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Amazing Polly does a VERY deep and detailed dive on what she calls the “new narrative gatekeeper network” and the new spate of social media purchases by tech oligarchs – and how all of our Free Speech heroes in the tech space are just leading us toward the same digital dystopia that Klaus Schwab is.

Polly says people are calling Elon “one of us”, without understanding that he doesn’t own these companies the way we think, nor does he have sole ownership, title or decision-making power over them (Tesla, Starlink, Neuralink,, etc).

She points out that, similarly to how BlackRock and Vanguard own everything evil – including each other – there is an interlocking group of people connected to the PayPal Mafia and the Intellectual Dark Web that is scooping up all of these up-and-coming Alternative Media platforms and this group stands for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, just as much as the World Economic Forum does. 

Polly explains that, “[Musk] doesn’t have say, because of these people in the background that I’m going to go over some of them with you today. They’re the ones who might be pulling the strings.

“I mean, venture capital, private equity funds – people, that in some cases, you never even thought about having a hand on what we say online – and what they do with the data from that, etc.

“But what I’m hoping to show you today is that there is this huge plan that a lot of the venture capitalists in tech share. They share an ideology – and the ideology they share is really, really similar to what’s coming out of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Great Reset Fourth Industrial Revolution goals coming out of the World Economic Forum.”

Polly thinks that their declarations about “colonizing Mars” and the hundreds of billions of dollars that they’re putting into “life-extension technologies” – that these are the proverbial “pizza shop” or the “front” of their actual operation, which is really about digitizing all of our bodily processes – all of the cell signaling that goes into producing our heartbeats, our consciousness, our digestion, etc, in order to bring in their new version of government, which Polly says, “Is going to be sort of like how the computers on Wall Street; the High Frequency Trading algorithms, how they can gather millions of points of data at once and decide on the future. They can say, ‘This is a good bet, this is not a good bet.’

“They want people to be like that. That’s how they’re planning to govern us. And if that sounds way out there to you, you just have to read about it – and you have to read between the lines, also…

“So, I’m concerned when I watch the Alternative Media being bought up or entering into partnerships with entities whose motives I suspect – and one of those is Rumble.

“This is just going to be a brief part, because I really want to get into the people who helped Elon Musk buy X next. Rumble started off as a Canadian company, but over time, it went public and then, Peter Thiel invested a lot into it. We’re told also that Colt Capital and Narya were separate funders at the time Thiel made his initial investment but actually, if you just pull back the curtain, both Colt Ventures and Narya are directly related to Peter Thiel. They worked for him, he helped set up their companies, I think they might be on each others’ boards or they were or – I know that JD Vance…worked for Peter Thiel – and the guy who owns Colt Ventures is also a bigwig in Turning Point USA…so can you see some of the consolidation, right there?

“And then, you’ve got Locals. Locals was a separate thing, ostensibly begun by Dave Rubin of the Intellectual Dark Web and he was originally going to do this in partnership with Jordan Peterson – but then, Jordan Peterson had to go into a coma, remember that? – and while that happened, Locals got developed by Dave Rubin – but really, really – it was a guy called Assaf Lev, an Israeli.

“Anyway, a bunch of social media personalities went over to Locals and they started on that platform. But in short order, Locals partnered with Rumble. And so this brought in all of these investors in one, under Rumble and David Sacks got a seat on the Board of Directors on Rumble – and Assaf Lev, I believe, also did.”

These people are scooping up all of the alternative social media platforms, because they need them to train their AIs – the ones with which they intend to replace our government and our law enforcement. As Polly says, “They literally want to replace human decision-making with a ‘Greater Good’, society consensus, machine type of interface for democracy.

She goes into the gory details of how this works and all of the people behind it and it’s hideous and says, “If this isn’t enough to convince you that the money behind the so-called Right, the heroes of Free Speech, the money behind it – isn’t enough to convince you that they’re taking us down the same path as the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Fourth Industrial Revolution and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, then, remember who Elon Musk chose to be CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino, someone direct from, the head of one of the committees at the World Economic Forum…

“These guys are just really rich, deluded utopians. Most of this stuff, I don’t know if it can come to pass but what I see happening, for real is the disassembling of the world we currently live in. So, that we’re going to have to do something. We can’t just let it fall apart, anymore. We’re either going to have to go into their future – or that’s what they’re trying to make happen – or we’re going to have to put the brakes on this and be real; be realistic…

“Regulators are going to have to get in there, fast and especially, shut down some of the biotech research that’s going on – because, NEWSFLASH – politicians and regulators: your days are numbered. You’re going to be written out of this completely. Bankers: you, too.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I’m pretty sure that if Elon was a good guy, he would have been dead by now.
    That guy’s pretty much saying that in order for us to fight AI, we must become a cyborg.

  • sounds like the new reality being created (life in the brains) via Iphones technology, apple devices have that already. I suspect to witness it personally, an individuum is actually TOTALLY ISOLATED from real reality and ‘placed’ into the new word of his own ‘rewired brain’, while talking/seeing/hearing things the others do not, in the same room… You do it with everyone, via Iphones and you can make everybody ‘tick’ (from ticking bomb) the same way. A total take over of human free will for the ‘common good of everybody’!

  • Simply amazing Polly!

    Thank G-d for this precious lady for pulling back the curtain hiding the perps in what I call the “club”, but they aint all there that is in the club. Look at her list of private equity firms invested in this move to replace free will with mandatory compliance. Polly does not reveal all the identities of the billionaires behind the corporate name shields, I have and I call them vulture capitalists, crony capitalists who corrupt governments and cultures! Here’s what Warren Buffett has to say about them: Warren Buffett: Private Equity Firms Are Typically Very Dishonest

    I’m telling you straight up though Polly doesn’t, that this emerging system is anti-Christian to the core! But I know she would agree, because I see the fruit of the Spirit in her delivery. Her words and her graphics respect viewers eyes and ears.

    Finally I respectfully submit that, Polly did not widen her coverage beyond it’s narrow focus. I have, I know who these clubber imps are that are imbedded in every level of power and influence. The day is far spent and the long night is quickly approaching in which no one can work.

    • JD,

      Maybe you’d define :

      “club,” for us.

      My knowledge :

      It is comprised of Talmudic
      Satanists ((yes, they
      practice human sacrifice
      —and have been caught
      in BABYCIDE clinics after
      hours !, ritualistically paying
      tribute to their limbic-brain

      This once-Christian West
      must restore MORALITY to
      the public square and in
      schools, as there exists no
      separation of morality from
      our C O N S T I T U T I O N;
      as that document is entirely
      MORAL-premised—thank a
      Talmudistic American Com-
      munist Lawyers Union and
      deaf-dumb-blind Evangel-
      ical Christians’ ignorance of
      Jesus’ dual nature : “Whip
      the money changers” vs.
      “Resist not evil.” Study my
      report, “The Jesus Connec-
      tion” for a deeper / broader /
      insightful explanation.


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