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    The spike protein was developed at Fort Detrick and later, by Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill but the backbone of the virus, itself was developed by the PLA, based on the Zhoushan bat coronavirus aka ZC45 and ZXC21.

    Fauci and the Pentagon financed the merging of these two elements at Wuhan.

    There’s a debate as to whether or not the CCP virus was released by accident or on purpose but it does appear that the CCP purposefully allowed the virus to spread. However, it is also quite clear that the Globalists, i.e., the UN, World Economic Forum, Big Pharma, big banks, Fortune 1000 Companies, Bill Gates colluded with the CCP in the release of the virus as a pretext for the Great Reset and for “vaccinating the entire planetary population,” to quote Bill Gates.

    In other words, to blame everything on China is nonsense. Both the CCP and the Globalists stood to gain, longterm from the deliberate collapsing of the West and from the global depopulation agenda.

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