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    During the recent America’s Frontline Doctors speaking tour in Tennessee, Dr Simone Gold, an LA-based physician with a law degree from Stanford joins self-described “hillbilly” broadcasters, Tim Greer and Brad Barton to talk about the experimental vaccine, Big Tech censorship, the FDA and more.

    Dr Gold publicly reveals for the first time a meeting she had in July 2020 with Vice President Mike Pence, in which she explained to him how the way to win the Election in November was to have the President sign an Executive Order to make Hydroxychloroquine an Over-the-Counter (OTC) drug, available without a prescription in the US, thereby bypassing the horrifically unethical Big Pharma-financed attack on a safe, WHO-designated Essential Medicine, approved in the US since 1955.

    Hydroxychloroquine is OTC in the tropical countries where COVID-19 cases and mortality rates are found to be the lowest, due to the drug’s proven effectiveness, both against a range of early-stage viral infections and as a prophylaxis to prevent such infections.

    Dr Gold informed Pence that if the American People were given access to this drug, the cases would go down to zero, which would make Trump look like a hero and guarantee his re-election.

    She told Pence, “Once it’s Over-the-Counter, there’s nothing Congress can do, there’s nothing the doctors and pharmacists can do to stop it…They were going to hold this coronavirus thing over him [Trump], so if the death rates went down to zero, it would have been beautiful.

    “I didn’t understand how I met obstruction at every level…It’s tragic that the President never heard this. And the reason that it’s tragic is I know that the President, himself was an advocate of hydroxychloroquine.”

    Dr Gold hired a legal team to create a draft of the legislation. “We actually presented it to the Vice President.”

    The two Tennessean hosts shake their heads in dismay. Brad Barton says of Pence, “That takes his Judas to a whole ‘nother level…It’s a bombshell!”

    Dr Gold continues, “I’m a doctor and a lawyer, so I was upset for the patients…and then, on the policy level, it would have changed the outcome of the world.”

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    • Never liked Pence especially after the way he seemingly threw DJT under the bus BUT this is a DEEP GAME we are in the midst of. Trump already knew about HCQ and he is more than smart enough to have thought about signing such an EO himself BUT he chose not to. It could be that red pilling the divided sector as deemed more important because root and branch changes are needed to cleanse our systems.

    • Of course Pence blew her off. He is not on the same page as Trump and the Patriots! He is bought and paid for. Lin Wood was right about him. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. The 🪰 was right. If you don’t know what that means, watch his debate with Kamolack. Now Pence is going around stumping to be president. The nerve! Is he speaking about the china virus or election fraud? Hell no! Dr. Simone is a National Heroine! She is bold. She is right. God bless and protect her. America’s Front Line Doctors are exemplary of how America became great. Trump had to launch the vaccine while still office, keeping it voluntary or the lockdown would have gone on for years. This whole plandemic is part of Deep State (Gates) plan to depopulate the world. This won’t go on forever. Trump will be back. Believe him when he says, “The Best Is Yet To Come”! Great informative show.

      • Scroll down to the bottom of the article and you’ll see my picture – just beneath there, you’ll see some share icons that are working.

      It’s not about Saving Lives.
      How can Dr. Gold not know this?

      Tenpenny, Madej, Solum and others do.

      This is not a “trial”. The “vaccines” were DESIGNED TO KILL PEOPLE.

    • Dr Peter Breggin wrote “We Are The Prey” manuscript the gives resources to contact
      Invermectin has been proven to help.

    • Truth is ignored, luckily she would have been murdered! The trouble with Hydrox… The magic drug theory, msny cures, you don’t need one! Great that they back up what they say and our Constitutional rights! In south Korea here, I will serve notice that after 1 year, I do not want my children wearing mask at school, especially my First Grade Daughter, that is all she has known in school!⁸

    • Dr. Gold said, “I didn’t understand how I met obstruction at every level…It’s tragic that the President never heard this. And the reason that it’s tragic is I know that the President, himself was an advocate of hydroxychloroquine.” I believe that’s probably true BUT we’re overlooking the fact that Alex Azar was head of Dept of HHS. Why is that so important? Look him up. He is not a doctor but a lobbyist for big pharma. Alex Azar is a traitor and a huge player in this. He kept blocking every attempt by people who knew better and tried to get the word to President Trump to tell him the truth. Azar is a huge player in these lies, maybe more than Mike Pence.

    • nobody can tell u to take a shot,esp fda,fda appoved crisco,remember the shit,it is a mechine grease,approved after a nice 4 million dollar donation to fda,i trust um as far as i can piss agaist a hericane!!!

    • Employees can ask employers to sign a statement that they will be liable for adverse effects from the injection.if they mandate it as a condition of keeping their jobs

    • I’m so sick of everyone sucking Trump’s, ass. Wake the f… up. He’s of the Royal Bloodline, like all former Presidents. Look how Obama, fooled the centralists and became as radically evil as the hard core left. And Trump, has hypnotized the far right into seeing him as some sort of a hero. Would you like to know who the real heroes are? Not people who handcuff children. No! Your local garbage collectors, that’s who. Rain, freezing weather, storms, they are there keeping the shit from piling up on your property. And I worked out doors all of my life. It ain’t easy getting up at 4 in the morning, every single day. And when I look at a full dressed General or Admiral, and see how they live, sorry, makes me want to puke. Brainwashing and mind control are Satan’s great tools. That’s just my opinion and how I see it. Shakespeare, said, “… kill all the lawyers”. Well, I have 3 others to add to that list. But you ain’t ready for that. So, thanks for listening. JK.

      • Forget about playing the blame game. Stand up with what your core belief is and do what needs to be done to help your loved ones and fellow humans.
        Be certain though, evil will be defeated and
        truth will prevail.

      • all presidents…ALL Presidents are puppets for bankers, corporations, military, and intelligence agencies…Your vote never has counted for beans! move on!

    • Trump was deceived. They had their own concoction made up to do what they are doing. Killing people.

      • He did not have to be deceived. He had access to the same (even better) intel we did, and it was unconscionable for him to appoint/allow two hardcore leftists to dictate covid policies for the nation. If Trump was that easily deceived, he can only blame himself for getting to boot to make way for dementia Joe.

    • These guys are damn retards. They have trust in an administration that shut down AMerican economy (RUmp claimed reponsibility in his first debate against biden) and who started operation warp speed. That should have been a clue. Rump also raised the nuclear arsenal a trillion dollars, was accused of raping a thirteen year old, was found to be money laundering with Soros, gave over six trillion dollars to bankers, was a huge liar, knew absolutely no bible verses, was caught admitting to be a freemason, was trained at a Jesuit college (two years at Fordham univ.), committed fraud on a huge scale and was found guilty WHILE CAMPAIGNING (look up Trump University)which was barely mentioned by the media he claimed was so much against him. You believed a BILLIONAIRE who said he was for the people. But hey he says he loves america and is Christian, and you believed him. Cant fix stupid. YOur man can do no wrong.

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