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Seth Holehouse believes that Trump’s election in 2016 was Divine Intervention to give this country the chance to get out from under the Cabal’s 16-year plan to destroy the United States during two terms of Obama and two terms of Hillary.

Seth believes that COVID was launched not only as a pretext for mail-in ballots to steal the 2020 election but also, he says because the CCP could not have survived another 4 years of Trump.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • …as far as picture on video, spitting image of Biden and his wife Jill, not the one mentioned in video. Nonetheless, it is a breath of fresh air to listen in its entirety! Thank you for great content!

  • The 160 year War…Let’s go back to the Civil War and begin from there.

    International Public Notice: Final Claim Converting Intellectual Assets:

    The fraud and unlawful conversion practiced against our country and our people by the British Crown has had many results.

    (1) The creation of an American “infant decedent estate” resulting from the purported waiver of our American estate interest by our Mother’s signature on undisclosed registrations paperwork;
    (2) The concurrent creation of a British Territorial Person sharing the exact same name;
    (3) This unlawful conversion obtained under conditions of deceit also resulted in an unconscionable contract, obligating the victim — a baby in their cradle — to British Territorial U.S. Citizenship;
    (4) The British Territorial U.S. Citizen was subsequently declared legally dead as part of a foreign bankruptcy and a Municipal “Federal” Estate Trust was created using the victim’s name in all capital letters as a trademark;
    (5) The creation of the British Territorial Estate and the concurrent creation of the Federal Municipal ESTATE set up a situation where the victim was being represented as a Dual Federal citizen — both a U.S. Citizen and a citizen of the (Municipal) United States, one operated by U.S. Trustees under Admiralty Law and the other operated by Municipal United States Trustees under Maritime Law.
    (6) These clandestine actions unlawfully converted the political status of millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent.
    (7) The excuses given for this to the effect that this was a “war” and that the Parties responsible were acting in response to an “emergency” and were claiming emergency powers under The Law of War were, again, fictitious and fraudulent in nature; the American Civil War was a Mercenary Conflict and all the other “wars” since then have also been Mercenary Conflicts. No Congress empowered to declare war has done so since 1812.

    This has all resulted in False Claims of ownership in commerce, including False Claims against the Intellectual Property Rights of Americans; our names have been copyrighted by the British Crown as a means of latching onto our assets generally and our intellectual assets in particular.

    As this latching-upon-activity was illegal, fraudulent, and undisclosed in the first place and the first unlawful conversion is thus in defect, the second unlawful conversion and trafficking into the Jurisdiction of the Air and the venue of commerce is also in defect.

    We claim our reversionary trust interest in our American estate and all resulting foreign public and private trusts operated in our names or under trademarks appearing to represent our names, including the individual State Trusts, State-of-State Trusts, and Municipal TRUSTS and Public Transmitting Utilities, Special Purpose Vehicles, and other derivatives created by the Municipal United States and the Municipality of Washington, DC.

    We claim our intellectual property rights and labor and all performance contracts entered in our names in any combination, permutation, ordering, style or form of our names represented in any way whatsoever, including all assets contained in or represented as PKI accounts, patents, trademarks or copyrights lodged anywhere in the world.

    These claims have already been noticed, lodged, and cured and are merely being brought forward for the cognizance of the world-at-large and for demand upon the guilty Principals and Corporations responsible for this usurpation, attempted unlawful conversion, impersonation, and evasion of the contractual obligations of the Perpetrators of this scheme for purposes of political coercion and unjust enrichment.

    We note that these activities and commercial claims and the existence of these various trusts and derivatives in the Air Jurisdiction are the result of earlier acts of piracy, impersonation, and human trafficking taking place in the International Jurisdiction of the Sea and that the primary fraud taints all other claims against our interest deriving from it.

    We require recognition of our Good Names and estates, unharmed, and returned to our administration; we are known as The United States among the nations of the world, and as The United States of America in the international and global realms.

    We are and have always been unincorporated instrumentalities of our fifty unincorporated and sovereign member states, not to be confused with any incorporated foreign legal fiction entities under contract to us and operated under similar names.

    All assets of ours are recalled and reclaimed including all intellectual and energy assets, all copyrights, patents, trademarks, and performance contracts, all PKI accounts, and all baptismal certificates being securitized and traded, as well as all representations of our physical bodies being certificated and traded, all DNA, all informational technology, all seats of government, all information established as Holium deposits, all memories associated with us, all constraints and systems of time, all weights and measures and treaties related to these elements, are to be construed as belonging to and existing for the benefit of the living people, who claim the right and responsibility of self-governance.

