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New Zealand whistle-blower and Philippine government push for justice.


Two years ago, we published the research of Pfizer head, Mike Yeadon and Craig Paardekooper, that showed how certain batches of the COVID ‘vaccines’ were deadly and others were not and showed how Red States in America were sent more deadly batches than Blue States.

But the masses were not able to face these facts, so they accepted the lies of the MSM.

Nine months ago, we reported how the CDC’s own data supports the findings of Yeadon and Paardekooper.

But the masses still chose the comfortable lies over the uncomfortable truth that our governments and medical professionals are murdering us.

Last week, the scientist entrusted with New Zealand’s vaccine program went public with data that vindicates this, as well.

A member of UK Parliament brought this up in session but was dismissed.

And in the Philippines, the government has voted to launch an investigation into COVID vaccine deaths.

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Alexandra Bruce

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