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John Michael Chambers: Juan has been serving this nation since the time of Ronald Reagan. He’s very well connected, and I’ll leave it at that. His clandestine assignments and self-imposed directives, many which are unknown to the public, play a critical role in protecting this nation and its interests for decades.

A good friend and most valuable voice and resource over these years here in the new media, I thank you very much, Juan, for talking with me and our audience today. How are you doing?

Juan O Savin: Oh, great.

John Michael Chambers: Excellent. You know, while in Asia, you shared with me what it might look like, in terms of timeframes – what I’m saying is we talked a bit about timeframes, locations, sort of the shock and awe, if you will, of disruption and destruction coming to America, incrementally – soon, to the streets of America.

And I really urge those listening to do just that and listen up, as this is a deadly serious matter with a victorious ending. But nonetheless, we need to understand about the incoming. So having said that, Juan, what kind of distractions, disruptions, perhaps multiple incoming in various different modes might we receive?

Juan O Savin: Well, you know, the one you don’t see coming is really the toughest of them all. You know, you’ve tried to do everything you know to be on the offense and not get caught flatfooted; trying to, you know, skirt out of the way of danger.

But inevitably, it seems like the people that we’re having to come up against have gamed things out so completely that you haven’t really seen the next play they have. They’ve got one up their sleeve that you never saw coming.

How many people in this audience saw the pandemic coming the way it did months in advance, days in advance? Can you remember the shock?

Things like the oil crisis in the early ’70s. Did people see that coming? It is actually not just easy, but likely you will get blindsided by some event or events, over your lifetime. Some of them more significant, some less, but especially from the political arena.

With that in mind, you know, there’ll be people that will come out and apologize, after the fact for what they may force you to do or direct everybody to do that was exactly the wrong advice at the wrong time. But that’ll be after you’re wiped out, after you’ve made decisions based on bad information.

You know, one of the key Japanese leaders, I had a meeting over there a couple of weeks ago, and it’s percolated through the ranks. And now you have several of them, a leader in the business or the political environment. It’s to save face by at least giving the people around you the courtesy, the honor of saying if you were wrong on something and it had a catastrophic consequence.

And so here you had one of these key leaders coming out, coming forward and apologizing to the whole country, apologizing to everybody for having forced a shot on them, which wasn’t necessary, was ill-advised and caused huge numbers of death and injury, out in the population.

That’s the first of many that you’ll see happening around the world; in the sports industry, in the military, and in politics around the world, as they begin to come to grips with the public stigma of their part in forcing something on people that was ill-advised wrong; that was somebody else’s plan.

There are attacks that are intended against America, American people, because this enemy that has attacked us, it may look like they’re only going after Trump. As Trump has said famously, “They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.” Okay? And so what are they capable of?

We’re in an existential type of crisis. This is life and death for America. As I’ve stated numerous times over the last several years, this is like a near-death experience for America. What’s coming here?

Even before Trump was named as a candidate, I told your people that America’s population is going to have a near-death experience, an out-of-body experience. They can’t believe everything that’s happening. The devil’s coming for us. These are evils coming for us. They hate us and they want to destroy us.

And so with that in mind, what you’re really looking at, here is something that is normally outside the scope of most people’s desire to know or understand. It’s not that they’re not able to, they’re just not willing to, for the most part, but we’re all going to be forced to look at the world around us, the way it works in our country, and all the mechanisms of operation it takes to make people to be able to function together.

As that ship in Baltimore showed you. One little whack. Do you know that that was more economically damaging to America than the Twin Towers and Building 7, by the way? Let us not forget. Hello, is everybody paying attention? Two airplanes, three buildings. By the way, Building 7 was a 50-story megalith.

How did it go down? What was the mechanism that made that happen? Who was planning that behind the scenes, so they could get Homeland Security put in place to lock us down?

But with that mindset, we come back to these people that, by plan have been filtered into America, all through our society. What are they capable of? What minor things can they do? Who’s pulling the strings? Is it Putin? Is it Xi? Is it North Korea? Is it just terrorists? Is it some elite secret handshake crowd who wants America out of the way?