    • Thank you! The mere word, “Politics” is a sham and disgrace to those who believe we have a choice. However, as long as we stay aware and open-minded I know we stand a chance to keep the Matrix going. WE chose to come here and having our memories wiped. The only reality is this moment! Live it without hurting no one!

      • Obama wouldn’t Rig Hillary’s election due to insecurity reasons that the self appointed Queen may never be let back in.
        Had Hillary beaten “Queen Obama”
        (which she did, as sad as it sounds, the DC zoo
        Wouldn’t be as totally fck’d up as it today.)
        Obama needs an island far, far, where he can take his DC zoo animals tribe, and “RULE” from his self appointed throne.
        the self appointed gift that refused to leave.

  • it was allowed for Trump to win cuz their plan was to use him and his admin to be the pawn to administer this bioweapon against the people. Warp Speed was not the development of any of the so called bioweapons and the plandemic.

    Killary was pissed and still is cuz they told her she was to lose so that they could use Trump and We The People as pawns to deploy covid and the bioweapons. Bush & Obama did not want this deployed during their administration. Trump was on the correct side and supporting of We The People and this Republic.

    Do you see it now. We and Trump were the pawns in their devious plan. Karen Kingston has docs that the bioweapons were created in early /mid 2000’s – 2016. They were to deploy the plandemic earlier but no other Pres. agreed to it because they were in on it.

    Anyone still accusing Trump for warp speed is FALSE and should reconsider their vote and support for Trump.

    We The People SEE YOU and are about to walk all over you

    Walk Worthy, this is not revenge ITS OUR LIFE’S PRESERVATION OF OUR REPUBLIC

    • Wake Up, Get off of that Texas Horse and put your feet on the ground.

      Trump is Part of the Aristocracy.

      Trump is Part of the Bullshit and Lies.

      If you believe what you spout, then you are a fool, because you have been fooled.

    • This is fantasy. I wasn’t anybody’s pawn for one second. And Trump was a pawn for one of 2 reasons. 1) He was in on the scam. 2) He was too stupid to see what was going on. Either way, he’s not worth supporting.

  • And more lies…

    Let everyone remember the video footage of George Herbert Walker Bush, Generals Schwarzkopf and Powell, and Henry Kissinger being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and put together 2 + 2, and what do you get?

    Where do you think “Q” got its name from?

    Why do you think JFK’s Memorial is encircled by a driveway in the shape of a Q that you can see from space, if the Queen’s Secret Service didn’t kill him?

    Who do you think is working against us now? And always?

    Who were we fighting in The War of Independence?

    The War of 1812?

    And on the Home Front ever since?

    Who was Abraham Lincoln working for?

    Why was he “President” of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Crown Corporation?

    Why is the British Territorial “Congress” that acts as a Board of Directors for the self-same corporation voting to spend $61 Billion dollars worth of our credit, on a failed proxy war in the Ukraine?

    And dancing around like imbeciles waving our abused Title IV Flag as they do this?

    That flag was allocated to our British Territorial Subcontractors when and if they were exercising our delegated powers in time of war, but there has been no actual war, just bloody mercenary conflict after mercenary conflict after mercenary conflict.

    So they have abused our flag under color of war, just as they have abused us under color of law.

  • The Garbage on the Right, is as Evil as the Garbage on the Left.

    They Both come from the Same Source.

    It is Designed to make people Stupid and Selfish.

    So the outcome for humanity, is brought about, by the People themselves.

    Digital Dementia, is a real pandemic.

    But ultimately it is the people, causing their own problems.

    • EdDy secretly admires Elmer Fckg Biden “Fudd” and the gay black dude that prefers black man/woman with adams aPpLe

    • EdDy secretly admires Elmer Fckg Biden “Fudd” and the gay black dude that prefers black man/woman with adams aPpLe

      • The 40% of humanity, that are Psychopaths, including this Blossoms character, need to be erased, and then the 59% of humanity, that are Stupid and Selfish, need to be Educated, on how to be a human being.

        This will take Generations.

    • Edgar secretly admires eLmer Fckg Biden “Fudd” and the gay black dude (#45) and his adams apple fetish for women… “Big Mike”

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