So who knows….

  • I wonder how many of Western politicians looked at how Chinese citizens are treated by their government, and liked the model. (Trudeau/Castro admitted to it.)
    For half a century our birthday has been zero, yet they tell us we’re too many. They forget whose backs they stand upon in their pyramid scheme! China wants it all; and they’ve proved untrustworthy. Dim-witted nimrods.
    Psalm 46 is an appropriate address for today.
    My favorite part is when God says, “I WILL be exalted among the nations. I WILL be exalted in the earth! AMEN!🙏

  • These people are infected with the worst form of ideology NAZISM. Hitler’s goon’s were angels compared to these Tyrants of Death. The jab is a bioweapon that is doing just what it was designed to do “the Great Culling of the Herd!” It is not over yet! May God raise up a great army of truth tellers armed not with guns, but the laser light of truth and the exposure of these evil, despicable monsters masquerading as humans. This movement will soon cause a ground swell of opposition that will utterly destroy this evil NAZI government that is behind the screen of Emerald City around the world..

  • OMG – how brilliantly, succinctly (and admiringly calm), Ms. Gunn describes this gross tyranny – though not just in New Zealand, but world-wide.
    Thank you for bringing this to us. I’m in tears.

  • We can’t make these monsters pay until the stupid among us awaken. I can forgive them, after we cut them down from the rope. Capt Joe Kelley.

  • I hear you Alexandra. It’s frustrating to reflect just how much harm Jacinda, her overlords and fellow puppets have done not just over the last few years, but over the ages. Maybe this “in your face” moment is what’s needed to break the spell we’ve all been in to some degree. I always try to put things in perspective looking back how lonely the road was being dedicated to truth – it doesn’t seem so much anymore. The tyrants, bullies, criminals and liars hoped that everyone would just stay sound asleep while they led us into their dystopian wet dream. When you lack heart and a moral compass, you can’t see it in others nor understand the power that it can quickly generate. While it’s easy to be pessimistic about the shit show we are in, I wake up every morning to watch the sunrise knowing that this life is filled with hope and answers that show up around every corner as long as we keep trucking.

  • Never gullible enough to believe any of that BS. Never wore the face mask. I was trying over and over again telling people that this was the biggest scam in history. No body was listening to me. I am still in extreme SHOCK that not one single person would believe me. I have spent over 75 years trying to get away from ignorance. I have never understood stupid, but what i have learned is how to deal with it. Anytime that you comply means that you no more smarter than a dog. If you take notice dogs will obey. ( If no one obeys, no one rules. ) Are you gonna blame the tyrants or do you blame the ignorance of the people??? I blame you dog.

  • Charge and convict the traitor.

    that she hs left office should not be taken by anyone as a meaure ensuring legal immunity.

    but i must admit i am FAR TOO ANGRY to even watch this video.

    . . and to think that i even voted for tis vile witch for her first term in 2017. thank God my own political awakening whereby i left the left after 40 years solidified and stabilized such that i did not make that mistake a second time n 2020

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