YouTube took down the video I originally posted here and I could not find a backup but I did find an interview posted 2 weeks ago between Dr Yan & Steve Bannon in which she shares more detailed information, while reacting to the release of the Fauci emails and how these confirm what she has always been saying, that SARS-CoV-2 – the backbone of SARS-CoV-2 – was developed by the Chinese military and it is a bioweapon in the CCP’s unrestricted warfare campaign against the US and the West.


Dr Yan Li-Meng speaks in New York at a dinner party last week, commemorating the first anniversary of the New Federal State of China, a group associated with Miles Guo’s Chinese Whistleblower Movement, which seeks to overthrow the CCP in China.

In April 2020, Dr Yan fled her position as a virologist at the University of Hong Kong and defected to the US, alleging that SARS-CoV-2 was made in a Chinese government laboratory.

In no uncertain terms here, Dr Yan asserts that COVID-19 is the product of the Chinese military. She says SARS-CoV-2 was developed by the People’s Liberation Army in 2017 and that the world is currently enduring an unrestricted biowarfare attack being conducted by the CCP.

Furthermore, Dr Yan says that the CCP, together with Fauci, the CDC, the Lancet, Nature Magazine and the WHO colluded in scientific misinformation campaigns about SARS-CoV-2 and against hydroxychloroquine. 

She also claims that Wuhan was not the only lab involved. “This involves many, many labs,” she says, including overseas labs, such as the WHO Reference Lab at the University of Hong Kong where she worked. Research was “conducted by the top coronavirologist, Dr Malik Peiris, my boss. Yeah, also they are involved – and the military labs and the military civil fusion labs and also, New York Blood Center…there are military scientists from China working there. They are working on the s-protein [spike protein] of the COVID-19. They are the one who left their smoking gun in the genome of COVID-19, which I revealed half a year ago in my reports. So, if you don’t realize that, you will let them go and they will keep working on that.”

She says that starting from at least 2010, research was conducted by China’s CDC head, George Fu Gao. They searched all over China, looking for a new animal virus, not only coronaviruses, but also Dengue, Zika, Ebola, West Nile virus and Hantavirus – all of the dangerous viruses. She says they were especially looking for a virus that could cause brain damage and she notes that about one third of coronavirus patients have been reported to have brain problems.

She says everyone needs to understand what is happening: “We are in unrestricted biowarfare…China used many, many ways to conduct it. The only purpose is to destroy your economy, destroy your social order, destroy your civilization. Finally, [you’ll be] controlled by Chinese Communist Party.”

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  • Take what she said with skepticism. Likely the PRC would of shut her down long ago if she wasn’t an agent for them. She might be using this anti China platform as a way to ‘scare’ the rest of the world the CCP are powerful when in fact they only need a slight push to pop the real estate balloon that exists they’re and collapse the paper tiger economy. Just meed a willing leader to perform clandestine ops on China and it’s bye bye CCP. They like to project soft power to make up for the fact they are weak kneed chinks

  • “21:33 and then 2019 was the year that
    21:36 everybody became painfully aware of it
    21:38 although it’s clear i think
    21:40 that uh this virus probably leaked out
    21:43 uh
    21:44 of the lab in September and
    21:47 interestingly enough the computer files
    21:49 at the Wuhan virology institute were
    21:52 wiped
    21:52 in june and july of 2019 of much of the
    21:56 data
    21:57 surrounding this particular virus and
    21:59 then potential conflicts of interest . . . “

  • She is batting for the new US team and being used for anti China propaganda while unaware that the US tried to set up China. First generation immigrants do tend to have much more nationalist zeal , such a shame she is being exploited.
    But ,is she Chinese or, a person who described themselves as a Hong Kong citizen not long ago?

    • IT was developed in North CArolina university chapel on a hill laboratory withe US and Chinese government funding and under Gates supervision. He applied for a patent on it here in the US in 2017, and tens of millions of PCR test kits were bought by multiple nations in 2018 as I have exposed for over a year. Every nations’ rulers are under the globalists and the Vatican, and are all bought or cowed into doing their agenda. This is an international betrayal of all peoples by our rulers, and must be met with resistance. A media willing to report their tales has enabled their plans. THis was intended to fool you into the vaccinations, which are the real danger, not covid. Gates has overseen the creationi of a vaccine that will kill billions of people. THose who take it will die from six weeks to three years after being jabbed. That is their devious plan.

      • Yeah! That is what Dr Judy Mikovitz says where the virus was created! ..and yes with the other things you stated I read this also!

      • “24:53 the and we’re talking about the money
        24:55 trail for the grants
        24:57 that were provided from the department
        24:59 of defense
        25:00 some of which is connected with the cia
        25:03 health and human services which includes
        25:06 nih
        25:07 and niaid and the fda and the department
        25:10 of commerce and usaid
        25:13 is connected with the cia and the other
        25:16 departments
        25:18 you can find easily over 61 million
        25:20 dollars
        25:21 that came out of washington dc from
        25:24 taxpayer monies
        25:25 that went to peter dayzak at ecohealth
        25:28 who then paid ralph barrick at the
        25:30 university of north carolina
        25:32 and she zang li of the wuhan institute
        25:35 of virology
        25:36 to do gain a function research . . . ”


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