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    I’m probably not the only one who’s thought this rush to inject at least 70% of the human population with “manipulative magnetic nano-medicine” and “super paramagnetic nanoparticles” smacks of an alien agenda.

    Implants and tracking devices have been recurring themes of the Alien Abduction Scenario since the 1961 Betty and Barney Hill case. Who knows, maybe the horrible truth will be part of the Big Reveal later this month, as part of the Director of National Intelligence report on UFOs.

    This video mash-up of science lectures and interviews gives us a sense of just how far DARPA has come in delivering the Technocratic wet dream of implementing a global Artificial Intelligence network for human command and control. It was already introduced as a way to “upgrade one’s intelligence” and not get “left behind” by automation, when Elon Musk unveiled Neuralink in 2019.

    James Giordano, Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program at the Pellegrino Center for Bioethics at Georgetown University speaks to the weaponization and misuse of brain sciences in tandem with a sentient digital simulation of our world, aka the Internet of Things – which Michio Kaku exults will soon be replaced by “Brain Net”, the Human Brain/Cloud Interface.

    Giordano talks about “The use of neural interfacing and physiological interfacing through…remote-controlled, small-scale systems, to create a nano swarm of bio-penetrable materials that you cannot see, that can penetrate the most robust biochemical filters, that are able to integrate themselves through a variety of membranes, mucus membranes and wherever – mouth, nose, ears, eyes and they can be done in such a level that their presence is almost impossible to detect and as such, the attribution becomes exceedingly difficult to demonstrate. The idea here is to put minimal-sized electrodes in a network within a brain through only minimal intervention; to be able to read and write into the brain function in real-time, remotely.”

    Data transfer between living human brains and the cloud will require the use of D-Wave quantum computers and Artificial Intelligence. While such supercomputers with processing speeds fast enough to handle the necessary volumes of data already do exist, the nanoscale interfacing devices to be embedded in the brain have yet to be perfected.

    One approach for this is to create nanorobots that can be aerosolized to place minimal-sized electrodes in a network within a brain and through only minimal intervention, to be able to read and write into the brain function in real-time remotely. Once inside the brain, the devices would then wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a cloud-based supercomputer network for real-time brain state monitoring and data extraction. Patents for such technologies already exist.

    Neuralnanorobotics are being developed to enable a safe, secure instantaneous real-time interface between the human brain and both biological and non-biological computing systems. This technology would include brain-to-brain interfaces, brain-to-computer interfaces and specifically, brain-to-cloud interfaces, to connect your brain to the cloud in real time and provide you with instant access to the world’s knowledge and Artificial Intelligence, as soon as you think of a specific topic.

    If this isn’t the “hive mind” of the Greys, then what is? Are humans being transformed, through the COVID vaccine into prototypes of Earth-based Greys? Is this what an alien invasion looks like? Are we a generation away from becoming genderless Borgs with no personal will, mere nodes on a network?

    It appears so, if the Globalists (aliens) have their way.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I’ve Always said this is an Invision. Under guises of care. Like the Nazis deceiving the trust of many. “Terror forming our planet for what”?. I ask. Spraying our skies with heavy metals and poisoning us and all that’s alive. Telepathy is the frequency range of alien life, we know this to be true. We who remember such visitations as children know telepathy is the easiest and quicker form of absolute communications. It’s Transparency allows everything to be sensed and nothing can be hidden. World government’s are not to be trusted in attempting to own the brains and bodies of us humans. They’ll hack us like a computer, once were activated and connected to the Cloud. Detached from our Rightful Sacred path of Afterlife. Trapped in a nightmare prison. This Covid mRNA pathogen Nanotechnology is a Cover up of care, a lie to enslave all of humanity. No Wonder top scientists ( Bad one’s in my view) are Attempting to put a pinch of Consciousness into their robots.

      • “Nazi’s” did Not deceive, it was the other way around. The United States under FDR deceived about ‘Pearl Harbor’ so he can declare war, because Japan was an Ally of Germany. Britain deceived by dropping bombs on Germany until Germany finally had enough when Britain attacked school grounds. Poland deceived by butchering Ethnic German families that were living in once German Territories, Danzig Corridor, before WW1. The list goes on, so you might want to find another villain in your drama. Try Winston Churchill or Franklin Roosevelt, they like hanging with Joseph Stalin the Communist. That’s how we got to where we are today!