When they strike, every one of them will be out of the dark. You didn’t see it coming. It’ll be in a way you didn’t see coming, just like 9/11. Did you see it coming the day before? Were you worried about it?

John Michael Chambers: Not at all.

Juan O Savin: We don’t know precisely what one they’ll play next, because they have a lot up their sleeve.

But there’s going to be several. It won’t be one thing. It’s like when you’re taking out a building, which is what they really want to do, this home, that we call America.

They want to take out all the structural supports. When they act, it will take out infrastructure, in a way that makes it hard for America to function and move on. The only real way that America gets through this, in the end is a Divine Intervention, in my opinion.

I think everybody’s going to feel it and know it by the end. They will realize that had not the hand of God Himself moved into the situation and protected and blocked what was intended for us, we would not make it through. That’s the way it’s going to be for the whole country.

And I think we’ll have a collective sense of that, on the far side of it.

John Michael Chambers Well, that’s the reason we call it a spiritual battle between good and evil, driven right home there, just now. Those of us of faith continue to pray.

And Juan, I want to ask you a few questions I jotted down prior to turning this camera on. In your wisdom and experience and the information you have and your opinion, are there any particular states or cities, like you talked about; multiple different methods and different things that will come upon us, infrastructure hits and so forth.

Are there any particular states or cities that you would be willing to comment on that you would have greater concern of these attacks than others? Will there be geographical areas that will be hit harder or different ways than others? And what would the recovery periods be back to some level of normalcy in these particular areas?

Juan O Savin: Well, I’m not Nostradamus. I’m not Kim Clement. But I don’t think you have to be, either to understand that the policies of, especially the mayors and governors in certain regions and states have laid the groundwork for much of the lawlessness and inviting-in and making sanctuary of certain places for both illegal and for legal mischief.

You can look at the events, involving BLM and the other similar groups, Antifa and other similar groups. You can look at their activities and where they were allowed to run amok and anticipate that they’ll be the places that’s going to happen again. They haven’t gotten reined in. So, you sow the wind, you’ll reap the whirlwind.

Beyond that, in the initial phase of what’s coming, I think it’ll be far more spread out. You’ll have 200-300 hundred primary locations where mischief’s occurring. And it’s, again, the death of a thousand razor slashes.

It’ll be water in one area, power in another. It’ll be safety driving down the road in other places or fires, in other places. Because the intent here is to make it so that America is not functional.

And are there natural disasters or are they man-made natural, by the way?

John Michael Chambers: Black swans, right?

Juan O Savin: Black swans of different types, including some weapons that people just can’t even imagine that exist, but are there to cause earthquakes or volcanoes even to erupt.

And for those that might think that, “Now that’s just gone into silly-talk,” we had a congressional hearing in the ’80s about a global pact, barring the use of weapons to create earthquakes and severe weather and to take out whole city with tidal waves, etc. So we had hearings about blocking the use of these extreme types of weapons in the ’80s when we were working on SDI, the Strategic Defense Initiative.

And they were very serious things because the capabilities were amazing, then and what was coming online. And now we’re 40 years down the road. What do you think those systems look like, today? And who has them?

The problem that you have is technologies that once were highly-restricted and difficult to understand and learn are far more profuse and the ability for otherwise very unsophisticated groups to be able to create and wield those weapons is increasing, by the day. So God help us.

John Michael Chambers: Juan, let me ask you real quick on the important topic I’ve just learned, I’m sure many of our viewers have and listeners, that ways to prevent these things from getting in the wrong hands and so forth back in the 80s in congressional hearings, unbelievable. But you know, a lot of the folks listening to this broadcast are familiar with HAARP, some of its purposes and weather modification.

We look at events such as Maui, you’ve got, back in the Katrina days, you’ve got all kinds of things creating potentially what look like tsunamis, but may not have been and so forth.

What about 5G? Because it is a military-grade weapon, as we’ve come to learn. It’s went up overnight everywhere, all over the world in strategic locations.And all they have to do from a layman’s turn is just flick the switch up another notch or two and all of a sudden, the whole area has been wiped out or eardrums have been blasted out. Would 5G be something we should be concerned about?

Juan O Savin: Yeah, it is part of the reason why you have to shut everything off for a period of days and reset, pull some things out, because it’s a hackable situation. It’s lethal.

