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Popular Mechanics recently published an article about how corporations want to use human bodies to help power their new 6G telecommunications systems.

This confirms the analysis of human rights activist, Sabrina Wallace who recently explained that the purpose of the clots being formed by the Death Shot is to serve as 6G antenna for the new standard of wireless communications – the Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN). She said this is the result of the work done at the Foundries with DARPA, ten years ago.

Worse, Sabrina explained that those white rubbery clots weren’t merely antenna for WBAN signals, they were also in the process of building AI inside the bodies of millions of people.

The ultimate nightmare Sabrina suggested was a future where armies of borgs will “hatch” out of human bodies.

All of this might sound unhinged until you read the recent Popular Mechanics article, below.


Scientists Want to Use People as Antennas to Power 6G
Why? Because your body is pretty great at harvesting wasted energy.

  • The future of 6G telecommunications could come from Visible Light Communication.
  • Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst believe using humans as part of the antenna system offers the most efficient way to harvest waste energy.
  • In the process, humans could wear coiled copper.

We don’t yet know exactly how 6G wireless technology is going to work. But researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst believe using humans as antennas to power 6G may be the most viable way to harvest additional energy that would otherwise get wasted.

In the always-present effort to speed up informational exchange, scientists have already started investigating Visible Light Communication (VLC), basically a wireless version of fiberoptics, that uses flashes of light to transmit information. Adding VLC to 6G spurred the UMass Amherst team to dig even deeper.

First, some background on 6G. As a refresher, 5G—what is considered the fifth, and most recent generation of cellular broadband networks—is still in its infancy. True 5G networks operate in millimeter-wave frequencies between 30 and 300 Gigahertz, which are 10 to 100 times higher frequency than previous 4G cellular network. (Some cell phone providers cheat, however, by claiming the upper end of the 4G spectrum as 5G).

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The definition of these cellular generations are defined by a global partnership known as 3GPP. Given the history of the never-ending march of technology, it’s inevitable that 5G will be replaced by a new network in the future. It just isn’t entirely clear what 6G will be.

In the meantime, in the new study, the UMass Amherst scientists found that humans can play a crucial role in making VLC more efficient by using their bodies as a carrier for coiled copper to catch waste energy from VLC. Lead study author Jie Xiong, UMass Amherst professor of information and computer sciences, explains:

“VLC is quite simple and interesting. Instead of using radio signals to send information wirelessly, it uses the light from LEDs that can turn on and off, up to one million times per second.”

LEDs bulbs can then transmit data, and “anything with a camera, like our smartphones, tablets, or laptops could be the receiver,” Xiong says.

The downside of VLC comes from a high rate of “leakage” of energy with the emitting of side-channel radio wave signals. The researchers believe that if they can harvest the wasted radiofrequency (RF) energy, they can put it to good use by powering small electronic devices.

After experimenting with wires, coils, and backgrounds, the scientists realized the human body offers the best medium—up to 10 times better than any other setting tested—for amplifying a copper coil’s ability to collect leaked RF energy. They then built the Bracelet+—an inexpensive gadget that is meant to be worn on the forearm, but can adapt into a ring, belt, or necklace—to harvest lost energy. The coiled copper Bracelet+ can reach up to micro-watts, enough to support on-body health monitoring sensors, which require little power to work, the team says.

Coupling the copper coils with VLC systems uses humans as antennas to power up the technology they use.

“Ultimately,” Xiong says, “we want to be able to harvest waste energy from all sorts of sources in order to power future technology.”

Additional reporting by Tim Childers

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The device in whatever it is and you point at me or my family……That’s ASSULT ON A PERSON and is criminal. You point that at me or my family , watch out ! You’ve been warned and or will be warned in defense of our lives when it is then removed from you immediately or you will be removed!

    We The People Walk Worthy

  • Sabrina is an interesting lady. She would be easier to listen to if she didn’t have a dip stuffed in her bottom lip.

    A question I would have is, how useful would those clots be in people since they end up killing them?

    • Really? She’s got chaw in her mouth??? I guess nicotine is supposed to be protective…

  • By the way, big corps hyped with 5G, but what we have so far (mostly) is just 4G+ mostly due to it being too costly.

    Why would I believe in this story, just because a Chinese (works for Institute of Hydrobiology) that also is parting on genome fakery says so?

    as I recall, C19 scam started based on Chinese genome fakery, and hype up with another fake Chinese whistle blower spreading fear.

    I’m not saying that there isn’t danger; of course, you should definitely be taking good care of yourselves though you are also too paranoid, and you don’t realize that’s what often makes you sick.

    You say, like oh they own us! we have no control over ourselves! yet you keep on buying their drugs (including with horse dewormer), and still whine about the situation being hopeless.
    Put yourselves together, start correcting your thoughts and habits first, because if you don’t control yourselves first, you absolutely have no control with others.

  • All the comments so far have been good, hitting points.

