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Dutch researcher, Janet Ossebaard is back with a 17-episode sequel to her earlier 12-part ‘Fall of the Cabal’ documentary series, released last year. I didn’t publish any episodes of the previous Q-focused series, because I found a few glaring inaccuracies and her voiceover kind of drove me nuts. However, this video is an easy-to-absorb, bare-bones rendition of this topic-of-topics; to whit, the influence of secret societies throughout our history and in our current malaise.

This is Episode 2 of her new series and it covers Adam Weishaupt’s founding of the Order of the Illuminati in 1776, three years after Clement XIV’s papal bull suppressed the Jesuits and how this was the lynchpin moment when the financial empire of the Rothschilds converged with the wealth and power of the then-disenfranchised military order of the Jesuits, with the goal of dominating the planet with a One World Government.

Ossebaard says Adam Weishaupt based the Order of the Illuminati on ancient documents, one of which was a letter given to him by Mayer Rothschild. This letter, referred to as the “Constantinople Letter” was written in 1489 by Nasi, the Chairman of the Jewish Council in Constantinople (The Grand Sanhedrin), as a response to an outcry for help by the head of the Ashkenazi Jews in France:

“As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians: do it, as you cannot do otherwise. But let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts. As for what you say about the demand to despoil you of your goods, make your sons merchants, that little by little, they may despoil the Christians of theirs.

“As for what you say about their making attempts on your lives, make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christian lives.

“As for what you say about their destroying your synagogues, make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.

“As for the many other vexations you complain of, arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers and see that they always mix themselves with the affairs of state, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke, you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

“Do not swerve on this order we give you for you will find by experience that, as humiliated as you are now, you will reach the actuality of power.”

In other words, the Sanhedrin in Constantinople (Ottoman Empire) told the Khazars in France to fake their conversions to Christianity and to infiltrate every aspect of society: commerce, medicine, religion and legislation, with the sole purpose of revenge and destruction.

As I listened to Ossebaard, I was struck by the similarity between her words and those of Canadian Jewish author, Henry Makow, when describing how the Communists infiltrated the Catholic hierarchy during the 20th Century:

“Communist defector Bella Dodd revealed that during the 1930’s the Communist Party had 1,100 members join the Catholic Priesthood. They became Bishops, Cardinals and Popes. By adopting this chameleon strategy, this Satanic cult infiltrated and subverted most governments and religions, and established an invisible tyranny without drawing much attention. In the words of the gifted Jewish researcher Clifford Shack, ‘Through infiltration, stealth and cunning, this invisible network has come to rule us all.”

According to Makow, the forebears of not only the Communists but of the Illuminati were the Sabbateans and that the Rothschilds were Sabbateans pretending to be Jews. This 17th century apostate cult of Judaism was founded by Shabbatai Zevi (aka Shabatai Tzvi) in the Ottoman Empire from where it spread to Eastern Europe. Followers held the belief that the Messiah would return either when all people had become good or when all people had become bad.

Believing that it would be easier to hasten the arrival of the Messiah by pursuing the dark path, they set about inverting the practices of their own faith to precipitate the return of the Messiah, aka “redemption by way of sin.”

In 1756, the Frankists (successors of the Sabbateans) were excommunicated by establishment rabbis for their heretical, Satanic practices but they are said to have re-emerged under numerous stealthy guises, as the leaders in both the Reform AND Hasidic Jewish movements, as explained by Dr. Rabbi Marvin Antelman here. Twenty years later in 1776, the Rothschilds backed Weishaupt’s Illuminati, joining forces with the Jesuits to infiltrate the Masonic lodges of Europe.

While I can’t vouch for the accuracy of everything said in this episode of ‘Fall of the Cabal’, it was the first time that I grokked the historical beefs and the foundational relationships driving the mechanism that unifies such seemingly disparate phenomena as Wall Street, Big Pharma, Communism, the Vatican and the Neocons and whence these various cohorts derive their power.

It becomes crystal clear how Satanism is the spiritual underpinning of the New World Order.

Ossebaard recaps this episode with the following words:

“Three years after the Papal Bull that suppressed the Jesuit Order, Adam Weishaupt and Lord Rothschild founded the Order of the Illuminati. Based on their sacred ancient documents, the illustrious and well-documented plan to conquer the world and all of humanity was put into action.

“The Jesuit revenge scorched the earth. Europe paid the ultimate price for betraying the Jesuit Order. War after war raged, killing millions and leaving nothing but despair and fear among the masses. Each and every war further enriched the Cabal, making the gap between them and the people bigger and bigger.