You know, you only need two of the towers in a certain zone-distance apart and they can boil water a mile from them in an intersecting location – and very quickly, you know, a matter of a few minutes or so. So, boil a gallon of water. Well, what are you?

Yes, you’re a body of water. Okay, if you look at the early COVID, I may release some of that here at some point in time. There’s people that have it, but it bears review.

In Wuhan province, we had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos from people that were taken on their phones out across the region in China, there in Wuhan province area, of people supposedly “dying from COVID”.

And when you looked at how they died, they’re literally walking down the street one second, having a nice day and then all of a sudden they start walking funny and sideways and unable to function. And they started to not be able to walk coherently, fall over and they’re wiggling on the ground. This only took, you know, a minute or two.

Well, what was happening? They were getting microwaved.

Those systems are capable of sending out signals that act like a microwave. And then they can triangulate on your phone, itself. And, you know, cook ya. Because, if you got people that can tap into those systems, hack them, then you’re in danger because if they can hack those systems and triangulate on your phone, which is a tracking device, they could pick you out of a crowd, kill you. Anywhere you are. That’s part of the problem with the 5G.

The old cell towers, you know, they’re 10, 20 miles apart and send signals long-distance. These towers are only a mile apart, “low power”, supposedly, but that’s the other problem. The power can be cranked up! They just operate in a normal condition of low power. Somebody could hack the systems.

And why do they have the capability and high power? What if some sites get knocked out? You have to maintain communications? You can have the signal from some of those remaining locations to help cover the area. That’s the logic.

So there’s a problem. It’s not going to get dealt with easily. It was allowed to be in place. It really is a danger to society until it’s detuned, to allow us to be safe.

John Michael Chambers: Yeah. So there are some things we can, we can hedge against and these multiple different types of attacks that we’ve been discussing, here, and some things we just, we just can’t really necessarily fully control.

So, that leads me to this, Juan. What, you know, I’ve always said, “Saving America is not a spectator sport.” General Flynn always speaks about “Local action, national impact,” and all these are good statements and can be applied.

But with this level of warfare that’s coming at us, any other advice that you can give, in a traditional sense, as we, right now, right now, what can people do right now to help save America and protect their families? I mean, it’s a big, broad question, but some sprinkle of your views on that.

Juan O Savin: But I’ve said also that there’s going to be an amazing move of God that will be the greatest. I don’t even want to say, use the word revival because it’s not necessarily some of these people never been alive in their life as it is.

There’s some hand of God, move of God moment coming for America and the world, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. It doesn’t mean it’s all over. We’re not going into the millennium and it’s all happy-go-lucky.

It is the moment. And then it gets consolidated. Everybody gets a chance to take a lane.

But there’s something coming, like happened in Uganda and it’s happened in other countries that is just, you know, throw the wheelchairs to the curb, get rid of the canes, break the backs up, open the eyes. A very New Testament moment coming and then the rest of the fight.

And ultimately, I should have said it in the last interview and I forgot to mention it, but, you know, we’re going to war with China. That’s where you asked me a question about myself with Asia. We’re seeing this moment coalescing and condensing. Everybody’s getting to pick their team, pick a side and then we’re on with the rest of the fight.

This is like a pause moment for America and the world. And everybody gets to see how this game is being played and then pick a side. And some of the people you would have thought would be with us will not be.

And others that you never would have thought were going to be on our team and looking to bring the world to peace in a brighter place are going to be all in. And so there’s a resetting of the roster and shuttling of players around on the teams and then it’s game on.

John Michael Chambers: Ah, looks like we’ve lost Juan and that is really unfortunate. I’m going to guess, because this has happened once or twice before in all the programs I’ve done, ah, where he may just run out of charge. He is in a vehicle, as you can see there. Anyway, it looks like Juan’s not patching back in, but we got a lot of good information on this program.

Serious information, serious subject. And, you know, the Armor of God, that’s what it comes down to. Have faith. Divine intervention. God always wins. We’re on God’s side. And we must unite in truth, not in politics nor religion. And remember, where we go on, we go all.

This is John Michael Chambers speaking with his voice. Speak with your voice and may God be with you. See you next week.

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