    The essence of this, is the sad fact that when people are born, they get registered as property, of a fascist corporate system.

    More abrupty put; you are owned, by fascists.
    Each part of you, can and will be used to make a Profit, for the Aristocracy….case in point.

    The degenerate bastards state that some of our energy is wasted,as we are electric beings.

    They feel that they own our energy.

    A large number of people are addicted to electric devices and would volunteer to wear copper coils or would agree to be chipped, for various psychological reasons.

    People must shout from the roof tops, we own, our own bodies…..then think the fact that some groups would control womens bodies over abortion pros and cons.

    So people in general better get their acts together….you can not have it both ways.

    Get the point, changing the system, means changing one’s minds…..about many things.

    • There’s a circular thing going on here. The bankster/Congressional class ran us into debt with THEIR wars and when we went bankrupt after the Civil War, they repossessed us in effect. We were incorporated as their assets…each individual and each level of government. Later the birth certificate was used to trade our potential earnings on the markets, because we ARE their assets. This criminal cabal is expert at stealing everything from everybody and then making them pay for what they stole. It’s an old playbook, a ever-contracting noose around our necks, a control and harvesting system, its name is money, and I don’t think it even originated on this planet.

      • People were owned way before the civil war……money is a game, bankruptcies, for governments don’t exist, except on paper for the public.

        What you described is only in your mind, because you believe the propaganda.

        This website such teach you better.

  • Shades of The Matrix!! It’s clear to see we are perceived by the perps of this as just another resource to harvest… surprise, surprise. Nowhere do we see any value they hold for us other than what serves them, although they all lie about it continuously.

    You know, in another paradigm, we could be experimenting with how to develop our spirits to higher frequency. That could be what life is about. How to move ourselves upward and outward in a universe of consciousness. But, noooooo… And the worst is, we don’t really react to more of their use of us! We just wallow around in THEIR paradigms! Oh, Massa, please don’t treat me too bad!


    I finished your book, Alexandra. (The Philadelphia Experiment Murders) I was very impressed by the range and content of your research! Absolute kudos. I was duly horrified about the parallel universes those you interviewed talked about, virtually all of them circling us like hungry wolves, and all variations on a single theme…how to use us as a source of power, control and wealth. The object of the game is ruthless USE without scruple or regard. Truly horrific. We’ve already gotten tastes of this in the writings of Cathy O’Brien and others who have bumped up against it. Not to mention the vax genocide and what they put into human bloodstreams.

    But after I got through being horrified, I realized something. These parallel universes were described by men whose focus has been this exact thing and it should not surprise us that in and from their thought, out spills a multiplicity of universes containing what they have been focused on. The realities we can see never extend beyond the ideas we hold. Whew! That means that the parallel universes they see reflect what they’ve been thinking. What else is out there? I submit, whatever we want to think up, because “reality” is an idea construction. Ideas spinning into matter. Which ideas do we chose to follow into other parallel universes? Because they’re out there.

    Today’s video is another reminder of what’s going on in this reality, but we have to take the bull by the horns if we want something else. Our experience is important. What can we do, not only to stay out of the consciousness food chain, but to positively develop ourselves? The most dangerous thing is when they “offer” stuff like this to us as a great benefit to ourselves, which is always their marketing plan to get the cattle to do what they want with as little inconvenience or cost to themselves as possible. They don’t care about us…at all… and they are not our benevolent advocates.” Oh, look, you can wrap yourselves in copper coils and power your cell phone!” Are they kidding?? We need to get to the business of improving ourselves spiritually. Not Bible thumping for God’s sake, but raising our vibe out beyond these clowns and their intentions for us.

    If we could have a profound, exhilarating experience of happiness, expansion and limitlessness, what would that look like? It really doesn’t take anything material. It wouldn’t take their permission for us to do so. It’s just the mental state of freedom. What’s in the mind always precedes the manifestation, not the other wary around. And from there we shake the physical shackles off. Maybe we all stop paying their illegitimate taxes, something else that was sold to us as for our benefit. Maybe we force the Congress to revoke the Federal Reserve Act….or else. This is what free people do. It’s how they act and what their expectations are. We totally need an upgrade. News flash, they’re not going to make us free. That’s the last thing they want.
    So free your mind everybody. This is not their universe and don’t give it to them.

    Seth used to say we slide between and amongst parallel universes constantly and seamlessly. We don’t even notice when we shift from one set of ideas to another. The world becomes different but it seems very natural. But we could also do it quite consciously by shifting our ideas of who we are and what deserve. As William Wallace put it, Freedom!!

  • Wither you took the jab or not…we have been contaminated by the chemicals trails…we are electric beings and we are being controlled by the military. Americans have been investing in the military for the last 200 years. Just one of many weapons the Globalist have up their sleeve…

  • I’ve experienced it, but it’s a bit paranoid to think every time someone pulls out a phone. And they will go to hell for eternity for what they are doing. They are on the road to hell and they will take their children and grandchildren to hell with them.

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