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This is an important discussion that puts the corruption and the insanity that we’ve been seeing in our government into a broader perspective.

Although most Americans are unaware of this, we are living in the final stages of the Communists’ “Long March” through our institutions. Communists have been in high levels of our government since the early 20th Century.

From Alger Hiss, to Leon Panetta to John Brennan to Barack Obama, the State Department, the CIA and the DoD are crawling with Communists who have trained for decades at overthrowing governments all over the world and they’re now using all of their finely-honed skills to overthrow the United States.

And what is Communism, exactly? They’ve claimed that they were about uplifting the working man but as we’ve seen over and over, that this is not what they’re about. They’re about destroying whatever power structure is in place, stealing those assets and distributing those assets to their own new, controlled elite, centralizing power, instituting totalitarianism – and always – committing mass genocide.

Brannon Howse is joined by Pete Santilli, Col John Mills and Alex Newman to talk about the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, China, the CIA, the DEA – our government – all working in concert together in what has basically become a narcostate, undermining our liberties and our freedoms.

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  • I’m sure China has very little with the takedown of the United State’s! ..
    They just want you to think otherwise!..

  • .Communism and China are distractions and a cover.

    William Blum, Michel Chossudovsky, John Perkins, Douglas Valentine, General Smedley Butler and many more have identified the influence of U.S. foreign policy, and much internal action, is directed by Wall Street financiers. They, Jacob Schiff, are even responsible for making the USSR communist with $20 million.

    The IMF, CIA, and US military dominate many nations. What nations do China dominate ? Not the US.

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn was brought to the US after his release. His speaking tour was abruptly curtailed after he told the Columbia University audience the U.S. had repeated saved USSR from bankruptcy. A Soviet dissident told a 1947 congressional hearing that if timely responses to government issues were not received from Moscow, she had a Manhattan phone number that would work.

    Rothschild’s Wall Street rescued Mao from Mongolian caves and gave him China and sent Chiang to the island. Ref. WHILE YOU SLEPT by John Flynn; HOW THE FAR EAST WAS LOST by Anthony Kubek.

    Communism is a straw enemy to cover Wall Street/Rothschild war mongering and globalism.

  • trump is controlled opposition and nonces kids like all the elite do dont forget trump did not drain the swamp when he was potus but dived in and joined it 100% trump is one of the enemy just like musk no million or billionaires are gonna save you you fools

  • We need to round these people up, prosecute them to the fullest of the law for undermining our country, then cut off all deals with the CCP except for trade/commerce if possible. People who dally with evil ultimately become such… whether that was their intention or not. We need to SERIOUSLY investigate and dismantle the CIA, ATF, and other alphabet members and/or organizations who are subverting our nation in favor of others who are steeped in Communism. The Liberal Democratic Communist Party is one where most if not all are good for nothing but a cesspool of evil and anti-American values and RIGHTS.

  • Well Trump says he’ll bring a death penalty for drug dealers and I’m real sure he mean our own GOVERNMENT and their partners.. So I say bravo let’s do it. I live in a small town called Kaufman where fast n furious played out (quietly) 🤫

  • I have known Howse ever since the turn of the century. He is a straight arrow and a tireless, patriotic American Christian. His lovely wife and family are wonderful supporters. I too was an early supporter, but after he began cozying up to the Christian Zionists, I stopped supporting him and have since lost track of his activities.

    Hopefully he has since learned his lesson about Christian Zionism, that it’s a subversive movement embedded in Evangelical and conservative political circles. There it creates public support for the political state of Israel and its murderous objectives there, in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

    For which I now wonder about due to the flow of this programs conversation, making it sound like there has been no change in Russia. Are we to believe communism is a Russian gene? I don’t believe that. Communism was put upon Russia by western banking cartels who funded the murderous Bolsheviks. The same bankers who funded murderous Bolsheviks in Palestine!

    If you will remember, there was a time when Putin thought to become part of NATO, remember? Today Russia is openly Orthodox Christian and our nation is openly Sodomite Christian. Now it’s possible Putin is playing two card Monte, but if he is, he’s playing it very well, just as well as the west, if not even better because he has the moral high ground now and tragically our nation has chosen the low road to perdition!


    • I read your list of the 45 goals listed in “The 1963 List of Current Communist Goals”.
      It is somewhat disconcerting to realize just how many of these “45 Goals” listed in 1963 have already come to fruition by 2023, and I wonder if the end of JFK in 1963 was no coincidence but instrumental in realizing the fulfillment of those very same goals.

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