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Greg Hunter goes one-on-one with money manager and investment expert Ed Dowd, author of the newly updated book, ‘Cause Unknown The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021, 2022 and 2023’.

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  • In tactical terms, hypersonic cruise missiles should in principle represent a challenge to high-value Western maritime platforms, as well as ground targets. At sea, for example, a destroyer’s radar and electronic support measures (ESM) sensors would detect a missile flying on a low-altitude trajectory at distances of 12–14 nautical miles. From this point, assuming the missile is a Zircon flying at speeds of Mach 5–6, the vessel would have 15 seconds to react. Such compressed reaction times could significantly reduce the number of missiles needed to overwhelm the air defences of a surface task group. Moreover, given that kinetic energy is the single best predictor of lethality against large surface targets (more so than warhead size), the high speed of the Zircon would seem to make it an optimal vector of attack against larger vessels. Against ground targets, the kinetic energy on impact of a hypersonic missile may allow deep and hardened targets to be attacked.


  • It became obvious very early on in the Covid panic operation that the government was cookin the books. There were whistle blowers galore being shunned by club owner media and threatened by the club owner medical establishment. Now these same club owners are circling their wagons. Indulge me to review the public face of the CDC:

    Thomas Frieden, Obama’s Director CDC 2009-17, another community organizer, political activist, Amagahaga for NYC mental health initiative, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations, CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, a global medical combat non-profit, long time participant in WEF. Anyone think he will expose anybody in the club?

    Robert Redfield, Trump’s CDC director 2018-21, this old Army doctor didn’t seem to fit the CDC very well likely because he was not a club member, but another club member by the name of Scott Gotleib, Trumps warp speed ace in the hole over at the FDA approved the now famous gene therapy operating system which Trump and Fauci marketed as a vaccine. Redfield is compromised, but Gotleib will never betray his club.

    Rochelle Paula Walensky, Biden’s appointed CDC Director 2021-23, having been in a string of medical bureaucracy positions, like Anthony Fauci she is not a practiced MD, she’s a medical establishment scientist/bureaucrat and like Friden a fellow club member and cannot be counted on to blow any whistles.

    Mandy Krauthamer Cohen, Biden’s 2023 appointee to Director of CDC. Anybody think this fellow club member will rat on fellow club members? Besides she’s busy working on CDC propaganda videos to be broadcast on fellow club members noose medias.

    Brilliant British speaker activist Katie Hopkins groans that nothing we say matters to the establishment.
    Katie Hopkins lament here:

    These club owners don’t seem too worried about those of us who are onto their schemes because we have no temporal power and they have their hands on the levers of temporal power that don’t belong to them. Of course anything we have to say is politically incorrect and will eventually be dried up by them, provided they stay in power. If anyone thinks removing them is as easy as voting for a president, think again—their fellow club members are imbedded EVERYWHERE YOU FIND CONTROL LEVERS.

  • he seems troubled. a few years ago he was all smiles and full of energy. The death of a nation is hard on a fellow. seems like he is going crazy in his own head with the level of corruption. understandable.

  • My concern from beginning of those taken the Bioweapon shots that are in control planes trains n automobiles. Sudden death syndrome cause unknown from the Bioweapon shots. No coincidence, all related and designed plan to kill and Slow Kill

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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