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Dr Judy Wood lectures at the 2012 Breakthrough Energy Conference about the anomalies at the World Trade Center on 9/11. She believes that the explanation for these anomalies is that advanced Directed Energy Weapons were used to take down the the Towers.



Now, we’re going to talk about Dustification and Lather. You’ll notice, I use a unique language. If you don’t know what the phenomenon is and you use the name of a known phenomenon, that’s wrong.

You’re misleading the direction the information is going in, here. You’re calling something, like “fire” when it’s not fire.

That’s why I use the word, “fumes”, because if you see smoke, you’re assuming the cause to be fire. If you don’t know what the phenomenon is, better not used name of a known phenomenon.

Well, what happened these buildings? That’s a phenomenon we’ve never seen before. It needs a new name. I call it “Dustification”: The buildings turned to dust.

It’s not a difficult word to remember, either and often, I use names of food. You know, like “Cheetos” or something like that. You’re not gonna confuse this with food. It’s better than using “Characteristic 493 – 7a”, you cannot remember that.

We’re going to talk about Dustification. As we talked about before, this [pointing to image of the World Trade Center towers] is turning to dust as it falls.

People have talked about these “squirts” ahead of the collapse wave. But what was that? If it’s bombs, you’d see a flash and you see a whole lot more of them.

But if you have the whole building turning to dust as it comes apart, what about the water tanks that are distributed throughout the building? They’re going to get weaker and weaker as they’re dissolving, until they suddenly give way and I’m tending to believe that might, indeed be what that is. We don’t know.

But if you’ve got that whole building down the ground, in like eight seconds – let’s say nine and a half seconds, just to give it some extra – it would have to be squirting out here, the base, at a minimum of Mach 1.5! The air from the middle, to get to the outsides is like Mach 2.5!

Sure, all of the adjacent buildings should look like they were machine gun-fired. That’s a lot to stuff to squirt out of the way and that’s assuming the building took, you know, nine and a half seconds coming around, so you just have a couple little puffs. Something’s not right there, too.

Now, people who claim they heard explosions and so therefore, it must be bombs in the building. They’re starting with assuming what did it and then going back to assuming what problem they’re solving, instead of determining first what happened.

Well, if you recall [signs found at the scene of Ground Zero that read]: “Blasting Zone Ahead”, “Turn Off Cell Phones and Radios”, just in case it triggers something?

How you going to get everyone to unknowingly turn off all their cell phones in southern Manhattan for weeks ahead, while they prepare the site?

But there were sounds of explosions. Bombs go “Boom!” but not everything that goes “Boom!” is a bomb. Think of putting an egg in your microwave oven.

Turns out, there’s a lot of folks who talked about these Scott packs exploding at ground level sitting on the fire trucks.

There’s a lot of testimony here, we don’t need to go over it but there’s various firefighters who’ve talked about hearing these “Scott tanks exploding”.

Now, this is slow motion of Tower One coming apart and you notice this: there’ll be some column that starts falling down, this corner, it gets in, here and we’re going to follow it down and watch how it just turns to dust, completely.

As well as these other other things. Here it is, okay, it’s got the dust trailing behind it. This is a solid piece. It’s like ice cream melting. It’s going away and if you focus on various other parts, you’ll see the same thing.

There’s no sound but this is a high-speed version. You can see that piece again and these big chunks over here. You see, it’s turning to dust as it comes down and we’re gonna go look down on the ground, right next to where this was coming down.

This is the Verizon Building, right here and we’re going to look at the corner right below there. That’s the Verizon Building right there. This is that intersection where that material was falling.

Right after everything settled, these people who were hiding come out of their hiding places and they probably look and say, “Nah, there’s no no building here.” You can see sky.

Looking at the body language: guy with his hands on his hips, arms folded, arms that said they’re probably in total amazement, shocked and just bewildered.

I called this picture of “The Twilight Zone”, because they probably felt like they just walked into the Twilight Zone. Bunch of cars went into spontaneous combustion – apparent, spontaneous combustion – up here, with the sea of unburned paper, in between.

And here’s that Toasted Car. But we’re going to look at various directions of watching this Dustification.

There’s a cluster of core columns that remains here. Watch what happens to them: they just faint. I believe that’s the upper part of where those firefighters survived in Stairwell B. Those are core columns.

This is another one. See, it peals away, like a banana and you see this clear air around it. Sometimes, like they say, “Dust settled on it.” Well, this can’t settle on something like that, that fast, without seeing it.

And there’s from across the river. You can see those those two and then there’s a sequence from the northern view. And you know, my detractors like say, “Oh, it fell over and because the dust was so fine, it hung in the air!”

Well, if the dust is so fine it hung in the air, how could it be settled instantly on these vertical columns? We saw it was peeled away like a banana but it comes a point where it’s no longer a crisp boundary and just turns to dust.

I call it “Dustification”.

Where have we seen it before? There goes one more round. But you’re told to see a collapse, so you tune that out. You can see all of this is frothing up into dust. That part and it’s also blowing downward; very clean edges. So, it isn’t like dust was settling on it.

