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    World War III (aka the Globalist Flu d’État) has been all about consolidating power at the top, eradicating any vestige of independence and self-sufficiency among the masses. Any straggling middle class survivors of the vaxx genocide will be consigned to aggressive refeudalization.

    We see this happening already, as BlackRock outbids average Americans in the housing market by 25%-50%, snapping up entire neighborhoods and towns. All the better to ensure that “You will own nothing” – and to charge you for the privilege. Worse, BlackRock is backed by the Federal Reserve Bank, so they’re outbidding YOU with YOUR tax dollars. Serfdom just got an upgrade.

    While the two previous World Wars involved mechanized killing and the use of mass media and mass psychology, the theater of war, itself remained separate from the day-to-day lives of most unenlisted individuals. World War III is different. Martin Geddes puts it so well, when he describes it thus:

    “[WW3] is fought in the home and the family as much as the skies or the subsoil. There is no escape, anywhere…Your family are hostage to media mind control and genocidal pharmaceutical companies.

    “AI technology has been abused to forcibly divide us via social media. Physical and mental poisoning have weakened us against malign influence. In this war psyches are being shredded, not bodies. There is no bleeding, but it is every bit as violent as trench warfare.

    “We are passing new frontiers of human experience, both good and bad. In this war, every social and familial relationship is changed. This challenges the core of our sense of self and safety, since our bedrock of comforting friendship and family care is being ‘carpet bombed’ by lies.

    “The result for many Patriots who are awake and aware is an extreme isolation and distress. Winning this war is a personal quest for perseverance and endurance. It is indeed full blown spiritual warfare.”

    And so it goes. The “leaders” responsible for ruining millions of lives over the past year and a half got together this past weekend at the G7 meeting to make plans for the continuing destruction of Western civilization. There, these enslaved Globalist minions jointly resolved to continue implementing mass suffering, per the instructions of their bankster overlords. Maybe for the next G7, they can cut out these middlemen and hold a meeting between the CEOs of Vanguard and BlackRock?

    Investigative reporter, is on the case. This short video summarizes her latest work, unearthing the pivotal role of BlackRock in the New World Order financial takeover that’s coming in hot.



    By the second month of COVID-19 hitting the US, so-called scientists, politicians, public figures and news media were already combining Climate Change with COVID. It was in every headline, on every website – and most of us knew where this was headed but it’s about far more than all of the climate initiatives and COVID restrictions.

    Yes, those are in place to control and surveil but while the public is hypnotized with headlines of impending climate- and COVID doom, the biggest engineered transfer of wealth the world has ever witnessed is transpiring.

    Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 event, the designers of this great financial reset put every piece of the puzzle in place, knowing there would be a massive and sudden transfer of wealth, from a sick and dying elderly population to the Millennial population, a population they have entrained to accept this new financial system of enslavement without question.

    If you think this reset will just affect the Federal Reserve, the Treasury or Wall Street, think again. This affects every one of us; your bank account, your credit score, your mortgage, your car loan, your business and your livelihood. In this report by, you will see how the financial takeover is happening, driven by the World Economic Forum, the World Bank and the UN, engineered by BlackRock, which manages more than 7.8 trillion in other people’s assets, making it the largest money manager in the world. It is in the top three shareholder positions in every major company and industry and has positioned itself in three high-ranking positions in the White House.

    It’s no surprise that BlackRock and the White House have a revolving door through the Clinton, Obama and Biden administrations and were enlisted by the Federal Reserve to direct three of its bond buying programs. They are the designer of the Going Direct Reset. Under the guise of “financial wellness” and “climate-related financial risk”, they have shifted the financial landscape into a streamlined system of surveillance and control through a new social- and climate scoring system.

    BlackRock CEO, Larry Fink, who was appointed to join the World Economic Forum Board of Trustees has used BlackRock’s unmatched leverage to strong-arm global banking and industry leaders into compliance with this new green financial system and 450 top banks in the world have pledged their allegiance, aligning their financial decisions with the Paris Climate Agreement.

    With BlackRock as the designer of this global financial undertaking, a framework of financial control and surveillance was set in place. BlackRock’s equity stake purchase of and partnership with Envestnet, the owner of Yodlee has enabled access to one of the largest financial aggregator frameworks on the planet. Yodlee also happens to sell your data. Envestnet works with 17 of the top 20 banks, along with 5,200 other banks financial institutions and companies. They serve 4.8 trillion in assets and service 500 million aggregated accounts each day.

    In the year following BlackRock’s partnership with Envestnet, the CEO and his wife died in a fatal car crash. Just a few months later, three Democrats filed for an FTC investigation into Envestnet and Yodlee, which essentially forced Envestnet into compliance with their plans.

    Now, with the social- and climate-scoring framework in place, financial institutions are categorizing your funds with clever insights on your bank account’s dashboard, collecting and sharing your private data, tracking your financial climate footprint and assigning sustainability scores to investments, all of which the Biden administration, under BlackRock, plans to funnel to the IRS.

    Under their climate scoring system, residential mortgages, commercial real estate, business lending, project financing and auto loans will be affected. If you have a low climate credit score, will you be able to get a loan? Will you be able to access your hard-earned money?

    This is a call to action. Read and share this report on then check your bank account and find out exactly what third parties are wrapped up in your accounts. This isn’t just about spying on and aggregating your data, this is a structural setup to move us into their social- and climate-scoring system.

    If millions of people stood up to the tyranny, challenged their so-called authority and stopped funding the big guys, we would see a visible change. This is what must happen to slow the pace of their planned financial takeover, in which if you do nothing now you will own nothing later.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • 1776 : Bavarian Illuminati is established
      1776 : written in ROMAN numerals at the base of the pyramid on the ONE dollar bill
      1776 : height of freedom tower at ground zero in NYC where BHO wrote on a beam installed in tower. We remember, We rebuild, We come back stronger.
      At the base of the freedom tower . Before construction began there was a Eye of Horus ceremony performed .

      In the future when big tech & social media combine with intl banking &crypto currency, we will begin to witness the rise of the mark of the beast and your social credit score will determine your worth and ability’s to buy or sell .

      And God shall give them over to reprobate minds because they choose to believe a lie rather than accepting the truth, Evil men waxing worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

    • Hi Alexandra, What do you know about Kimberley Ann Goguen and is she able to put a stop to this evil dictatorial plan?

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