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“Toasted cars” was a term coined by materials scientist, Dr Judy Wood to describe bizarre phenomena at Ground Zero, for which she felt that normal words were inadequate.

Dr Wood’s 2010 book, ‘Where Did the Towers Go?’ proposed that the many anomalies observed in the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers were evidence of Directed Energy Weapons.

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  • Melting Metals Without Heat
    By manipulating molecular bonding energies
    with governed resonant pulses of strong magnetic fields
    we can control phase transitions in the states of matter.
    When exposed to strong magnetic fields – pulsing at 300 Hz
    most metals will melt in seconds at 39ΒΊC
    using <5% of the energy required by conventional means.

    Controlled Phase Transition of Metals
    US Patent # 7,524,385 Terry McGrath, Longmont, Colorado
    A process for electromagnetic (EM) energy-induced solid to liquid phase transitions
    in metals is disclosed. The method utilizes coherent EM fields to transform solid materials such as silicon and aluminum without significant detectable heat generation.
    The transformed material reverts to a solid form after the EM field is removed
    within a period of time dependent on the material and the irradiation conditions.
    Summary of the Invention
    The present invention is an electromagnetic (EM) processing method
    for rapidly transforming metals with a minimal amount of energy lost as heat.
    The transition is achieved by directing coherent magnetic fields
    such that metal bonding is disrupted. High temperatures are not required
    and the EM field energy can be tuned to effect a phase change
    in a wide range of metals, including alloys and combinations of metals.
    Many metal transitions can be achieved at or below 50ΒΊC
    with little or no generation of heat in the process.

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