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I have not been running enough of the work of Sabrina Wallace aka Psinergy, who has been instrumental in unraveling the Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) component of the Death Shot.

She explains, “The nanotechnology has an internal networking called the 2D Corona Routing. Up until today, when I put the papers in order, was I able to fully see the outlay of some of the other DARPA Foundries (viz “DARPA Successfully Transitions Synthetic Biomanufacturing Technologies to Support National Security Objectives”), making their own molecules, peptides, amino chains. I was reading them, not comprehending them. I’m like, “Where is all this going? Is this just transhumanism? Is it just regenerative medicine?”


After absorbing the latest scientific papers, Sabrina has now determined that the nanotechnology in the COVID jabs “Reproduces itself, grabs up the components of your body to do it, then, after reproducing itself, creates its own neural networks, no different than your body does. That’s bad enough. Then, it can give commands to itself, because it’s got it’s own neural networks.”

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She continues, “So, it starts upgrading different nodes of itself – then, it creates its own AI internally, on its own. Every single one of you that thinks you need the 5G, no. It’s inside. Thus, the Foundries with DARPA, ten years ago…

“You jabbed people with f*ing nano that not only recreates itself but makes its own neural nets and its own artificial intelligence that is specific to the human on the inside?

“It’s in the molecular communication routing…I warned people that this is about turning humans into something else. Initially, I thought, ‘Arm into a fish flipper.’ Oh, no! No… 

“You put a reproducing xenobot inside people that transfects? No, it doesn’t. You’re load-balancing the Body Area Networks. And worse than anything, it builds its own neural networks and then it builds its own AI. Tissue scaffolding, Resurfaces your cells and keeps going. 

“No wonder these people were growing these huge masses but they wouldn’t work right. DNA was faulty, so the human dies and the mass ejects itself…

“You had better tell people now. I mean, like today. And those of you that have been so busy ignoring all of this, how are you going to stop the nano from exponentiating its own AI – on the inside. Inter-body is not available to the f*in’ 5G. Cybersecurity.

“DARPA Founderies ten years ago. It’s all there. You know what your problem is? Those molecules are driven by AI the whole time – Body Sensory Networks, Wireless Sensory Networks. That’s machine-to-machine. No humans involved. No human encryption, nothing. Pure AI…

“They don’t want the regular internet, they’ve got the Internet of Bodies. But they didn’t need the bodies for a faster backbone. They needed the bodies to produce all that stuff. And worse.”

Sabrina is disgusted by the insiders who have failed to disclose that those white rubbery clots aren’t just antenna for WBAN signals, they’re out there, building AI inside the bodies of millions of people.

“The people running around as ‘White Hats’ and ‘Black Hats’, there’s not sh*t they can do. Prove it! This is why so many of you are using those systems. The one way, you would have been able to stop it is to join with it. Now, it makes sense. Decisions that people been making…

“Prayer, be serious about your environment, be mindful of who you’re around. The less of it that’s in there, the slower it goes, the less chance you’ve got of suffering other incidents. But the people whose eyeballs are emitting light on whatever that is in the sky that nobody can decide upon: accelerant. Same with the air molecules, you’ll never take ’em to court.”

It appears to that the absolute nightmare Sabrina may be describing is a future where armies of borgs will “hatch” out of human bodies…

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I appreciate the info and warning, but not the potty mouth. If you calm down, I’d love to hear this in holiness before the Lord so I could try to share it. Thanks!

  • Have known about this for several years now. Yes! That is what the bioweapon is for. (Not just a weapon, eh?) That is what the chemspray is for. It likely contains graphene. That’s why they are putting graphene oxide in our food and our medicine. Internet of bodies…and depop, all in one blow! A recent NDE experiencer was told that knowledge of graphene oxide (the “black goo”) was given to the perps directly from Satan. Don’t know exactly what that means, but, yep, it looks, feels, and sounds Satanic to me. Been trying to tell people about this for years. The mf’s don’t want to know. They think the answer to everything–including their own gdmn ignorance–is “Oh, Jesus!!”

      • Hi Alexandra, I was able to find it on Rumble last night. Can you or anyone explain this to me like a 10 year old? I understand the basics of AI but what would be a hypothetical example of what this has done to the vaxxed people? Someone help me understand this better please.

