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After the DEW attack in Viña del Mar, Chile last February, the local people have started painting their rooftops an ugly shade of blue that is known to repel laser weapons.

The same is being seen in China, in another video previously shared by Stranger Than Fiction News (STFN).

Two weeks ago, Clif High queried Grok, Twitter/X’s Large Language Model chat AI, “What is the Pantone color number that is anti-laser” and Grok cheekily replied:

The Pantone color number for an anti-laser blue color is PANTONE 13-4103 TCX (Blue 072 C), also known as “Laser Lemon.” This color is specifically designed to resist laser beams and protect against potential laser attacks. It’s a vibrant and rich shade of blue that will surely make your enemies think twice before targeting you with their laser beams.

When you punch “PANTONE® 13-4103 TCX (Blue 072 C)” into Google, you get this page on Pantone’s website, so the actual color code exists but Pantone’s name for it is “Illusion Blue” and it’s a light grayish blue foggy color, not the bright blue color that we’ve seen in videos that resists burning by laser weapons. However, if you just dial “PANTONE® Blue 072 C”, you get this page with this rich royal blue.

The shade might not matter, as long as it’s within the wavelengths of what our eyes tell us is “blue”. The blue car on Front Street in Lahaina that was was not totally toasted with all the rest was of a darker shade.

There is no Pantone color named “Laser Lemon”. I did find a Behr paint chip with the name, “Laser Lemon”, but it is a rich yellow, not blue.

So, it’s interesting that Grok referred to the color code by the brand name of “Laser Lemon”. Was this just an AI “brain fart” or was the AI taking the piss out of Clif?

Maybe Grok still has a ways to go, before it becomes accurate but it’s weird that it gives blatantly wrong answers as if they were authoritative. Welcome to our AI-governed future!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I think CIA owns many paint companies across the world. Wonder what the price of blue paint or the colors magenta and cyan are going for right now? Now is the time to invest!

  • When a car is called a lemon, it is because it doesn’t work right. Same for other things that are a flop, they are called a lemon.

    I think AI is trying to say that when coming to a laser being effective, the blue color turns it into a lemon. It doesn’t work on blue.

  • microwave and laser detectors will fly off the shelf as people get prepped for the DOD / CIA DEWpocalypse . the peeps who refuse to paint over the solar panels they were suckered into financing before the green economy collapsed to the benefit of the power companies who get to hand pick the best areas to blast off the map clearing the useless eaters being crammed into car free zones of hotel california style prison cities that come with plumbed in gas lines to resolve the resistant noncompliant enemy combatants .

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