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I remember reading ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ in 1991, when he was saying everything that he’s saying in this video and it was almost comical, how outlandish and impossible that what he was saying seemed back then. It is equally as astounding, how everything outlandish thing that he said would happen is either happening or already happened.


Bill Cooper: It’s just absolutely incredible that the American people don’t understand that groups of men don’t get together and meet in secret and take blood oaths which say that they can be cut open and their heart ripped out of their body and their intestines scattered over the floor if they talk about the secrets. That’s not a benevolent fraternity. That’s a dangerous group of men.

Strong men don’t play games like that. They’re serious. These men who are bringing about the New World Order don’t believe in the God of the Bible.

They believe in the God of light, Lucifer, the angel of light, who was flung down to the earth and became the Lord of the world. That’s their God. You see, it’s been infiltrated.

And from within, they’re eating at the heart of this nation like a cancer, this secret society. They are destroying it. They are subverting it.

Our Constitution has not been allowed to work since 1945 and maybe even earlier. And they have been working behind the scenes to bring about a one-world totalitarian socialist government with the Communist Manifesto as its platform through the United Nations, which was created by this nation from an older organization called the League of Nations, which was the original foundation. And at the highest levels of our government, the Constitution has already been scrapped, and they are working under the aegis of the UN Participation Act and the United Nations Charter.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • And more lies…

    Let everyone remember the video footage of George Herbert Walker Bush, Generals Schwarzkopf and Powell, and Henry Kissinger being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and put together 2 + 2, and what do you get?

    Where do you think “Q” got its name from?

    Why do you think JFK’s Memorial is encircled by a driveway in the shape of a Q that you can see from space, if the Queen’s Secret Service didn’t kill him?

    Who do you think is working against us now? And always?

    Who were we fighting in The War of Independence?

    The War of 1812?

    And on the Home Front ever since?

    Who was Abraham Lincoln working for?

    Why was he “President” of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Crown Corporation?

    Why is the British Territorial “Congress” that acts as a Board of Directors for the self-same corporation voting to spend $61 Billion dollars worth of our credit, on a failed proxy war in the Ukraine?

    And dancing around like imbeciles waving our abused Title IV Flag as they do this?

    That flag was allocated to our British Territorial Subcontractors when and if they were exercising our delegated powers in time of war, but there has been no actual war, just bloody mercenary conflict after mercenary conflict after mercenary conflict.

    So they have abused our flag under color of war, just as they have abused us under color of law.

  • “Strong men don’t play games like that.”
    Once they’re possessed, who would call them “strong”?

      • Alexandra –

        If you haven’t yet…watch a few videos by
        “juxtaposition.stories” on bitchute.

        He’s done a two part interview with Sabrina Wallace in the last month, and another today.

        Big (two year?) backlog of videos…

        Manson/Tate/NATO/LaBianca/Folger Murders
        Swiss Bank Anthropology
        Swiss Bank Authority /BIS
        William Egan Colby Murder
        My Lai and Project Phoenix
        Haight Ashbury, Louis Jollyon West and Timothy Leary
        Timothy Leary and Ted David Kaczynski

  • I remember he even talked all about how they would stage mass shootings in school yards with MK ULTRA patsies to cause panic and make people give up guns.

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