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The DailyClout reports that attorney, Edward Berkovich submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the CDC for the email communications of former CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky and other CDC personnel on dates beginning February 1, 2021 through May 31, 2021, containing the word myocarditis.” The DailyClout reported on the initial 472-page production from that FOIA last August.

Well, Berkovich recently received 46 additional pages, possibly from a whistleblower – over 80% of which were fully redacted – involving other government entities, such as the White House and Executive Office of the President, as part of this production. Of the 46 pages, only two pages were released without any redactions. The redactions were “pursuant to 5 U.S.C. §552 Exemptions 5 and 6,” which relate to the White House and the President.

DailyClout publisher, Naomi Wolf was on with Steve Bannon to explain the bombshell importance of what was found. In short, starting in April of 2021, the Biden Regime knowingly lied that the vaxx was safe and effective, after they had already started to receive a slew of adverse events reports from all over the world.

The their Plan won’t work unless they kill us all. Because survivors will go after these psychopaths, as their story falls apart in front of 8 billion people.

Nobody believes them about anything, anymore, like the F-35 that went missing after the pilot ejected with the autopilot on, a few days ago. People don’t believe that this is the crash site.

It’s remarkably reminiscent to the scene at Shanksville, PA on 9/11, where we were told that one of the hijacked commercial airliners crashed. Like, Dude, where’s my plane?

And why did the Air Force Base tweet their phone number, asking the public to provide tips on where their plane is? To many people, this smacked of the plane being hacked and the memes were priceless!

A rumor quickly spread that the plane had flown itself to the new Chinese military installation in Cuba – which seemed as plausible of an explanation as any for this bizarre story, especially after what we’ve seen during the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Biden administration’s economically-ruinous policies to destroy our domestic oil production and to flood the country with 7 million illiterate, unskilled illegal migrants from hundreds of countries all over the world in a span of less than 3 years.

Yesterday, the Pentagon put in their budget to be voted on by Congress, containing another $300 million for Ukraine, on top of the $113 billion in our tax dollars already given to this bogus war.

The budget needs to be passed by September 30th or there could be a government shutdown but the Pentagon already has a workaround for that.

The Pentagon says it will exempt its Ukraine operations from a potential shutdown if lawmakers can’t agree on a deal to fund the government by the end of the month.

Or, as Alex Jones says, the Pentagon has been formally handed over to the UN and NATO.

As the anniversary of the purported Biden Regime sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline approaches on September 26th, veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh is blaming a “secret disinformation operation” by CIA and MI-6 for misleading the public about the disastrous state of the US-led war effort.

Hersh says, “The war is over. Russia has won. There is no Ukrainian offensive anymore, but the White House and the American media have to keep the lie going.” And a senior US intel official told Hersh:

“The truth is if the Ukrainian army is ordered to continue the offensive, the army would mutiny. The soldiers aren’t willing to die anymore, but this doesn’t fit the B.S. that is being authored by the Biden White House.”

As Volodymyr Zelenskyy made the rounds at the UN and in Washington, Hersh wrote that his intel source told him, “The war continues … because Zelenskyy insists that it must.”

Hersh says there is no discussion by Zelenskyy or by the Biden Regime of a ceasefire and no interest in talks that could lead to an end to the slaughter and he says there’s been a “secret disinformation operation” by the CIA and British intelligence aimed at discrediting Putin.

Hersh writes that this had led “major media outlets here and in London to report that the Russian president was suffering from varied illnesses that included blood disorders and a serious cancer.”

Hersh also says that the Biden-Obama Regime’s “neocon hostility to Russia” had caused “a significant split in the intelligence community,” citing a “longstanding disagreement between the CIA and other elements of the intelligence community on the prognosis of the current war in the Ukraine.”

We now get most of our oil Russia – and we’re supposed to be in a proxy war with them? What the Hell is going on, here?

