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    New Zealand COVID whistleblower Barry Young joins The Alex Jones Show with guest Steve Kirsch in his first interview following his arrest for spreading public data to the public.

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    • No nation violated human rights more than New Zealand and Australia during the covid scare! We all saw what the “elected” governors had to say. It was astonishing, shocking!

      What happened to these former “Christian’s”? How could they supplant Christ’s instructions for conduct with Hegel’s instructions in time of crisis exactly when Christ’s instructions were needed most? Observing the leaders of these nations, there was little difference in their words, their deeds than those of any other tyrant of note, such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao. “The greater good” has no part in just government! One size fits all, top down mandates are the Hegelian stuff of tyrants. Moral judgments are not moving targets! One thing yesterday, another thing today and another thing yet tomorrow.

      What was even more shocking was the prevalent ignorant, docile complicity of these nation’s people. Faced with tyranny, they became dysfunctional and helpless!

      Now we see these same tyrants circling their wagons and doubling down in defense of their tyranny under the banner of health care and the greater good.

      Where are the pulpits in New Zealand and Australia? Cowering behind the thin sheet of separation of church and state? This is what you get when you accept the premise that Christ’s instructions are not for life, but for religion apart from life. Total useless Pharisaical hypocrisy!

      Thank you AB & AJ.

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