“Germany was bankrupt and destroyed by the time WWI ended. Why not Austro-Hungary, that had started the war? Because of the domination of the elite Jesuit Cabal in the Empire.

“Protestant Germany was taken down but the Cabal had only just started. They proceeded with their destructive plan to subjugate the entire world. By manipulating the stock market worldwide (starting in the US), Germany was to bleed even more. The events that sprang forth led to WWII.”

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  • 1776 : Bavarian Illuminati is established
    1776 : written in ROMAN numerals at the base of the pyramid on the ONE dollar bill
    1776 : height of freedom tower at ground zero in NYC where BHO wrote on a beam installed in tower. We remember, We rebuild, We come back stronger.
    At the base of the freedom tower . Before construction began there was a Eye of Horus ceremony performed .

    In the future when big tech & social media combine with intl banking &crypto currency, we will begin to witness the rise of the mark of the beast and your social credit score will determine your worth and ability’s to buy or sell .

  • I wish she wouldn’t blame the Jesuits for the French Revolution when they were the victims. It was a scandal that Voltaire who received a Jesuit education turned on the very people who had nurtured his intellect. The French Revolution is turning into almost a hidden history. It was specifically a war against the Catholic church and thousands of clergy died, along with many devout Catholics. It was carried out by Freemasonry whose members were almost all very rich and some royal –hard to know exactly since it was a secret society but I think the English played a role. At that point, there wasn’t overt Sabbatian influence, but much has been written about
    hidden influences. The Jesuits supposedly infiltrated the masons but they were not masons. I’m not Catholic but I think we have to realize what it meant for French Catholicism to be destroyed.

  • Great report evil will prevail but Jesus will be earths king and judge sometime soon

  • Always enriching and fascinating!!!
    Amazing what a little “HISTORICAL REALITY” Can accomplish!!

  • Considering the ‘Crusades’ between Muslims & Christians 1095 – 1291 over the ‘Holy Land’ when the Muslims took Palestine in the 7th Century, Christians were still allowed to make Pilgrimages until the 11th Century, but when Seljuk Muslim Turks overran Palestine, Christians were no longer allowed for Pilgrimages. In 1095 Pope Urban II called for a Holy War to regain the Holy Land, which was unsuccessful to retake Jerusalem. In 1291 the Muslims destroyed the last Christian outpost. Considering that the ‘Dome of the Rock’ & ‘Al-Aqsa’ Mosque is in Jerusalem, Muslims two holy centers is peculiar. Considering that the ‘Shriners’ (also known as ancient Arabic Masonic order) wear those ‘Fez’ hats that came out of the ‘Ottoman Empire’ & Sultan Mahmud II mandated the Fez as a head dress for his Army. Considering the (supposed) jews at the Western/Whaling Wall look Turkish/Muslim is also peculiar. In Noah’s day jewish decent was indeed Aryan. Ashkenazi are a European decent not Khazar. ‘Yiddish’ that the Ashkenazi’s speak is an German dialect of Indo-European languages. They migrated to Israel in the Haifa & Jaffa areas in years 1868-1920 through infrastructure projects by the Germans called ‘Society for the Advancement of Settlements’ under Kaiser Wilhelm in 1898. & Continued again in the 1930’s under the ‘Transfer Agreement’ also known as Haavara. There seems to be an identity crises here.

  • I really look forward to watching this. I am writing a “mini book” (a long essay) on Jacob Frank who was an 18th century Sabbatian, and the founder of a cult called Frankism. Frankism without doubt powerfully influenced modern occultists like Eliphas Levi and Aleister Crowley. Words like “big brother” came out of the Frankist cult. The word “Das” meant abyss. There was this idea that in order to ascend one had to descend. Das was the name of the branding sub-cult of the NXIVM cult. The Frankists took the idea of sexual liberation to the extreme. Jacob Frank prostituted his daughter to the aristocrats of Austria to gain favor with the upper classes. We all have to be grateful for brave Jewish scholars that have come forward with the truth about this dangerous cult that infiltrated the psyche of so many in the West.

  • 1776 : Bavarian Illuminati is established
    1776 : written in ROMAN numerals at the base of the pyramid on the ONE dollar bill
    1776 : height of freedom tower at ground zero in NYC where BHO wrote on a beam installed in tower. We remember, We rebuild, We come back stronger.
    At the base of the freedom tower . Before construction began there was a Eye of Horus ceremony performed .

  • I had a dream, idk what it means but I’m meant to leave this here:
    AMRS 11 41 51
    Susysusy 11 51

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