Even though the Biden Regime is doing everything to collapse civilization and to kill off whoever survived the Death Shot, the Regime still tries to look like they care about the rule of law.

The Biden Justice Department suddenly cares about foreign bribery/ corruption, unregistered foreign agents, wire fraud, and tax evasion.

It’s like everything they do at this point, just highlights their own hypocrisy and criminality.

The Menendez Crime Family was indicted today on $480,000 of cash and gold bars. Meanwhile, the Biden Crime family has taken over $20 million dollars, with over 20 shell corporations and money going to the bank accounts of as many Biden Family members – and all Hunter got was three charges related to his lying about his drug use on a form in order to purchase a gun.

Even the most brain-dead partisans are starting to wake up to what’s going on, which means the Regime will become increasingly desperate and dangerous.

Remember this?

Well, here’s the latest update.

Biden has a weird way of telling it like it is, which takes us to an imminent, catastrophic, world-changing event that psychics all over the world are picking up. Greg Reese has put together this great video that explains it all.

Clif High believes, as do I, that all of this has to do with the imploding US dollar and that our would-be overlords need to pull off a major False Flag event to cover-up their crimes, very similar to the 9/11 event, where we were suddenly presented with the 342-page Patriot Act, a massive piece of legislation which ended our 4th Amendment rights and which was passed with zero deliberation, let alone anybody reading it.

After this imminent world-changing event, which Clif’s datasets indicate will happen sometime between now and next April, Clif thinks we’ll be presented with a 1,000-page stack of legislation that will be even more consequential and devastating to our rights than the Patriot Act has been.

He believes that for logistical and security reasons, this attack would not be done with a nuke, because that would involve thousands of people but instead, using Directed Energy Weapons, which could do a lot of devastation with a crew of only 50 people.

Based on the remote viewing sessions of Dick Allgire’s Future Forecasting Group and their descriptions of mountainous terrain being associated with this event, Clif is thinking that this attack could involve the base at Cheyenne Mountain or perhaps the Denver Airport – and whatever is going on beneath it. The question becomes, can this be stopped, somehow, as a result of our awareness of it?

If you’re wondering what happened to our Right to Informed Consent and other Geneva Convention and basic Human Rights during the rollout of the COVID vaxx: these were suspended by the declaration of a “Public Health Emergency” on March 13th, 2020. We’ve been living in a post-Constitutional, post-human rights world ever since.

This is actually how New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham was able to circumvent the Constitution when she recently decreed a state-wide gun ban. She declared a “Public Health Emergency”. Happily, two State Representatives are now rightly moving to impeach her.

There’s another incoming attack, according to attorney, Todd Callender who has been defending US servicemen from being forced to take the Death Shot – but he’s been having his cases thrown out, because our Constitution was suspended on March 13, 2020 under 42 CFR parts 70 and 71, which is the enabling statute for the Department of Health and Human Services to assume power upon the declaration of a Public Health Emergency.

Most of us are unaware that Marburg was officially declared a pandemic nearly three years ago, according to The Federal Register on December 9, 2020. This, despite the fact that only 10 people have died from Marburg in 40 years.

Nonetheless, the Marburg plandemic was declared in the middle of the COVID plandemic and the reason for this, Todd says is because it creates a suspension, not just of our Constitutional rights, but a suspension of our human rights – which includes the right to not be experimented on.

The PREP Act also has a Marburg Provision, that allows for additional spending, when invoked, which Todd says the HHS did with this Notice of Declaration Under the PREP Act for Countermeasures Against Marburg Disease.

So, for the purposes of the law, the Marburg epidemic has already happened. Those funds have already been used to build and supply quarantine camps throughout the United States.

Now, all they need is people with blood coming out of their eyes and lying dead in the streets to claim that it’s time for all of us to report to our local FEMA Death Camps.

Todd Callender has been warning us since early 2022 about what military whistleblowers have told him and I’m sharing his views, not to scare you but in the hopes that mass awareness of this might stop the attack.

