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There’s an internet rumor circulating about how the rich folks on Maui, like Oprah Winfrey have blue roofs on their mansions, which has spared their homes – along with some random blue cars and blue umbrellas – from the pitiless “dustification” wrought by the Directed Energy Weapons believed to be used to pulverize hundreds of homes and to kill hundreds of people on that island, in what’s officially being called the “deadliest wildfire in the US in over a century”.

The internet rumor is bolstered by this video of a laser beam doing damage to different-colored wet towels laid out on the ground – all except for the blue towel. Presumably, the laser beam is set at a blue frequency that is harmonious with the blue light reflected back from the blue objects at the laser beam, therefore not causing any damage.

The rumor has become so pervasive that Newsweek just published an article calling this theory “baseless”, arguing that, “There were a number of buildings before the fire that were painted blue which subsequently were destroyed by the wildfires,” having earlier claimed to “debunk” the energy weapons theory that was advanced by many almost immediately.

At this point, it almost doesn’t matter if elements of the Federal Government actually did commit an unthinkable act of ecoterrorism, because Americans’ trust of their government is so completely in the gutter that a large number believe that such an act of coldblooded genocide is likely.

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