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    The latest freak-out is not just about how vaccine injection sites are magnetized but how raw meat from your local grocery store is also magnetized.

    With all of the videos of vaccinated people becoming magnetized coinciding with all the videos about the evil spike proteins in the vaccine, this has led some to assume that the Globalists are now lacing the meat with the dread spike proteins.

    In a time where nothing makes sense, the fear is that these lunatics who are so desperate to inject you with mRNA for a flu that has a 99% recovery rate aren’t getting enough volunteers, so they’re dumping this crap into the food supply. They need us all to get jacked into the Matrix of their Human Brain/Cloud Interface.

    I have no explanation for what is happening with the meat in this video.

    What is known is that scientists have been working to imbue living cells with magnetic properties in order to externally manipulate cellular activities using magnetic fields. In 2019, researchers successfully engineered genetically-encoded protein crystals that can generate magnetic forces.

    Ferritin is a natural iron-storage protein which can self-assemble into a “cage” that holds as many as 4,500 iron atoms but the magnetic forces generated are too small for practical applications. Chinese researcher, Bianxiao Cui combined the iron-binding ability of ferritin with the self-assembly properties of another protein, called Inkabox-PAK4cat, which forms huge, spindle-shaped crystals inside cells.

    Cui fused genes encoding ferritin and Inkabox-PAK4cat and expressed the new protein in human cells in a petri dish. In three days, the resulting crystals grew to about 45 microns in length (or about half the diameter of a human hair), without killing the host cells. These protein crystals are attracted to an applied magnetic field and move toward magnets even while embedded within living cells.

    The science of magnetogenetics is still in its infancy but these studies demonstrate the feasibility of engineering protein assemblies for magnetic sensing. Because Dr Cui used human cells to genetically engineer his magnetic protein crystals, the transhumanist intent of this research is a given.

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    • Heme is in blood, wouldn’t the magnet stick to the meat because of the amount of heme in it? Does the magnet stick after it is cooked?

    • There should be less than 1 milligram of iron in a 2 oz serving of chicken…which is not enough to make a magnet stick. So, this is unnatural for sure.

    • Years ago, there was a video on YT that showed what breakfast cereals with iron really had in them: bits of actual iron! That was enough to get me off the breakfast cereal habit for a long time, but this…man, this is just gross!

      So, I guess I’ll be bringing a magnet with me to get my food now, and I’ll be asking the butcher why magnets stick to the meat.

    • You could try Project Veritas. If you want a good laugh, you could call your local paper or news station, doubt they would cover it though…

    • Everyone should call the meat company on the lable of any of this magnetic meat and demand answers. Same with local and state elected offices, Maybe try the Attorney Generals office or health department.

      • Yes…we need to keep track of the brands that are showing the magnetism and see if we can discover trends of where the meat comes from, what the animals are fed, who owns the companies, etc.

    • Please help advise on what we believe this to be? Is it plain & simply Nanotechnology or is there an even more sinister reason these magnets stick to meant and now to the intestines of meat eaters!?!

      It is just a bad that “they” are using liquified dead human remains in Wisconsin for fertilizer ~*~ i have downloaded a copy of the Bill that was passed which allows this to happen ~> yes~ in this modern era we are somehow moving backwards in many aspects OF LIFE. No one asked me if I would allow such an awful thing in my food! As a vegetarian i_am mortified – 100% prays are my answer – and vibrating on high! Sadly every time I look at my emails my heart – mind & spirit are blown away ~ STILL I HAVE FAITH ENOUGH FIR US ALL!!! Blessings to you all!

    • Why magnets in the meat?

      The “Powers that Be” want to eliminate meat from our diets and have us eating synthetic meat; what better way to destroy the meat industry than to infect cows, pigs and chickens with “mad cow disease” Maybe they are injecting cows, pigs and chickens (along with humans) with Covid 19 vaccines. What better excuse could they have if they wanted to eliminate all livestock?

      Could the Next Global Crisis in 2022-23 be a Prion (Mad Cow Disease) Pandemic?

      [quote]A Hypothetical — A Prion Pandemic

      Is the next pandemic crisis going to be a type of mad cow brain disease?
      If this were the case — might meat packers and front-line health workers be the first to succumb to a new infectious brain disease pandemic?

      If this unfolded, governments would be told to shut all meatpacking plants and destroy life stock on a massive global scale? If so, fake meat processing companies would blossom, providing investors enormous dividends. Livestock farmers all across the world would face dire consequences.[/end quote]

      COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease

    • Micro frequency control. Look for Dr. Duncan lecture about his work on CIA… He is a wiselblower… The program he shares is “The Voice of God”.
      People need to know…
      and also… been a hacker black or white hat doesnt really matter…
      The internet in this last years have change soo deeply… The information or data called what you want is controlled in many ways… THEY HAVE SUPER TECH.

