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Natalie Winters has found multi-million-dollar DoD and VA contracts to purchase “COVID test kits” and “COVID equipment”, according to the line items in the contracts.

She says, “The curious part about these contracts and why I think it is so damning is because if you look at the start and stop dates on a lot of these contracts, not only are they projected start in the future, so in September and October but some of these contracts, which have to do with enforcing what they call ‘COVID-19 safety protocols’ extend all the way to the year 2028…

“This isn’t about a public health emergency – and really, Steve, I think it’s important to connect it to another sort of narrative that’s begun bublling-up in the mainstream press; we’ve seen some very curious op-eds coming out from The Atlantic, from The New York Times that, in some cases are calling elections ‘superfluous’, that are saying we should abandon democracy, in favor of random selections and random lotteries – that was a featured op-ed in The New York Times yesterday.

“So, I think it’s curious that you see the timing of this talk about not only mail-in ballots but just elections; questioning them and their integrity as a whole, while concurrently, you see what is the beginning stages of the narrative that is laying the groundwork for a new round of mandates and lockdowns, masks, COVID vaxxines and boosters and otherwise.”

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  • is it a coincidence that 2020 was an election year and people were distracted by fighting for survival? so that some plan to use the false flag again to put the majority of the people into survival mode, many who havent recovered from the devistation caused by 2020, to manipulate an election cycle is entirely possible. what scares em the most is not these people manipulating things to gain and keep power and use public office for private gain…what scares me the most is how many people went along with all these extreme measures in 2020 and will comply again when there was never any evidence of a pandemic nor any science behind the measures that were being mandated and forced on people to survive. so much truth about it all has come out in the years since and yet how many still cling to the lie that the pandemic was real and ignored the economic collapse, all the homeless families in their own communities, and that this time around it could be them homeless, jobless, and watching their kids starve. could videos like this be ignored just because of the political viewpoint of who made them as the country is still in a mode of labeling Conservative and Liberal and pitting them against one another in a constant mudslinging war? we need to set all that aside, set aside the things we have been fed by mass media and start thinking or indeed all will be lost, the Constitution shredded, and we will be looking at Stalin’s Russia as Kindergarden compared to the world we will be living in.

  • The climate model changed to islands of opportunity for the WEF fire starter brigade. The weather as a weapon in the silent war on chicken little easily relocated islanders waiting on the payoff to STFU about it just like what happened in paradise except now the insurance rug has been pulled out from under the resident alien victims. These acts of god fires are mostly arson what a perverse sense of humor these demons have and now the insurance companies are onboard but will be bankrupted soon life , health , property all gone WEF style . They don’t care if you know it’s coming down ,they’ve got the shots and armaments and the godless bastards will use them to get what they want , anybody think the stopper can be found before we finish circling the drain .
    This is not a spectator sport , sport.
    Next up hunger games but the winners get to eat fake food for free for life.
    This is not our reality it belongs to those crispy critter losers waiting for their reward from heaven their dancing with the devil days are done now it’s time to pay your dusty ass dues .

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