Another part of it – this is further up than this image is. This is coming down close to this building. But notice there’s some chunks that go missing. And notice the dusts kind of squirting out the ends of those pieces. You can see a trailing.

Is there a reason why you didn’t hear a “thud” when it hit?

“Lather” is a term I used when it looked like a unique – another unique – behavior pattern. But I think lather is just the part doing the same thing [Dustification] that this is doing, but doing it in-place.

And this video is of Building 7; the North Face. But notice this one face – and one face only – that has this lather pouring out of it. Notice its spiraling around. And if it was smoke from a fire and it really needed to get out, why isn’t it coming out these windows? If there’s a traffic jam, you know, why does it take the path of least resistance? The wind that day was 7 or 8 MPH.

Now, we look at “Dust Rollout” and “Fuzzballs”: This wall of dust is pouring down the street. It was chasing people and it overtook them – didn’t cook them – just left him covered with dust. I like these abrupt lines. Like, you can see where this other fellow’s tie – but it was tucked in there. He’s just covered; didn’t get cooked.

The dust went a certain distance and then went up. Another bizarre thing.

Again, it’s important just to take in all the data and it starts telling you the story of what happened. Let the evidence tell you the story, instead of forcing it to go a particular direction. And I wouldn’t have seen this before, that it just all goes a particular distance, then goes up.

There’s a video film by Bob and Bri who had an apartment up here. Bless them for for saving this video and then sharing it with the world. [Runs video of WTC building collapse].

Now, in a controlled demolition, the dust doesn’t really go above the highest point of the building. There is no building. But this went up; blocked out all the sunlight for a few minutes. And it went up and continue going up – and continue going up for months and years.

Wet tire tracks; they wet it down. They’re misting it. Oops, up here. But what’s this wet dirt?

Alright. Fuzzballs. Notice how clear the air is from here on up? But down at the bottom is a thick haze. And you’ll notice, from the time on the clock that it’s only 15 minutes after the South Tower went away. This is 15 minutes before the North Tower went away.

How could that fine of a dust have landed in that short of a time? It’s fallen out of the air, because it’s clear. And there’s several other pictures that indicate this; that it was coarse dust that landed – and then became fine dust – and began rising up; like it kept breaking down.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • OH My Goodness PEOPLE – Pay particular attn. :

    Take no more koolaide, wonderbread or lithium!!! As these serve no purpose, other than that of being F’d Updium.
    The message is clear. This is a Destruct (E)implode WW(111)eapon, meant to be the beginning of the end to humanity.
    Chemtrails dispersed daily & meant to kill humanity, need to be dealt with A CenTurY ago – Get with it annd stop the demise of our world.

  • My understanding is, that there is a deep underground military bunker under the affected area in Maui fitted with an off-world radiation device capable of burning anything inorganic.

    As for the Twin Towers, a long time ago there was a video of either Japanese or Chinese technicians installing bombs throughout the towers over many months.

    Based on the device that radiated Maui, I cannot help but wonder if a similar deep bunker is not under the site of the Twin Towers to assist or act as the catalyst.

  • I believe the airplanes were holograms. I think directed energy lasers could cause the 9/11 but so could pre-planted bombs, then hit with directed energy and you get dust! Nobody was expecting it, so nobody looked up til the first “plane” hit. The fact they have reversed engineered alien technology is why they can do all the shit they do.

    • OH My Goodness PEOPLE – Pay particular attn. :

      Take no more koolaide, wonderbread or lithium!!! As these serve no purpose, other than that of being F’d Updium.
      The message is clear. This is a Destruct (E)implode WW(111)eapon, meant to be the beginning of the end to humanity.
      Chemtrails dispersed daily & meant to kill humanity, need to be dealt with A CenTurY ago – Get with it annd stop the demise of our world.
      Do not regurgitate – Talk to people about and research the past B/S.

  • In my esteemed opinion, the estimated 1000 people “missing” at the recent holocaust at Maui experienced Dustification. They aren’t “missing” at all, they are still there; they have just changed their corporeal form: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Their number of “missing” people will shrink over the days, as public interest wanes. The strange “fog” that hung over the city for days prior to this firestorm was instrumental to this Dustification. Maui is the most recent proof that the Law of Physics has drastically changed from what we were taught in school.
    The word “LASER” is an acronym meaning “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. Maui was not accomplished by “Jewish Space Lasers” but by something that emitted rays for hours, and by light waves that are beyond the visible Human spectrum, and the strange “fog” anomaly amplified the effect beyond any petroleum-based accelerant. The very accepted laws of Physics were altered by these “Directed Energy Weapons” at Maui.
    I can’t help but wonder “Who’s Next, or Where’s Next?” Change my mind if you can.

    • Microwave technology can be part of these types of disasters. They have been developing all kinds of weapons.

  • Thanks so much Alexandra for putting Dr. Judy Woods work up again. It seems as though she is the only one that can actually empirically challenge any of this DEW evidence.

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