        • I uploaded it to Rumble this morning. What it sounds to me that she’s saying is that the ideal result that these scientists are looking for is for cybord to self-assemble, using an AI that is tuned to the body and that is drawing all of the necessary molecules from our natural bodies needed to constrauct a cyborg version of ourselves, made from our own physical matter. And we then, we basically “hatch” as fully-formed cyborgs.

          • Thanks for the explanation. So either they turn into a machine/robot or they are duplicated and there is a machine version of them is what I am understanding. Weird.

  • When Siemens was experimenting with miniature implants to track cows in the field, Deep State folks showed up unannounced for Department of Agriculture meeting interested if this technology was possible to use on humans. It was in 1970′. So yes, anything is possible in half a century since then.

  • The beast won’t survive as a biological entity during the coming light age when the heavens open up and gives us the big blast of light to send us forward in time and density and GOD seals the rift to heal the satanic infection . so we are pumped full of off world alien tech to keep us on the bot farm functioning as an anchor for the dark energy trapped here inside of us . the decentralization makes the AI super spreaders autonomous terminator robot armies who will get the signal from the off world higher density AI mainframe to activate and override the free will of the hive minded transhumans who will sync up to fight the great battle once and for all.
    what we need is a miracle

    • Do we know when the “blast” will occur? I keep hearing “soon” from NDErs, but “soon” for the heavens might be a century. They don’t have time up there.

      • the channelers of the noninterventionist alien cheerleading section but not from heaven say maybe may maybe not but as awakening the woke takes shaking to a whole new level so down we go for another show me the money bizarre ass revelation meant to stir some life into our spiritually still born brethren. the only one I trust says sometime in august . I am an impatient bastard so the waiting pains me greatly watching the darkside being dragged along the rocky road to redemption behind the 4 horse chariot of fire .

  • This young lady is risking her life to tell the truth and I understand the emotions involved but she and others must stop this cursing I cannot share this with the elderly or true Christians. Don’t shoot yourself and us in the foot by doing it. She has more courage than most men, pray for her safety.

  • This is BAD!!!!! They are hundreds of years more advanced than we know,none of this could happen accept God had allowed it. God no longer protects us. The tribulation had to happen sooner or later. We are either at the door or just inside the 7 years. It is our duty and instinct to fight this evil but understand you must first come to terms with JESUS . No one gets out of this alive, he’ll is forever no second chances, get alone and cry out to JESUS to save you while you can!

  • I’ve been trying to tell people about this and so much more for decades by showing them the patents! Nope you’re still a theorist to 99%, but thanks for killing another messenger. Yet, the DARPA run science fiction movie industry since the days before Elvis, with all of it’s tax credit off-shoring money creation powers gas-light & engineer us constantly to say ‘oh that’s “science fiction”‘.
    I was watching this and something also clicked, what if the ‘ 0&1 tech spirit’ is using human spirit to in-act it’s will because it has no form of it’s own through our creation, adaptation & absorption of technology?
    Even ancient cultures described this phenomenon, what if it’s an Aaruman tech spirit like Daniel Lidzt of Dark Journalist ascribes to the Casey readings? Thanks Alexandra don’t think I would have come up with that without this clip, as I think some of what I think are my own ideas originate from within the ‘techno realm of consciousness’, DMT users talk about the techno machine spirit elf’s as well.
    What if these are similar realms and the supreme idealization of DARPA’s nano-tech injection is bringing the two realms together without our conscious intent but some other darker invisible hand?
    I believe that we should start thinking about this like the monks. Resonate our own frequency of will to combat theirs. When I fell I’m under the attack of these weapons platforms I resonate a sound or frequency from within to match and counter act. We are beings of light and frequency after all.

  • If you truly want to know how any book story ends, you must read the final chapters.
    Likewise, if you claim to be a Christian, then you must peruse the final chapters of Revelation – chapters 21 & 22, which is the last two pages of your Bible.
    It doesn’t take long to read two pages.

    Those last 2 pages describe the advanced technologies deployed to create a living environment here “on earth as it is in heaven”. The results of the advanced technologies describe there is : Revelation 21:4 “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”
    Outside of the walls of the New City of Jerusalem is still Satan’s horrible world.
    There is no other practical solution.
    All else is futile.

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