    • It’s probably in the animal’s food. Easiest way to get it into the animal and transfer to humans. What is their deal? Why the need to rule the world? To rule over humanity? They’ve been doing this crazy stuff since maybe WW1 slowly trying to rule over humanity. People just been asleep, trusting, loving their neighbors, unaware. They have gained a lot of ground with their mad plans. I want to say. . Just leave us alone. Go be crazy somewhere else. Vindication comes from the Lord and I’ve been asking for vindication and justice. This is enough!

    • I want to see some heads roll. I want the head of the FDA to go on national television and explain how this happened and what is being done to correct it. I want to see this right now!

    • Since the plandemic I have been buying meat (pork & beef)that doesn’t go to market, I gotta cut it up and package it myself. So far I haven’t found any magnetization. BTW it’s so much cheaper. I’m hoping this is a way to circumvent the spoiled meat.
      I’ve been prepping for years, intuition made me do it. I’ve been telling others. Yes, friends and family dubbed me crazy. It’s difficult to wake folks up but I keep trying. Love and prayers to all.

    • Most all meats have been irradiated for several years now. Would that have something to do with magnets sticking?

    • Geeeee Alexandria….I guess TRUTH hurt you Huh?
      I s THAT the reason you removed MY Post here???
      All I did was test this annalist about meat by doing it with my own test…IT DIDN’T FLY!

    • This has been going on for years. I saw someone show metal in dry baby cereal. It’s in most industry processed food. People have only just started to notice.

    • When the power goes off and ATM’s stop working because of False Flag cyber attacks and of course they’ll say it’s Russia, or China. But no communication while all of the vaccine deaths are happening around us. And the chaos is crazy. Who knows if we’ll fight for civil war or not? But just before we tear it all down, the globalists will step in and allow our Great (treasonous) Congress to rebuild. Because if this place could go flatline, we would rebuilt a New America without representatives that can be controlled by London. They WILL keep control of us human slaves. And I will just kill myself before I allow another slave colony run by the McConnells and Pelosi. But you stupid …… will most likely allow them to rebuild the same old, same old scam run by same old elite puppets. We will have a chance, if a bullfrog doesn’t bump his ass every time he jumps. I’m betting we’ll rebuild the same thing, the exact same way, with the same old bank and even a new sex slave operation. All they have to do is say, “…well, you’re free now”, and we’ll lay down and roll over for them.

      • I’ve bought a citizen band, hand held radio. It’s now packaged in Al foil. Can’t be too prepared. I hope you folks buy one too so we can keep the info flowing. Love to all ❤️

    • I can say I am becoming vegan, but most of our veggies and fruits are altered as well. They seem synthetic. I have a head of lettuce that has been in the fridge for a month. Still looks fresh. This is not normal

    • Chemtrails sprayed worldwide over several years………..if these share some of, or the same characteristics-chemicals-nano tech, with vaxx shots, then what these videos are showing is surprising but not unexpected…………..

    • That’s why this meat companies got hacked with cyberattacks so they can stopped. They are committing ilegal experimentation on masses of people. And the FBI does nothing to stop it. Instead they go after the heroes which is the hackers. FBI are asskissers to this satanic cult f$#@s

    • Red Meat is high in the micronutrient mineral iron. Other meats also contain mineral iron too. Meats are not usually thought of as being high enough in iron content to cause a magnet to attract. It’s possible this just hype. It’s a curious possibility that needs to be proven or disproven as either a seriously dangerous and novel (i.e. “Totally new”) phenomenon caused by something unnatural, or a curious anomaly that’s always been with us but we’ve just never before been aware of.

      • That’s exactly what I thought. Sounds like you are a critical thinker, too. I’ve never tried to put a magnet on meat before, but who’s to say the natural iron in it isn’t causing that? I did see one video of a guy who had meat in his deep freezer from 8 months ago who thawed it and experimented. The magnet did not stick… I wonder how many folks with deep freezers could repeat his results.

        • I just tried a magnet on crushed up LIFE cereal and a small amount moved around on a piece of paper with magnet underneath. It was brown, not black, but then I didn’t look at it under a microscope.
          Added iron in the cereal?
          I saw one video on Bitchute that did it with Special K and the powdered material looked black.

    • Bill gates has a patent on using body energy for some kind of crypto network and is single largest farm land owner in USA

    • This would point to it being sprayed over livestock and agriculture on a wide scale . And eventually will be interacting with ref energy from phones and WiFi signals .

    • It also may not have anything to do with the growers. Those animals get shipped off finished in some cases and then to a packing joint they put preservatives, tenderizers and coloring in the meat before going out to your local stores .. That’s a bigger possibility it’s being introduced there.

    • I don’t believe this is real meat. They have been generating fake meat for awhile. This would also enable them to administer the deadly experimental injections to those of us who refuse them.

      As an aside, they’re also figuring out how to infect people with the shots through GMO mosquitoes.

      If it is real meat, this would be a means by which to destroy the ranching industry – which is also their stated goal. They are cutting off water to farmers and ranchers so we have nothing to eat. And creating drought through weather control.

      Our only hope is that God listens to our petitions and steps in before it’s too late. 🥺✝️

    • I just tried it on some bacon I have in the fridge, it stuck! I’m in the uk so maybe this is worldwide

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