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Major American news outlets have been lying about the war in Ukraine for years, but Colonel Douglas Macgregor isn’t following their lead. He recently joined Tucker to speak out about what’s really happening in Eastern Europe, and what it means for the rest of the world. Their conversation was released last night. Colonel Macgregor knows more about 21st century military affairs than perhaps any other American, and his message is worth hearing.

After Tucker asks Col Macgregor “Who is Victoria Nuland?” at about 17 minutes, 40 seconds into the interview, the Colonel begins to describe the international neocons, pointing to their Prussian/German/Nazi lineage without using the words “Prussian, “German” or “Nazi”.

Very interesting.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This guy makes too much sense. Hope he doesn’t get a Scott Ritter pulled on him, or Wellstoned.

  • Ukraine is running out of idiots willing to join the fray by jumping into the mostly j*ewish meat grinder. The runners are hiding all over the world as war refugees the plan was to empty out this land to be used as a Khazar homeland for the Fake jews who have been buying up the now mostly abandoned lands . The most hated scum of the Earth are being kicked out of the middle east these wandering assholes need to head down to Antarctic to live up to their potential but without a group of white people to prey on I’m sure they will surrender in 6 days or so.

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