    • Takes about four seconds to disprove this connedspiracy. Stunning how idiots keep making up endless layers of complete crap for people to digest. Stupid website for stupid people. Use a search engine people, you can disprove EVERY bogus claim on this site in just seconds.

      • This is an Open Website. Meaning anyone can post Truth or Fiction articles or video’s. It is up to the viewer to decipher truth from fiction. Search Engines do not give you both sides of an issue the way it did just 5 years ago, I know this through my own research on WW2. Sure glad I listened to my intuition & bought up as many books as I could afford.

    • Incredible information on how close they are right now to completing their agenda, or maybe they have, makes me shiver.
      Thank you, a great compilation of speakers and details I have not seen before

    • They’re giving away their secrets too though aren’t they, the real forbidden knowledge. Humans receive, we are receivers. We can summon knowing and divine inspiration it’s just a question of who/what we summon it from. I think they’re in a race against time, lock us all up in this fake artificial connected state before we rediscover the real thing.

    • Is does seem to be what they want, immortality of the flesh. I think its disgusting beyond belief

      • SB, Everything is an Illusion. Don’t be part of believing Any of the Propaganda from this Virus. From where it started, from Where we are today.

      • Firstly, know that you can’t stop it but you may abstain from it.

        Yes, abstain from being enticed by their offer “to obtain direct, instantaneous access to virtually any facet of cumulative human knowledge…, opportunities to improve education, intelligence, entertainment, traveling, and other interactive experiences” and more!

        This deception has been foretold in the bible ages ago and everything is playing out precisely. Yet, biblical scholars are explaining it all away to make people comply with this age-old agenda.

        The only thing for us to do is to denounce our self (the beast within) and allow the Spirit of God fill our being. Baptism is not some religious ritual as applied by the apostate church. Immersion in water in the name of Christ is actually a crucial providence of God to rid the demons that hold us in bondage so that His Spirit may indwell and regenerate us throughout the remainder of our lives.

        I go to the Scripture on my own and appeal to my Creator directly for understanding and guidance. He provides Life, the Way and the Truth faithfully just as He had promised in His Word. It is written that Christ was already sent to the world to redeem mankind and that He had since been available to us in the form of His Holy Spirit. But the world rejects Life as always and opts for knowledge over and over again. Knowledge that alas leads to the death of the soul!

        Choose true life that is eternal, found only in Christ Jesus, our saviour.

        • I thought Gods spirit is already in us from creation, it’s just up to each individual to nurture and harness that spirit for protection, spiritual insight, faith, guidance and so on, through-out our lives

          • Yes, God’s spirit is available to us but while incarnate in the polarity of Earth we have free will to choose other spirits. The full consequence of those choices of humankind should be very obvious at this time, and the wise will stay awake and choose carefully. We are in critical times.

    • It’s very hard to focus on the content with that disturbing soundtrack playing in the background. The music selection makes the video seem very amateurish and therefore less credible.

    • Thank you for such a simplified breakdown of what’s going on. Yes I do remember elon musk giving a TED talk bragging about his Neurolink project . He boldly explained it in detail with a purpose of enticing people to go to the next level that he decided was best for humans. What super arrogance, while planning worldwide depopulation with his buddy bill gates, each of these two doing their part, playing different roles, towards the Agenda21/30 NWO. He called it transforming us into “Human 2.0”. I call it making submissive cyborgs out of us. I was shocked that his audience were so excited about the prospects and were happily cheering him. Amazing! No wonder we are so over-taken due to the mass acquiesence of idiots who, like sheeple going to their slaughter.

    • This story, Hacking The Brain With Nanoparticles, made think of ( one of the Huxleys, I confuse them) Dr Huxley, when he gave that speech to fellow Psychiatrists, in San Francisco, ‘61 or ‘62, found it on line) about inserting electro probes into frogs and being able to make them jump sideways and so forth. I’m sure he would be proud of this work today. I can only hope that he and his Brother are hopping around in a lake of fire right now. Well, you know. And then when they mentioned the date of Barny and Betty Hill’s abduction, well, DARPA came to mind and I began to think. Perfect names, Betty & Barny.

    • The Electronic Revolution is the Demonic Evolution

      And God shall give them over to reprobate minds because they choose to believe a lie rather than accepting the truth, Evil men waxing worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

    • Thanks for contributing with my newly opened blog called La Vida Humana Importa -Human lives matter HLM, the Spanish speaking communities, interested on these fascinating topics and Waking Up to reality. I will continue to translate and publish several other summaries of the stunning videos from this web page to spread your word in Spanish. Thanks again.

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