These whistleblowers told Todd that those who received the COVID shots already have in their bodies the dormant Marburg virus encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, which would be released into their tissues via a specific pattern of pulsed 5G frequencies.

Marburg is a manmade virus that is similar to Ebola, which is also manmade. It causes bleeding from the eyes, ears and internal hemorrhaging throughout the body.

Dr Rashid Buttar made the same claims – and he died under suspicious circumstances in May of 2023. Last September, Dr Buttar told Maria Zeee that lethal pathogens, including Marburg, Ebola and a mutated form of E. coli are in the jabs and they remain inert in the body while they are encapsulated within the hydrogel.

They are activated by an 18 GHz signal broadcast for three one-minute pulses, causing the hydrogel aka lipid nanoparticles encapsulating the pathogens to expand and release their toxic contents into the bodies of their hosts.

Todd says that he has seen several patents for this technology and he’s also now seeing Help Wanted ads from the DoD seeking “a chemical, biological and radiological and nuclear … exercise specialist/planner… [to create] realistic planning scenarios. Must have expertise in Ebola.”

If we’ve learned anything from Event 201 and the SPARS document, such declarations and drills can definitely indicate that we will be seeing the rollout of what they’re declaring and training for.

The point Todd’s making is that we don’t have to fall for their lies again. We need members of law enforcement and the military – those who would be tasked with dragging us off the streets and into the camps – to understand that this is illegal, so that they won’t enforce these laws, the same way that the eight Sheriffs in New Mexico recently refused to enforce their governor’s Unconstitutional weapons ban.

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  • And on top of it all, mentioned above as well as below, Earth will be served with a X50+ solar flare which will burn all electronics and electrical grids and power production.

    Well at least we will be allowed to revert back to natural learning based on unconditional stimuli. Due to lack of ability for spewing of neutral stimuli – hiding under virtual wrapping of digitized fear porn with intention of unpacking directly into unconscious mind thus eliciting Pavlov’s upgraded version of reactive response learning – respondent conditioning – in its latest iteration being misused as a automated circular causal feedback process for transference of total human experience into an artificial environment consisting of ubiquitous machine learning cybernetic systems – will become thing of the past.

    Sarcast’s news front page headlines title could go something like this:

    Sun-war-shippers’ Moonshot program extinguished by their God.

  • This is An Information War.
    We can’t go too deep with it or too shallow.
    So we’ve got to stay conscious and continue on using our common sense.

  • I have been posting this scheduled event for 3 MONTHS:

    Dollar/Economic/stock market collapse FRIDAY OCTOBER 13 2023?

    False Flag attack on NYC OCTOBER 14 2023?
    Nuke/dirty bomb?
    100 ft tidal wave?

    Blame IRAN – the last remaining Muslim country WITHOUT A ROTHSCHILD CENTRAL BANK!

    Bomb & destroy the Dome of The Rock on Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

    *I Pet Goat II*
    Freemasonic/Luciferian Predictive Programming showing what’s coming FAST

    FALSE FLAG attack against NYC USA on an annular eclipse shown at 2:17 – 2:34
    The dollar/economic collapse (@1:59 -2:07) & WWIII go hand in hand. See the egghead boy’s EYES! (@3:03 – 3:05)

    New York Nuclear PSA tells citizens what to do in case of a NUCLEAR ATTACK
    ~1 year ago

    A 100 ft high NYC Tsunami (back of $10 & $100 bill)? ~14 years ago

    The USA will respond by bombing the Al Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount (Israel) using TR3B Bombers, starting a Jihad (WWIII). (@3:05 – 3:13) Exactly as FREEMASON Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, ALBERT PIKE predicted in his 1871 letter to Giuseppe Mazzini.



    Albert Pike 3 world wars letter

  • I had heard that Pedo Joe Biden was one of the authors of the Patriot Act which was conceived in 1996…? Know anything about this?

