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Hope & Tivon join Sean at the SGT Report with the TRUTH about transhumanism and the horror of the Body Area Network, which is rolling out as the brave new future of “medicine” But in truth it’s the track-and-trace kill box they need to enslave humanity in their evil web.

Hope & Tivon believe we’re living through the rapid ascension towards a technological singularity. For over a decade, Hope & Tivon have discerned that such developments are Biblical in the eschatological sense. This increase in knowledge (Daniel 12:4) that gave access to a medium that helps us accomplish anything we can imagine (Genesis 11:6), is a spiritual phenomenon with the only historical comparisons being ancient mythologies filled with powerful entities from other realms, enhanced god-kings, strange creatures, and supernatural artifacts.

They believe that what the Bible tells us as part of the undergirding narrative that begins in Genesis and is resolved in Revelation, is that a corruption to His design in everything from within creation, including, and perhaps most importantly, the flesh, are what ultimately initiates kinetic judgment.

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  • The problem nearly all Evangelicals have is with lying eschatology. Let me repeat so that no one misunderstand—interpreting Bible prophesy with lies!

    Central to all lies is “replacement theology”, more specifically replaceing the kingdom of G-d which is spiritual with the temporal kingdom of Israel while at the same time accusing the kingdom of G-d of replacement theology—the very thing that that old deluder Satan and his kingdom is practicing!

    This was the plan set forth early in the 20th century at the highest levels of government and religion, and it was a very cleverly executed plan to capture as much of the American kindgom of G-d as possible and turn America and also Great Britian away from their Evangelistic mission within their own respective nations and without to the world which was one of liberty, peace and justice, to evangelizing through the force of new “advanced, modernized” laws allowing theft of the nations collective wealth and arms of war to strengthen the kingdom of Israel. I could name names and cite dates but why bother when people don’t do anything with them? I’ve been there and done that!

    Nobody listens even when I plainly tell them that Private Equity firms and Central fractional reserve banking are strip mining the collective wealth of our nation founded by the kingdom of G-d! That same wealth is then used against us in our media, courts and legislatures.

    Rather than vainly attempting to teach in this venue how it was accomplished, all you have to know to begin unlocking the delusion is that it was accomplished by a new and novel hypothesis that Daniels 70th week has a time gap in it of unknown duration and that fulfilled prophesy is unfulfilled and yet future prophesy. Remove that gap and their eschatology falls to the ground. There is no gap!

    The next lie accepted by too many Evangelicals is the literal interpretation of prophesy which again helps Satan’s deluders because the Bible is a Hebrew culture message given in Hebrew picture language. In other words symbolic words not to be always understood literally. The “parables” are examples of picture language in which Jesus of record later explained. Often the teaching is in simlitudes not to be understood literally. This great delusion has destroyed right understanding in so many Evangelical circles. Picture language is meant to help ignorant seekers to understand deeper things. If one always takes them literally they miss the whole point!

    John’s Revelation is especially rife with Hebrew picture language. Beware of them who profess to understand it completely! They will take you down Primrose Path if you let em.

    The G-d of the Hebrew, Abraham does not need a cloud to ride upon in order to get around because he is omni-present. He is both inside the cloud and outside everywhere you look. This G-d is so much bigger than what small minds imagine. There is no place nor time in which he is not present. He is not limited to a body. If you understand picture language you know this from the Bible. The tribe of Abraham was chosen for the very obviously designated period to establish faith until the end of that period which was ended two millenia ago.

    The delusion is a distraction away from the kingdom of G-d with media entertainment. Delusions are established in truth, but misdirect energy in the desired direction. Of what use is any remedy for cure if it takes away from the complete deliverance and healing of the malady? Transhumanism is another shiny fob we are supposed to stay focused upon while the kingdom of this world eats out our substance! Agreed Sean has the diagnosis right, but we cannot win arguing against the Delusion, but must rather expose it’s foundation in modern philosophies and insist upon returning to the ancient basics defined with precision in the Decalogue. That will expose and lay bare all the symptoms now plaguing us. We can fight symptoms until the cows come home and slip deeper and deeper into the abyss of slavery to them as gained their ill gotten gold by circumventing the Decalogue and circumcizing it in our legislatures and courts of law.

    The only institution left positioned to do this is the church institution which is the kingdom of G-d and they must wake up out of their dream world. Meanwhile individually we can pray and do what we are able however little it may seem. G-d honors it and that’s the only honor that matters.

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