  • Shutting off your phone won’t stop the signal from getting through. They are never shut off. You must wrap it in foil to stop the signal from getting through.
    Ever since you could take batteries out of cell phones, they have been monitoring us all.
    Take from it what you will, leave the rest.

  • Well all this fear pornification seems rational now that the financial shit storm is finally upon us
    The treasury is down to pocket change and passing IOUs nobody wants. Time to invest in one of those blue umbrellas and some radiation shielding tin foil head wear . I made my own from Home Depot double sided aluminum cladded wall space insulation folded into a helmet and tested with my cemprotec 31 RF meter , works well to stop cell phones and wifi and 6Gig cordless phones . Wearing it stops the ringing in your ears and other intrusive sensations . Makes your head a little warm but in the winter not a bad thing plus you can actually hear better with it on as it focuses on sound coming from the front . Thinking about using a strainer for the mask then I’m good to go. Grounded garments used to shield EMI/EMF will be unfashionable but wellcomed additions to the smart grounded targeted noncombatants . Don’t forget the shoes straps and your umbrella , think countermeasures warriors.

    • We are now constantly under a form of Martial Law. Our local City Governments have assumed positions of authority utilizing Police force when they can get away with it, or need to take imminent actions to control a situation.

      In otherwods we do not have a working Constitution at this time.

      Local ‘autorities’ as early as 2005 told me that they were inclined to arrest, harrass, or bring charges against people who solely attempt to use their constitutional right to argue with City Hall and, or, the Police. 831 383-2676

  • Alexandra, I do appreciate your Weekly Briefings, and I want to ask you a simple question:
    Do you believe in the validity of the Vaccine-injected encapsulated Marburg 5G activated Plandemic? Callender’s account hardly varies from Buttar’s, except Buttar mentioned Marburg & two others activated by a certain 5G frequency pulse. I know of Callender’s reputation, and if a Special Forces Major tells me something and then “mysteriously” dies just before a major revelation at a medical convention, I am inclined to believe it. If I was the Enemy Within, I would have a “hole card up my sleeve” to deploy just before the ’24 Election, and I think this is it.
    What do you think, Alexandra?

  • Okay, just so all are clear on this, they did NOT lie when they stated that the jab was ‘Safe and Effective”, as it has proven ‘safe’ in that Big Pharma is ‘safe’ from liability, and it was very ‘effective’ in generating the greatest profit ever known, not to mention a very ‘effective’ tool in furtherance of the depopulation agenda, the extent of which I feel we will witness this cold/flu season, being that the jab destroys one’s natural immunity!
    Any who do not feel that there is a massive shift coming, or a “Great disturbance in the Force!” have not been paying attention, they ignore their instincts, at a time when they should trust their gut!
    The end of this year will NOT be a, “Grab a good seat and some popcorn!” event, it will much more so be a, “Hold my beer!” situation, as we will all be forced to some action, for some it will be death, but either way, by no means will it be a spectator sport, those days are gone, as like it or not, we will all participate!

  • And….. the rest of the story!

    Trump, the neocons, the Commiecrats, government apparatchiks, MSM, the head of the military snake, ALL refuse to REPENT! They can’t risk the consequences of confession, so they are to this very day still attempting to sell us their dead horse! Look what some of these vipers are doing to RFK, Jr! They are all united against the truth!

    I have admired this dear liberal Jewish lady for a long time because she obviously has a firm rudder forged in the Decalogue of Moses that will not only NOT permit her to buy lies, but requires her to stand tall against them! No?

    FYI Moses teaches that any who comply with evil doing are culpably guilty of the same crime as the evil-doers, though meriting a somewhat lesser punishment depending upon the degree of involvement, but nobody gets “a pass”! Not in this life, nor the next!

    It’s a disgrace to the pulpiteers that such should be taught by an old plowboy and not by them!

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